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Lotus Biscoff Spread 400g $2.75 (50% off) @ Woolworths


This Speculoos spread is so damn good and is available at Woolworths and Coles now, but Woolies have it 1/2 price this week. If you've never tried it, it's a good time to. Available in smooth or Crunchy.

Edit: This is also my first contribution to OzBargain. Long time, first time. Hope I've done it right and thanks for all the bargains!

Edit 2: Iforgot to mention this is also VEGAN FRIENDLY! Also, wow! First Post Wonder badge!

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    • +12

      38.1 grams of fat if you eat a quarter of jar at once

    • +9

      why is the fat concerning? have you seen the carbohydrate content?

      • -5

        Carbs are 4 cal per gram, fat is 9.

        • +25

          Yes, fats are higher in energy, but at the end of the day the high sugar content is going to have the most detrimental effects…

          • +5

            @BrainSand: Not necessarily,

            Lipids don't require further chemical processing to become atherosclerotic plaques —> arterial 'cloging' —-> heart attack

            for sugar

            glucose —-> G6PD —> Pyruvic acid —> Acetyl CoA—> lipogenesis —> lipid —> artherosclerotic plaques —> arterial 'clogging' —> heart attack

            Sugar also decreaes insulin sensitivity and decreaes peripheral glut receptors = diabetus type 2

            **This is dramatically simplified

            My point is, both are equally 'bad', misinformation has lead to the alienation of either carbs of fats which has resulted in the formation of muliple fad diets. None of which have good quality evidence backing it up, to our best understanding, currently, moderation is key.

            • @paraneoplastic: On a caloric deficit would plaque still form?

              Howabout coupled with an active lifestyle?

              • +1

                @Bunnyburger: Put simply,

                on a caloric deficit, theoretically no, it shouldn't. As you'd be in a catabolic state and all energy sources would be metabolised.

                However, this is purely theory based, there hasn't been any radomized controlled trials or even a population based trial done on the topic. I'd imagine getting the funding and ethics clearence would be difficult (+ imagine the lobbying from high fat containing products if it found negative results (i.e. dairy industry, polutry, literally all processed foods etc).

        • +8

          So what, you get more energy from fat with half the intake. Anyway, fat doesn't cause diabetes, carbs do.

          • @yorgee: awesome so best to save up for the quadruple by pass instead of the life long diabetes issue's … :P

          • @yorgee: Not to mention obesity

        • +14

          i always laugh at ppl who drink skinny latte yet put sugars in it

    • +15

      You need to worry about sugars far more than fat.

      • I'm very skinny. Should I worry?

        • +1

          yes dont drink latte

  • +10

    Fat is irrelevant, it's the carbohydrates 57.0g that gets converted to fat by the liver and then dumped around it causing fatty liver.

    • +18

      people still believe that dietary fat is straight away stored as fat…

      lmao fat does not make you fat, eating too much does

      • Overindulgence

      • +5

        Most Australian's are brainwashed fools that learnt their nutrition information from Government and industry that is soley concerned with getting them to eat as much as possible.

        Hence they think grain based diets are healthy, fat makes you fat, sugar is OK as long as you exercise, thin = healthy etc.

        • -3

          thin = healthy

          You might want to research “skinny fat” to understand that thin does not always equal healthy.

      • Same story with dietary cholesterol…

      • In combination with carbs in a eu-caloric state, a proption of fat will be stored as fat, carbs are metabolised preferentially over lipids.

        I'm not saying that eating fat = incr weight, as you could eat 200g of pure animal fat every day and a 70kg male with average daily BMR would loose weight.

    • +2

      Everything is relevant if your life revolves around home -> car -> shops/work/entertainment venues, etc. If you spend majority of your life sitting, well everything is relevant.

    • *assuming you arnt burning it

    • a thin spread plus low g.i burgen makes the morning so fluffy nice

  • +5

    I got back from Europe recently and discovered Speculoos in Amsterdam, which I believe is the Dutch equivalent to this. It is not healthy, but it is absolutely delicious. My wife went shopping past week and much to my delight and horror bought home a jar of this.

    • +2

      Speculoos Cookie Butter from Trader Joes is the shit. I brought some home last US trip.

    • If you went to Amsterdam you discovered speculaas. If you went to Flanders you might have discovered speculoos.

  • +10

    So this stuff is 58% liquefied biscuit, topped up with candy sugar syrup…
    And then you spread it onto another biscuit… Is that right?

    • +1

      I think some people also put it on bread and certain types of cake…

      • +9

        I don't suppose anyone has an Ozbargain deal for cheap bypass surgery? :D

      • You can also add a little bit of butter, heat it up, and put it on icecream :P

    • +4

      Pretty much. Imagine the flavour of gingerbread but the texture of peanut butter.

