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½ Price - Ultraboost 19 $130 Delivered @ adidas


Heaps of colours and sizes available.

Don't forget cashback -

Ultraboost reinvented. These running shoes reboot key performance technologies to give you a confident and energy-filled run. The knit upper has a second-skin fit and is built with motion-weave technology for adaptive stretch and support. Dual-density cushioning delivers medial support and an energised ride.

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  • Doesnt work for me? Where did you see this?

    EDIT - Got it to work with 1 pair, but don't understand the logic. Great deal otherwise.

  • Me too, only discounted 1 pair.

    That code only applied to selected UB. Tried to buy blue colour UB and cannot use the code, tried on another account experienced the same issue.

  • How did you get this to work?

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    When first glanced I thought was new half price mobile sevice from boost

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      Its telstras new collaboration with adidas.


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      nah its for boost juice actually

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    Does anyone remember when Adidas made shoes for running?

    • ultraboosts no good for running?

      • Everyone's milage will vary.. for me I get instant shin splints due to being heavy in the heel. Not enough support.

        Might be fine for you.

    • +3

      Adidas is still making running shoes. Ultraboost 19 is arguably better running shoes than its predecessors. SolarBoost/SolarGlide are good trainers for some, Adizero Boston are popular amongst runners and you'll often see Adizero Adios in races.

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    great deal, have 9 pairs of ub now.

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    Wish Harden Vol 4 goes on half price, seems to be all sold out

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    Boost is Life

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    Found many of them at DFO Moorabbin for $108

    • Really? Same model? If that’s the case I won’t pull the trigger on this deal then..

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        Same 2019 model, 3-4 colours of them.
        40% off the $180 marked price.

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          Do they have the black or black and white color? Thanks

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    I own several ultra boosts, would never pull the trigger on the 2019 versions, so butt ugly jesus

    • I actually don't mind them.

    • I agree I was excited, I normally get a pair of Adidas every year when there’s a sale, not one pair I liked

      • not one pair I liked…
        that's because you get them on sale, if you get them full price you'll love em :D

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    dont forget 6% cash back on shop back.. cash rewards don't seem to have adidas anymore

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    I added every ultra boost to my cart and applied the code.

    ONLY THIS ONE SHOE worked.


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    $2.60 more than the previous sale on the ultraboost 19. Adidas nickel and diming us…

    • Yep, many of the shoes are already 20-40% off already..

  • Can I squat /deadlift with them?

    • Squat should be fine however deadlifiting may be tricky given the bit bigger and bouncier sole in comparison to a sneakers for example.But again if you are not a Larry wheel type powerlifter then it won't matter much.

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      Don't recommend them for lifting. It destroys the cushioning and its bad for your ankle stability. When I wear runners to the gym I just take them off for lifts like the squat and deadlift. Old fashioned sneakers like a Converse chucks or Dunlop Volleys with a hard midsole are way better for lifting. Even old fashioned dress shoes with wooden midsoles do the job. In fact, some hardcore weightlifting shoes still use solid hardwood in their midsole. What you want is a hard midsole that isn't going to squish with all that weight pressing against it. Plus you destroy the cushioning very quickly. Waste of money especially at 130 a pop.

    • Depends how heavy you're going. If you're an advanced power lifter, definitely not

      • Then I pass. Thank you~

  • Great deal!

    just wondering though, do you guys think UB gives a good support for doing HIIT exercise?
    I have been feeling some pain on my feet after doing some exercise, that involves a lot of jumping and on my toes (another possibility is I may have have high arch)

    • Rest and recover. Remove and replace the exercise. Not worth hurting yourself

  • Are these shoes good for hiking and some beginner mountaineering?

    • They would get destroyed rather quick

      • Yikes. I have pronation so wanted suitable shoes for that. Was looking for two pairs. One for all day at work. And one for running/hiking.

    • I've done plenty of hiking in my older ultraboost (LACELESS)

      It holds up pretty well but it's not really meant for hiking.
      You could do much worse.

    • No, grab these:

      They're an amazing shoe which will last you years!

  • Thanks, ordered another one

  • My favourite running shoe to date.

  • Thanks OP - ordered another pair!

  • Anywhere I can get my hands on this particular style? GREY SIX / CORE BLACK / SHOCK YELLOW

    I had a pair of Core Black/White UB19, they're super comfy but has a slight tendency to sprain ankle because of not enough support from my experience.

  • it worked in the morning but now the code doesn't work.