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10% off Selected Smart Wifi/Zigbee Downlights (e.g Brilliant Wifi 9W Downlight $34.65 Shipped) @ Lectory.com.au


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  • <$15 for Metro cities second-day delivery

  • <$25 for regional areas 3-4days delivery

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  • Same day dispatch from Sydney

  • 3-5 years warranty

  • GST inclusive

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It helps to work out how many downlights are required for each room.

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    hi OP, would you have any bundles for the brilliant smart trilogy lights? I have a whole heap of downlights I want to control colour temp, brightness etc.


      Please submit a request through the "Contact Us" link at the right-hand side bottom of the page, to let us know the quantity you after we will then send you a quote to start with.


    Good deal, but I don't understand why zigbee/wifi downlights are so pricey in general.


      Like the trilogy downlight, you are paying for a CCT downlight usually priced at $16-20 AUD + A WIFI Module that $14-15 AUD (the Zigbee module is a bit more expensive) + cost for the product to be assembled and delivered, then the supplier needs to pay for SAA/RCM approval and testing fee to bring it to Australia.

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    Sorry but from the link I can’t see which lights are $34.65? And it says free shipping is only for door lock?


    Anyone suggest anything other than this product for a new house build? Or are these going to be the best option?


      So normally I’d suggest the Philips Hue range but the lumens of their downlights seems relatively low. The mirabella Genio downlights have better lumens but are wifi only not zigbee…


        Yeah I saw the Genio but not sure that much wifi is good for usability.

        Was also considering smart switches, but I don't want to change the wall plates, just a module behind them but not sure it's possible.

        The hue range are also much more expensive than this.


          Obviously depends on what you feel comfortable with, but I’m trying to get equipment that direct pairs with echo plus, ie doesn’t require connecting via cloud service skill. it has zigbee connector.. So Philips hue stuff will connect to it directly via zigbee without any need for hue service configuration. Curious to see if it’s smart enough to do the same with wifi devices such as the mirabella range… I bought one of their bulbs so I’m going to give it a go tonight..


          Brilliant have a dimmer mech available that can fit in a standard wall plate if you are ok with wifi, pricy but there are some trade outlets that offer reasonable prices.


      We're in the process of installing downlights at our place. I've been doing a fair bit of research on the subject. Initially I considered going wifi downlights but opted against it for a few reasons.

      1. COST - Adds up quickly when considering buying 20+ of them. I just bought dimmable LED downlights for $12.50 a pop.
      2. WIFI - I didn't want another 20 devices on my wifi network.
      3. FUTURE PROOFING - If one dies, you've got to hope the manufacturer still makes them or end up with an orphan light that might look/perform differently.
      4. RELIANCE ON WIFI AND PHONE - If using cloud based devices, if the Internet is out, so are your lights.
      5. WAF - Wife can't be bothered going to an app or relying on Google Assistant to on/off/dim lights. Need a physical dimmer.
      6. AESTHETICS - I'd prefer not to have a different looking wall plate to control lights, as is the case with say the Philips Hue Wall Dimmer.

      The negative is that you can't control colour or temperature with conventional downlights, if that's important to you. It's not a big deal for us. We've got three colour LIFX bulbs and they are set permanently to one temp of warm white and only ever get dimmed or brightened because none of us can be bothered changing the colour/temperature.

      I've decided to go with inwall dimmer modules with a standard push button switch that fits into the existing wall plates. Fibaro, Aeotec and others make Z-wave ones, if you own a Z-wave gateway. There's also a Zigbee one sold by a Melbourne guy that I've seen discussed but as far as I can tell, it doesn't have switch control capability.

      I'm actually thinking of pre-ordering these. It depends a bit on your level of tech knowledge but these are perfect for me. I'll be able to operate them locally over wifi using our Hubitat gateway alongside all our other IoT devices.


        Once you want smart lights, does it need to be push button? I like having the normal switch in our Clipsal iconic plates.


    zigbee downlights cheaper at Amazon $46 vs $48.56


    Just a reminder that the Philips Garnea downlights are not ICE compatible. Beware of fires.

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