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[VIC] Starcraft 2 Free Tickets for Victoria University Students to The AEF Battle Down Under 19 Oct @ Sunshine Convention Centre


Because this event is being held at the Sunshine Convention Centre, it is owned by Victoria University, so in support of the university, all students from Victoria University are eligible for free General Admission tickets to this event.

The AEF Battle Down Under is the first major Starcraft 2 event in Australia with players competing from all regions around the world. The 4 main event finalists are the winners from each regions: Europe, America, Asia and Oceania.

Europe Qualifier: Namshar (Sweden)
America Qualifier: Astrea (USA)
Asia Qualifier: Solar (Korea)
Oceania Qualifier: Probe (Australia)

Schedule for the day on the 19th of October (all times in AEST):

1pm - Doors open
2pm - First semi-final (BO5)
3pm - Second semi-final (BO5)
4pm - 3rd place play-off (BO5)
5pm - Grand final (BO7)

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  • +4 votes

    Eh, (profanity) Blizzard. Sure the CCP supporters will be out in force though.

    • +1 vote

      This is an AEF event, it's not Blizzard run.


        Still though, free hong kong.

        • -2 votes

          nobody cares about hong kong, mate. Except when you want to virtue signal of course - which in that case, go for it.

          • +2 votes

            @poopy: I care about Hong Kong thus making your whole point moot.

            • -2 votes

              @potplanty: Why do we need to drag politics into this thread?

              • -1 vote

                @Gigiolo: Because human rights?

                • -1 vote

                  @potplanty: There are time and place for those type of things and this is NOT it. The thread creator is here to provide a deal for Vic Student interested in getting access to gaming convention, and you should respect that by not diverting the thread.

                  Seriously before talking about human rights, start with some common courtesy.


                    @Gigiolo: We're talking about a gaming event that provides a platform for a game owned and developed by a company that has basically stood up and said "we don't give a shit about human rights". Any time is a good time for it. Negging my comments and trying to go on about derailing a thread is the worst cop-out you could have come up with. Try harder.

                    Maybe (sarcasm just so you know) the event creator shouldn't host games owned and developed by a company that supports dictatorships that are currently imprisoning millions of religious minorities and harvesting their organs while they're alive and conscious.


                      @potplanty: as per south park “ we love freedom but we love money more” ….. reality check.


                      @potplanty: We will have to agree to disagree. There is a time and place for everything and this is not it.


                      @potplanty: To be fair, the event would have been organised well in advance of the Blitzchung situation, While I do agree with "F Blizz" right now due to their recent choices, neither I nor you probably didn't assiciate Blizz with the HK situation at all before their foolish overreaction a couple of weeks ago.

                      As far as for "Boycott China" and supporting businesses from the above one-party state in general, have a look at where pretty much everything you own and almost everything in your house is manufactured, from the device you're reading this message on down. Blizz' situation isn't so much supporting the Chinese government as much as it is self-censoring to avoid offending their particularly sensitive nature because of all that sweet, sweet, potential yuan - especially long-term and with COD Mobile imminent.

                      Again, just the same corporate attitude that is practiced by the NBA, Disney, Apple, Google, et al.


                @Gigiolo: Blizzard did that themselves and now politics is pretty synonymous with Blizzard and their games. Nintendo cancelled the Overwatch launch event over it.


            @poopy: I have found the Beijing shill.


      Centre for Contemporary Photography?


    Event listing uses AEST in one place and unknown time zone in another. Attendee should double check the time.


    Who is going to be commentating this event?

    EDIT Looks like PIG is going to be commentating.

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