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1 × Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum & Cola 375ml + 1 × Can or Bottle from a Selection of 22 - $3 C&C @ BWS (Rewards Card Required)


Not sure if it works everywhere but I just grabbed 1 x Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum & Cola 375mL and 1 x Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey & Ginger Beer 375mL for $3 with C&C. That's $1.50 per can!

BWS currently has a promotion where you can add a 'Try me for $3' item to the cart for $3. There are 22 items to choose from. You must have your Rewards Card linked to your BWS account.

They are also running a promo where you can add a can of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum & Cola 375mL for free to your online order.

Add one of the items from the 'Try me for $3' and the free Sailor Jerrys can and you end up with a 2 for $3 deal.

Terms & Conditions:

Try me for $3: Grab any of the products below for $3.00 when you link your Rewards Card online or scan your Rewards Card in-store. At this great price, no further discounts apply.
Limit of 2 per transaction. Offer available from Wednesday 9 October to Tuesday 5 November 2019.

Free Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum & Cola 375mL: Add me for free with any online purchase.

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  • Edit…solved!

  • excellent deal! pity its once per account

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    Need to maximise my savings and choose the most expensive one.

    • Sort by… $ high to low😉

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    The "Try Me For $3" doesn't appear to be working in the ACT, but the free Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum & Cola 375mL does, so thanks!

    • Just realised this too. :(

    • Same, price reverts to normal when you select an ACT store :(

    • The 'try me for $3' is in store but no freebie if you buy in store :(

  • Bottles and cans. A really nice selection to choose from as well.
    They had a section of the range on the front counter.

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    alternatively, you could

    go for a clearance item and get the freebie


    $9 for 5 pre mix

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      How did you find clearance items?

      • There might be an easier way, but one way is to search within each category (e.g. premixed drinks), sort by specials, and you'll see some have a little red circle in the corner that says "clearance".

    • $18 for 4 when I go in

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    Thanks ddammitt!
    Paid by discounted egift cards from eBay to save 55c on top of $13 saved per order, on a few Rewards accounts😉
    $3 Orders ready to collect👍

    Hit a random security check on new BWS account!

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      The security check normally is due to paying with a card not in the name of the BWS account holder. I found this was the case for me.

      • Created new account for family member, paid with same Woolies gift card. But used same mobile number & address for family member at same address.
        Should be OK, just a delay.

        • Great to hear. Enjoy your drinks.

      • After advice, Rang store when a different $12 order was halted for security check. Everything fine - system thought maybe incorrect multiple orders on same payment, all for $3!

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    No idea how but managed to place two orders: one for 2 x Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla Gin & Soda 275mL + 1 x Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum & Cola 375mL and one for 2 x Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla Gin & Soda 275mL - each order $3. $6 total for five premix drinks!

    • According to the Terms & Conditions (which I've added to the deal), the "Try me for $3" promo is limited to two items per transaction. It says nothing about how many transactions are allowed. Looks like there might be no transaction limit. I'll have to test it out.

      • Way ahead of you - seems to have only worked twice. Third time is showing full price.

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      I can confirm I was able to buy 2 cans of Tanqueray instead of only 1 as mentioned in the title. But this seems to only work for Tanqueray. Thanks!

      How come you were not able to add a Sailor rum with your second order?

      • tried tanquery for a second time, it didnt work for me,

        however I was able to find rekordelring hard cider for $3.20 per bottle, so managed to get this and the freebie sailor jerrys

        2 x drinks for $3.20,

        its a party tonight

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    Bombay Sapphire was my choice. Thanks op

  • Bargain Cheers OP <3

  • Bought, thanks OP.

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    Uhhh okay, seems like the discount system is stuffed and manage to get 8 drinks free in one transaction with a $6.20 bourbon can.

    • Woah which ones did you add ?

    • Have to give us the list!

    • howwwww?

  • Nvm. Fixed. Got 4 for $6

  • One for $3 is average but 2 for $3 is pretty good

  • Was just in my local BWS and they had samples of a couple of these drinks out. In store price is $3 ea.

  • I don't seem to have a limit on how many orders I can place! 8 for $12 so far.
    Thanks ddammitt, I'll be toasting you tonight.

    • how? app or website? what store?

      • +1

        website on pc. I'm in Hobart, I've used 5 different stores to complete 10 orders

        • damnit not working for me on app or website

        • how is it work? doesn't work on mine

        • How much will that cost in petrol lmao, two near me walking distance and one via bus - $2.50, is it really worth it?

  • bws website failed everytime i clicked place order :(

  • just wondering does instore regularly have a clearance section?

    • Nope

  • Managed to get 8 drinks for $9. Cheers OP!

    • Did you need a second account? Only lets me make 2 orders so 5 for $6, what specifically did you order?

      • Mobile
        2 x Tanqueray + Sailor Jerry
        2 x Tanqueray + Sailor Jerry

        Incognito mode
        1 x Tanqueray + Sailor Jerry

        Used one account.

        • Tried Incognito mode - charged full price with 1 earlier order on that account.

    • Single can of Hanhn Super Dry is $2.80 + 1 free can on Sailor Jerry.

  • If you go instore there is a stand atm that allows you to try a whole heap of our new product lines for $3 per RTD single. Definitely a good deal if you want to shop around and potentially find a new favourite drink

    • True, but bonus of free Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum & Cola 375ml (6%) is what makes this a better Deal - online.
      The range seemed more limited than online at store I visited.

    • -1

      Any non-alcoholic beers?

