Experience with Cruise Sale Finder?

Has anyone here used CruiseSaleFinder.com.au and be able to provide their experiences? Are these guys legit?


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Cruise Sale Finder
Cruise Sale Finder


  • They seem like they are. I usually price match their price at flight centre. They have an ABN, therefore flight centre can match it. If the cruise is a tad more on the cruiseliners website, i just book through them

    • Thanks for your input. Will look into price matching at flight centre. Thanks!

      • I have booked through them once before though and everything was perfectly fine

    • I was told flight centre no longer do price matching. I no longer see this on their shop front. Do they still do this in NSW?

      • i am pretty sure they do. Doesn't hurt to call and ask. The call centre number should still be open

  • I have booked 2 cruises with them in the past and the experience has been very good. I believe they are based in New Zealand….definitely a legit company. Ozcruising and Cruisesalefimder are my 2 go to sites for best pricing on bookings

  • yes, it is pretty good. I have done 4 cruises via cruise finder. 100% legit

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