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2019 TCL 65P8S 65" P8S Android QUHD LED TV $876 (+$100 Cashback via Redemption) C&C (Or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys eBay


Greetings everyone, The Good Guys have dropped the price on this TV today, and seems like awesome value for a new 65" TV! This was previously $1295 and price dropped to $1095 before the coupon today.

$100 Cashback is available via Redemption from TCL, therefore effectively $776 after redemption.

Product Description:

AI Integrated
Android TV
Google Assistant
Works with Alexa
Dolby Vision & Atmos
200 CMR


Screen Size:65"
Screen Resolution:Ultra High Definition
Display Resolution:3840 x 2160
Additional Features:Google, Assistant, Works with Alexa, Chromecast Built-in
Colour Technology:Dolby Vision
Motion Rate:200
Smart TV:Android TV
Video Streaming Apps:Netflix, Stan, Youtube
HDR Format:4K HDR 10 Plus
Sound:Dolby Atmos
HDMI Input:3
USB Input:2
Width (mm):1466.9
Depth (mm):282.6
Height (mm):892.3
VESA Wall Mount Size (mm):600 x 200
Weight with stand (without stand):20 kg (19.8 kg)
Manufacturer's Warranty:3 Years
Release Year:2019

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +1

    Good deal for tv that size. Obviously doesn't do true Dolby vision or HDR cos it's only a 8 bit FRC panel, but for folks that ain't fussy doesn't matter

    • +1

      Good point. Also 2x usb 2.0 (very slow) and wifi 2.4ghz only. But still a good price. I will wait until next year to buy a new TV with better hardware and performance.

      • +25

        I will wait 5 years for a 86" oled at sub $2000.

        • +35

          I'll wait 10 more year to buy A 90" foldable tv that can fit in my backpack.

          • +6

            @arsetight: I'll wait 20 more for a 200" that can fit in my back pocket.

            • +12

              @TEER3X: I'll wait 25 years for TVs that can be surgically implanted into my eyeballs.

            • +4

              @TEER3X: That's what she said….

              • @scud70: Lol, was definitely expecting a comment like that

        • +1

          I will wait outside my front lawn for perpetuity until something interesting happens. Free entertainment.

        • +1

          I'm holding out for holographic. Until then my Soniq 42 inch will just have to do, but the Princess will have to wait.

        • me too

      • +4

        What are using in a tv that needs more than usb 2.0?

        • +1

          High bitrate 4K ?

          • -1

            @troyww: that's what networks are for.

          • @troyww: Blu-ray spec maxes out at 128mbps iirc so unless he's got some obscure home movies it shouldn't be a problem no?

        • When the TV is reading big files it is better to have a high transfer rate. Even recording from freview or whatever people record nowadays it is better 3.0. Also how mush will cost 1 usb 3.0 port nowadays. But anyway is just companies profit and also the people nedds in my case I would like to have at least 1 3.0 port.

          • @Femelo: And a spellchecker.

            • +1

              @Elijha: LOL, Arse but flair.

            • +1

              @Elijha: Fair enough even will not use my TV to comment on ozbargain.

      • I will wait and I know I will keep on waiting with no TV :(

    • Specs say 4K HDR 10 Plus. Does that mean static metadata is 10 bit but if you want the dynamic (DV) then it's 8 bit?

      • Doesn't matter if metadata is 10 bit or 12 bit as in Dolby vision, the TV can't display all the colours etc for proper HDR. Pretty funny they advertise as such when it can't actually do it.

        • If I recall from when I bought my 2018 Android TCL, it's something to do with the fact that there's no standard for HDR, so if it can take an HDR signal and display it, they can say it supports HDR. It's super misleading imo.

          Basically what mine does is apply a filter to the signal so that it still looks different to standard content. It's garbage.

          • @Dex: Ka Ching nailed it. Rtings website used to have a good guide explaining it all

  • Any deals on 75" 4k, Please? Asking for a friend.

  • +2

    Is a refresh of the 65p6us?

    I have the 65p6us and it's picture quality is pretty amazing for the price.

  • +1

    I'll never buy tcl again after the 55p4US

    • +8

      best.tv.ever ?

    • I have a 55P6US. Does yours take hours to turn on as well?

      • Returned it for hisense p7

  • Can someone please comment on the inbuilt Netflix usability? looking for a cheap TV for parents that arent savvy with a chromecast. TIA

    • +2

      Don't have the same model, but happy with a previous model TCL that uses AndroidTV OS/Netflix.

    • +1

      I have the 2019 50p8m and I absolutely love it. Got it for $404, additional wall mount made it $430 all up.

      Netflix is an absolute breeze, super quick to load up and I've had no issues whatsoever with the inbuilt Android system.

      Picture quality is ridiculous for $400 and for the bedroom it's amazing value for money.

      I haven't updated the firmware yet as I've heard of people experiencing issues once they've updated the TV.

      • +4

        Thanks very much steptoe and dumpthedummy. This should do the job well for parents.

        • +1

          75P8M comes with a Magic Remote

          • @Steptoe: Do you think the upgraded remote is worth the ~$500 price bump?

            • @steff: No. Remote only retails for ~$70. Extra 10" in the screen may be worth it though.

              • @Steptoe: thanks. I'll get the remote for this one. They're using a 49" at the moment, so 65" should be plenty for them at the moment. Thanks very much for your input

                • +1

                  @steff: 49" to 65" is a massive change anyway.

                  • @hypie: my thoughts exactly. I didnt realise you can buy the upgraded remote for this model. I think they'll be pretty happy with a 65" screen and the better remote

          • @Steptoe: The voice remote? My 50P8M came with a regular remote and a voice one.

