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Xiaomi USB-C & Quick Charge 3.0 60W 6-Port Charger $24.99 US (~$36.57 AU) + Free Priority Shipping @ GeekBuying


Beating this price from Banggood last month. This charger from Xiaomi features 1 USB-C port with USB-PD charging (18W), one orange USB port with Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 (18W) and 4 USB ports that'll charge up to 5V/2.4A (24W max), making this suitable for a lot of phones and power banks. It uses a standard figure 8 cable.

The other deal is on a LED display bike light featuring different patterns such as an indicator that will detect when you're turning or a brake light when you're braking. It has 64 individual lights with a 1400mAh built in battery rechargable via Micro USB.

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  • Good price! I really don’t need this but it’s so tempting.

  • Dumb question but it doesn't come with the power cable does it?

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      Yeah it comes with a figure 8 cable. Though you'd need an AU adapter or if you a spare one lying around.

    • Yes it's dumb because it's potentially confusing.

      How do you know which part of the question is being answered if provided with a yes or no answer?

  • Been using it for 11 months, 2 QC ports are very fast charging.
    Less than A$30 in China Mi Store, ¥129.

  • I kind of dislike power chargers like this with all their limitations on charging and port number limits, like 24w Max on the 4x usb ports for output means you can only fully utilise two.


      They generally assume that no one is going to use the full 5V/2.4A unfortunately.

      • idea is you have the ports, plug in lots of devices and leave overnight, rather than limits of 2 port chargers if you only have one spare power point.

    • I have been using this charger for a year. No problems. The 24W on the 4x USB ports is not really an issue as you still have the QC 3.0 and the USB-c ports to charge the higher powered devices (36W). It will distribute the available current across the four ports depending on device requirements so you are not really limited to charging two 5V/24A devices, it is just that it may be slower to fully charge. The charging rate normally drops as the device gets partially charged so it is normally not an issue.

  • I'm going to vote against this. I think geekbuying clearly has issues that they need to resolve. Their deal for Xiaomi "airpods" was a scam. They said they were in stock ready to ship (google cache can prove this). Then the delayed the order for about 2 weeks and changed it to a "Pre-sale item" (massive scam). Then the didn't ship it and couldn't provide a shipping/tracking code till today. Buyer beware of Geekbuying.