    • +1

      Fun fact: In America you can get deep fried butter.

    • +1

      Why bother with the cookies? Just eat straight from the jar. :P

  • +12
    • Beat me to it

  • +1

    This is delicious

  • +1

    damn I miss speculoos… it's so good. Thanks Op.

  • +1

    This shit is deadly

  • +1

    Is this like the Aldi spiced cookie spread?

    • +2

      Yup, but I dare say that I prefer this stuff!

      • Wow okay, gonna have to check it out!

  • +3

    what the heck is that?
    for biscuits, or from biscuits?

    Enjoy the great taste of the famous Lotus Biscoff biscuits in a jar. To turn them into this irresistible spread, we crush them after baking. That's how we keep all the goodness of their unique flavour. To be savoured by everyone, whenever you enjoy a slice of bread.

    How bizarre. What will they make a paste of next??

    • +1

      I vote for Brussels Sprout paste… Yum!!

  • +1

    Thanks OP, was waiting for this to go half price!

  • It's delicious. I make a cookie butter blondie with white chocolate chips using this stuff.

  • Hmm so basically shortbread cookie dough that you spread on bread. Shortbread is like a mass of butter mixed with flour and sugar, etc. Guess you wouldn't want to eat it too often.

  • I'm going to give it ago, everything in moderation that my woo in life.

  • thanks! gonna try it tonight!

  • +1

    It’s too delicious! Spread it on roti parathas, it’s yummy too. Thanks for sharing. Time to stock up.

  • Bought 2 at Haymarket. Still about 12 jars there.

  • +4

    Eating this stuff from the jar is the best thing in life.

    • +1

      Agree! Better eat it when my toddler is not around. Otherwise she’d be asking for it too haha.

    • This man knows whats up.

  • They need an IV version so I can just inject it straight into my veins

  • +7

    ALSO: You get very very depressed if you eat a lot of it…. I've heard

  • +1

    Which one is better plain or the crunchy one?

    • +1

      Depends what you wanna make with it

      to make a nice lotus shake just add vanilla icecream a bit of milk and 2 table spoon of crunchy lotus. grind it and enjoy

      • +2

        You can make stuff with it? I’ve just been eating it with a spoon.

  • Thanks op, been waiting for this to come to Australia. This is the original cookie spread from lotus in belgium and is oh so yummy!

  • -1

    What is this? Is it like lotus seed paste? Like mooncake? I know it has to be 90% vegetable oil but

    • Looks like pb.

    • +3

      Liquid biscuit with crack.

    • Totally unrelated to mooncake.

      This is a Belgium spread - imagine sweet butter cookies, crushed into a paste, and there you have it. It's quite sweet (and definitely unhealthy) but it's ridiculously delicious.

  • +4

    So I remembered this post when I was getting a few things tonight and decided to grab a jar… this stuff is crack in a jar. I can’t stop eating it!

  • +4

    Sounds delicious but way too dangerous to keep in my pantry with little kids that literally make chair ladders to hunt for biscuits!

  • made in belgium.. ooft must be good

  • +2

    Lotus McFlurry was the best McFlurry in the world, IMO. Tempted to try and make it here in Australia…

  • Thanks! Was about to break my "only half price for snacks" rule for this last week, now I can give this a proper go

  • no product online

  • They used to sell big tubs of this at Costco :-(

  • Damn it is very nice, but a touch too sweet IMO. Very addictive, nice for occasional treat.

  • This stuff was on clearance at $0.50 a jar at Coles near where I was working on Monday, kind of wish I had bought a jar despite the epic carbs.
    They also had Bruce almond butter for $0.50 a jar, I got the last one and there were only a few Lotus so didn’t post it as a deal.

  • +3

    Went and got this. Fk me this is good!

  • My friend gifted this to me before I left Europe last year, now I have it again woo!! :) Great deal

  • Which one is nicer on toast?

    • +1

      This just like nutella in peanut butter color

  • +1

    I didn't know this stuff existed. It's like crack. Help.

  • Bought… combined with hot milk, you're welcome

  • +2

    wow this shit grew on me, now eating by the spoonful =/

    • I was about to post I just realised that eating out of the jar (the crunchy one that is) is so damn good.

      This was inspired after I bought a pack of the individually wrapped biscuits at Coles today which were on sale for $1 each.

  • This with banana and cream on toast is the best breakfast ever. Well before the heart attack in the afternoon, but who cares.

  • ohhh man, should have bought more 😩 Now the jar is finished and would lose my Ozbargain account if I buy @full price

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