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Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER Windforce - $756 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


RTX 2070 Super. This 20% price seems fairly regular but still comes out much cheaper than other sellers I could find.
This listing has a slightly higher over-clocked variant of the 2070 Super at the same vendor for an extra $27.
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  • Not bad but $696 is the benchmark now since the previous deal with cashback. Talking about benchmarkshas anyone ele tried to oc this? I got 193 clock and 891 memory. picked up 8 frames in a heaven benchmark.

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      lost the silicon lottery I think, only got +130 clock and +600 memory, do you have the gaming variant or this one?, which is the normal OC.

      • This one, Windforce. I posted the deal for it in the last week or two, this is the same just with a different coupon code and without the shopback special ($60 cashback) I thought I may have got lucky, do you have RGB working on yours though? Mine flashes on at boot and goes off within a tenth of a second. Tried RGB fusion 2.0 which sees the gpu but doesn't work and MSI mystic light and neither work.

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          Try gigabyte xtreme gaming engine for GPU recognisation.

        • If you bought this one, I don't think this card has RGB, the RTX 2070 Gaming OC variant as mentioned has I think, if you have this normal Windforce , which is the same as I bought you did well on 193 clock and 891 memory.

          • @derweep: Yeah mine is this card exactly. I thought it had RGB but I don't mind that it hasn't, I just thought I was missing something.

            • @Where's_That_Cake: Yeah, no RGB for this one, I should have bough the gaming variant. Did you redeemed and get the COD Modern Warfare with this card through Gigabyte?

              • @derweep: Yes I did redeem, I should have sold it. Those codes are making US$45 on Reddit. Just activate it but don't redeem if you want to sell.

                • @Where's_That_Cake: Hey @Where's_That_Cake, do you have a link to this thread? I'm trying to find a copy of the game for myself but the cheapest I can find available is 85AUD.

    • Which ones was the $696 deal? Can't find it -_-

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    I love my card so far but if you're buying at this price then do yourself a favour and spend the extra $27 and get the Gaming OC version that is linked in the OP. You get a higher standard clock and more chance of clocking a higher speeds should you wish to OC the card later.

    • How’s the noise factor? Earlier comments suggested these Windforce cards had loud fans.

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        I don't hear it myself. It seems to run very cool. I have it in a big open case though, I'm using a Cooler Master H500P Mesh.

      • I tested it last night, turned the fan up to 100 with Afterburner and it is loud yes. But, running Assetto Corsa in ultra settings in 4K resolution with the card overclocked to the max I only hit 66 degrees peak and the fan is very quiet at those temps.

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    For those in the market for a cheaper card, this ASRock RX580 for $255.20 delivered with Ebay Plus seems to be the cheapest 8GB RX580 going at the moment.

    Also the ASRock RX570 8GB for $207.20 delivered with Ebay Plus.

  • Anyone have any advice for a GPU for running a 4k monitor off? Needs to be low profile to fit into a optiplex 9020 SFF

    • I mean for what purpose? For playing games, there's barely any really. However for just web browsing and video decode a GT 1030 or GTX 1050 Low Profile card will get you by just fine for simple everyday tasks.

    • Low profile 4K gaming card? You might be waiting a while…..

    • If it's any help, I used the onboard graphics from a Z97 motherboard with a 4K monitor for general browsing/Office etc and it worked just fine

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    Purchase now or wait for Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals???!

  • How is this compared to a normal RTX 2080?