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American Crew Matte Clay Hair Product $15 (Usually $32.95) + Delivery $6.95 (or Free if You Spend $48) @ Barber House


This is a new release from American Crew. I used to use the Fibre (which is the blue colour and their most popular variety). This matte clay has a less shiny finish and stronger hold. My barber got me on to it but it costs $32 in store. Found online for >50% off.

Also seems to be a few good products on this website at around 50% off. Easily buy $48 worth of stuff to get free shipping.

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  • +4

    If only they had suavecito pomades on sale…

    • so good. water based so washes out great, these american crew products stay in your head like cement

    • If you can somehow get your hands on the 32oz jars of Sauvecito its epic value for money.

      • But that would need to last year's lol

        • +1

          Yeah it lasts about 1-2 years depending on how much you use. As long as you keep the lid shut it doesn't go off.

  • +1

    Ill try it out

    Not a fan of the combover gel hairstyles, matte and handstyled is better

  • +2

    It comes with 10% tax on my order, does anyone else seen that?

    • Copped more than 10% on mine…

      • I just tried and it's coming up at $16 + 10% GST ($1.60 added)…..yet the Defining Paste at $19.90 doesn't.

  • +1

    New release? The packaging looks old as most of their current stuff has artwork vs the old labelling which had just text…

  • This or muk?

    • Do they still smell terrible? Also the packaging gets quite messy

    • +2

      Either one, both are great.

  • I usually buy from MyHairCare - this one works out cheaper per gram: https://www.myhaircare.com.au/Limited_Edition_Fiber_150g_446...

  • Taxes will be charged on Matte Clay but not on Fibre

    Umm what?

  • +5

    Nothing better than Hanz de Fuko claymation. Stronghold, matte, no smell, natural ingredients. Used and have many products but nothing beats it.

    • +1

      Have you tried - Fudge matte hed ? For me that's the best. I buy it when priceline has half price and use chemist warehouse price beat.

      • i haven't but i find hair products that can be bought in pharmacies to be very average and are vastly inferior to salon products.

    • +1

      Yeah I used a cocktail of claymation + quicksand for years which was always really good. These days, Baxters of California Clay Pomade is my go to.. You need the smallest amount, washes out really well.

  • No idea why - but I just bought some. Bargains….

  • Fiber or get out
    Lol jokes. I love the fiber stuff only

  • +3

    I've tried a few American Crew hair products before and they are pretty average… $15 should be the normal price.

    • I agree…

  • Woolworths has the mojo paste 1/2 price. Which is comparable

    • Does it wash out easily?

      • Depends. The matte one stay longer than the shine ones

  • Good deal OP. Also worth noting that the Fiber type comes in a larger 150g tub too! I bought two large Fiber’s last week for the free shipping and now should be sorted for at least a year!

  • +3

    I use Gatsby before it got mad popular but since it's popularity has grown things about it have chamged )- smell has changed (no longer smells like apples) to something horrid and the formula doesn't actually make my hair stick like before. Also you have to use a ton where as before a little went a long way

    I'm wondering if this would be a good switch 🤔

  • Went off Fiber ages ago. Nak for me now.

    • Just spat my coffee across the room, I read "Nads for me now"

      Seems a little extreme

      • Something about Mary style?

  • How does it compare to the forming cream?

    I've been used that for some time and find it to be great.

    • +1

      I find the Forming Cream isn't as strong hold for me. I use Defining Paste after using Fiber for a long time then switched to Kevin Murphy products, now back to American Crew.

  • Price for the 85g tubs have gone unto $19.90.

    The American Crew Fibre Limited Edition 150G is still $25

    On a side note has anyone's order shipped?

  • Anyone actually receive their order yet?

    • Not yet. No communication either.

    • Did email them on Friday afternoon, I was advised that due to the current sale there was a delay but was assured it was shipped on Friday and I was to be emailed the tracking info but haven't received that yet….

  • Has anyone received their order? Heard nothing since the 15th.

    • Nothing for me yet. Submitted an email last week via the website. No response.

      • Sent an email last night, and my item was sent this morning.

        • Guess I'll have to followup again!

  • My order arrived today but it was missing one of the matte clay tubs. Sent an email and hoping for a quick reply…

  • Still no response from store after two attempts to make contact. Have opened a paypal dispute.

    • I emailed them directly today and got a response within an hour.

  • +1

    I ordered on 15/10 and on 23/10 received an email saying it had been shipped. Every time I click on the "view your order" button, it takes me to my order, asking to confirm my order, but also saying that I have paid. No tracking details.

    I emailed them yesterday and was told I would get a tracking number yesterday but still have not received one. Will give it a couple of days and lodge a PayPal dispute.

    Pretty poor service.

    • +1

      I got an email tracking number and delivery was lodged yesterday. Arrived today apparently. Will check when I'm home to see if they shipped everything in the order.

      • Minutes later I have just received a tracking number!

        Still disappointed with the lack of communication and the fact they tried to handball the issue by saying "Over the past two weeks we have been backlogged in shopping [sic] due to Australia Post servers failing."

        • +2

          Ha! I got the same excuse, that the servers were down for a couple of days….. didn't explain the 2 week delay! :)

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