            • @AngryAlfred: Not sure if bundled on the lesser sizes. Comes with the 75”

      • +2

        I also bought a P8M. But returned it due to the burning chemical smell from the TV.

  • +1

    Hisense R7 or this? Decisions, decisions.

    • Hisense

    • +1

      65R7 $1096? your paying much more for little difference

    • +1

      Was considering the Hisense 65R6, anyone know the difference in quality? Went and had a look at the 65R6 at a few places and wasn't blown away by the image quality, would the TCL be better?

      • Did you see the 65R7? is there a huge difference?

        • +1

          I didn't see the R7 but I believe it has a higher refresh rate so possibly better motion?

          The R6 looked a little washed out and dull in both Myer and JB when I viewed them, not sure if that's something easily fixed in settings or not? Unfortunately neither had the TCL so haven't been able to compare, but I'm leaning towards this TCL. Looks like this has a higher refresh rate too?

  • +4

    I'm going to save money on painting my walls and just cover them in 65" TV's instead…

    • +1

      I’m going to save money on walls and make them from 65” TV’s instead

      • I'm going to save TV's on walls by painting them in money instead.

  • Can I load Kodi or similar onto this and ditch my RPi . Love my RPi but we are due for a new TV and always figured the day would come when a separate media device would no longer be needed .

    • +1

      It is probably fair to assume you can, as it is an Android OS TV. I have a Sony android and I have Kodi on it (although I prefer Archos media player).

    • Kodi is definitely available on this.

    • I have a TCL-Android from a previous year. My recommendation is to get a Samsung and a Nvidia Shield. I've had my Nviidia Shield since like 2015(?), grey import from Amazon.com back in the day, and it's never let me down.

      The dream of an in-built device is nice, but TCL haven't got there yet.

  • Very tempted except buying another tv that still lacks true HDR would seem pointless for all my 4K blurays. Better as a 2nd tv but I don't need it :(

    • u can buy it for me, my tv is still 1080p sadly so I don't feel this would be pointless ;)

  • +6

    Link for online cashback form: https://www.tclpromotions.com.au/step1

  • +2

    I have the previous 65x series. Panel looks great with a quality source but the OS is seriously messed up. Things like randomly taking 90 secs to start, not seeing wifi networks every other device will connect to are just some of the frustrations. Support is basically useless as expected. But for the current price these annoyances may be tolerable. I’ll buy a Samsung or Sony next time.

    • my sony's firmware is busted after a year. dont do it.

      • Warranty claim?

        • probably hard to claim. it's just hellishly slow. have to turn it off at the wall every 2nd day to reset it. wish i had a dumb tv and an android box instead

          • @belongsinforums: Yup. Mine too. So slow. Internet connection sometimes doesn't work even though it is successfully connected to the router with full signal.

  • Got one for my in laws but it would not allow me to do C. C for some reason so $55 for delivery I also rang my local store they said they could not do that price.there price was $680 MORE I dont understand that.

  • i have an old 70 inch,(2017) cant complain

  • How does this compare to Qled TV's?

    • You can get the 65X7 which is QLED.

  • +1

    for $776 you can't get anything better

    • …today

  • TCL Android 8 TV system Oreo is pretty fast, ordered one.
    Guaranteed by Mon, 14 Oct at 1:00 pm
    Free In-store pickup

  • -1

    EBay purchases are not valid for the $100 cash back redemption.
    From the t&c:
    “Purchase” does not mean:

       (a) rental payment plans with a term of less than eighteen (18) months;

       (b) lay-buys or pre-orders made before the commencement of the Purchase Period;

       (c) commercial or business transactions involving the purchase of more than three (3) units total of Participating Products;
    (d) purchases via eBay or similar online third-party internet websites;

    • +3

      The Good Guys provide an invoice which doesn't mention eBay, so all of the cash back promotions via their eBay store are valid.

      Similar conditions occurred for promotions such as the Samsung SSD cash back, said excludes eBay but the cash back went through fine.

      • +5

        Ok forget my previous post. Nice work op! 👍🏿

      • +1

        How did you get the invoice from Good Guys without a mention of ebay?
        All I received were the emails from ebay/PayPal that mention ebay in some way or another.

        • If you bought from The Good Guys then it doesn't matter.
          If you didn't get a tax invoice you'd need to call the number shown on your order details.

        • The good guys will separately send you an official invoice/receipt

  • I guess sub $700 would be an regular sale price for TCL 65inch TVs soon as the same sized TVs of Xiaomi and TCL are being sold pretty cheap like sub $600 in India and China.

    I will wait for a decent 75inch deal tho.

  • +1

    Seems this TV also comes with "Bonus Voice Remote Control. While stock lasts".
    There's a banner on TCL homepage, also on the product page:



    • Yes.
      I already picked up my TV.
      It comes with "Bonus Voice Remote Control."

      • +1

        How are you finding the TV?
        If you wouldn’t mind could you send a message, I’m interested to see if you are experiencing and jittery motion on the Tv. I’ve not been too impressed and trying to follow up with TCL/TGG

  • This or the Sony X8000G for around $1100?

  • +3

    Price gone up to $1295

  • i bought a 55 Inch TCL P8M Series 4K UHD HDR Smart for $650 from costco 3 weeks ago. The issue i got was the backlight dimming by itself during movie and as well as the remote used to stop working all of a sudden.

    i returned it and got a philips Smart 55inch for 479 from goodguys.

    Totally Oz bargained