      • Then it is not a beer just beer favoured drink

      • From what I saw, it's just a selection from this broader range available online. So no.

      • +1

        Heineken non alcoholic larger. Single bottle is $3.

        • 6 Pack for $10 atm in-store

      • buy why?

  • Thanks OP!

    I went with the Tanqueray flor de sevilla gin & soda

    both for $3, pick up in Haymarket… too easy!

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    OK I think I discovered another glitch that may be useful to some.

    Add the free can of Sailor Jerry.

    Then go to the "Grab it for 12" section. All these items are meant to be $12 when you have a minimum spend of $28. However, they can be added directly to the cart for $12. For instance they have Furphy 6 packs or 4 packs of Smirnoff Ice Red. Seems you can also add as many of the $12 items as you want.

    For instance:

    4 pack of Smirnoff Ice Red (usually $23)
    1 can of Sailor Jerry (usually $8.50)

    Total will be $12.

    • +1
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        I should also note that it makes more sense to do each $12 item + free can as a separate transaction (if you are keen on milking the poorly designed BWS site for all it's worth). More free cans that way…

        • Thanks for the tips👍
          Of course - no extra Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum & Cola can if add extra $12 purchases in same order.

          Placed $12 order. Back to local BWS again!

          • @the INFIDEL: Great just got my smiroff!just tried my wishcard voucher and doesnt work, I thought wishcard work with bws..

            • +2

              @Jugg.Judy: Have placed multiple orders at BWS with Wish egift cards.

              Enter 19 digit card number & 4 digit PIN. It's stored on account for next purchase.
              Can also pay with more than 1 Wish egift card (eg when 1 is low on funds). Did that with $12 purchase.

              • @the INFIDEL: I put in in~store card nnumber, thats why it didnt work, too late now already order several transactions..

                • @Jugg.Judy: Thought that may be the issue. Shorter code is for terminals in store. Easy once you know how😉

    • if we pay by e gift card and they choose not to honor the deal? do they refund it back into the gift card? if so how do you confirm the money refunded back into the gift card? would it just show a "+ $"

      • Can't refund to gift cards.
        They would either provide store credit or can be issued with new egift card for refund amount.

        I'm paying with discounted egift cards. An order is held up with a security check on new BWS account, so may be cancelled.

        • are you saying if using an old BWS account, should be fine?

          • @Triton: Just used old account with 1 order, but using same egift card - just got held up by another random security check!

            • @the INFIDEL: oh right thanks

            • @the INFIDEL: Starting to think this is some kind of Ozbargain profiling.. It's like my fifth "random" security check. If only they checked their website as carefully!

              • +1

                @werdplaya58: Rang store - everything ok now.
                Ordered for family on new BWS accounts at same address, phone number & woolies egift card, for same $3 amount… Suspicious??

        • +1

          I placed four orders for the original deal and got security checks on three of them. Basically the guy at my local just rang up to check I hadn't accidentally placed multiple orders, I confirmed I hadn't, and he said all good.

          • @werdplaya58: Thanks for that - rang store to fix this up. Packing now👍
            Told it shows on their screen. No store has contacted me to check. Followed up other delayed order - everything fine.

      • Not sure about the process by my guess is that it would be much less of a hassle to just honour it.

        In my experience the in store staff just pick the orders fairly quickly and don't ask questions. You'd assume they'll fix the website at some point though.

        • oh right

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      Thanks… you and the OP are the real MVPs…six pack of Furphy and a rum and coke for $12

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      I've added 2 6pks of the Furphy then 1 pk of Smirnoff. Took the Furphys out of my cart and it kept the Smirnoff to $10 and a free can of Sailor Jerry when checking out.

    • +1

      In WA it is Grab for $10 has to place 2 $10 one to let it work

    • works on furphys and smirnoff - $12

    • Cheers for this . got 6 furphys , 4 smirnoffs and 2 free saiior jerrys - all for $24. Add this to my 2 x order of Tanquerays + Free Sailor Jerry's its a grand total of $30 for 18 drinks - $1.66 per drink

    • +1

      Found another BWS website glitch for anyone still following this thread.

      I thought I'd pick up another batch of the free Sailor Jerry cans by doing a few orders of single beers + free Sailor Jerry's.

      I added a cheap beer (Cricketers Arms Pale Ale, was on clearance for me at $3.40 per bottle). Then the free Sailor Jerrys. When I went to checkout, the Cricketers Arms then received a 25% discount, making it $2.55).

      Looks to be due to the promo "25% off craft beers when you mix and match 8 singles". Except, due to poor web design, it seems to give the 25% off to any single beer.

      End result, I placed 5 orders as per above - 5x Cricketers Arms Pale Ale & 5x Sailor Jerrys for $12.55 in total.

      • nice find, will give it a shot, ive found the site weird

        one beer I was looking at online was $4.10 in one location, and just a few 100m down the road, its $3.60 online


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    What is this, a deal for ants?

  • Does anyone know how long they hold a click and collect order for? I won't be near a BWS until next Tuesday night

    • +1

      Should be perfectly fine. Last time I purchased something I collected it in about 10 days. No questions asked.

  • It’s funny how a few of us have had different experiences with this

    Mine is different than has been mentioned

    I was able to add two cans/bottles of anything from the list and the price stayed at $3 total. When I added the Sailor Jerrys, the price changed to $7.50! So I just took it off. Did this twice before it changed to full price

    I wasn’t able to get the grab it for $12/$10 working