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Boost Prepaid $240 | 12 Months Expiry | 240GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Overseas* | Telstra 4G | @ Boost Mobile


Great plan at a very nice price. I believe it's the first time the $300 plan has been discounted. Ends Nov 10. Enjoy :)

  • Unlimited Calls & Texts in Australia to Standard Numbers.
  • Unlimited International Calls & Texts to 30 Countries.
  • 3600 Standard Minutes & Texts to a further 25 Countries.
  • 240GB Data with 12 Month's Expiry.
  • Free Apple Music Data Streaming.
  • Utilises Telstra's 4G Network.

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    Awesome value, thanks TA!

    • +2

      I'm so pissed off with TA, I just bought two of these for $270 each :(
      On top of this, can't cancel because the seller has already started shipping them.

      edit: fvck it, bought a third one :D

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        Could've just said thanks

    • I thought it was great value and got the $135 for 80g, but then found the data consumption is much quicker than my previous plan. Anyone also notice that? Is that because this boost plan has much higher increment? That means if the increment is 1MB, even if you only use 1KB and stop, it will still be counted as 1MB.

      • Check the offer's CIS for a definitive answer.

        PS eBay had Boost 240GB SIM kit price of $239.40 shipped
        Negligably lower than deal cost.

      • I phoned up and they stated it was in Kbs

        • thanks :)

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    My 6 month plan is just about finishing soon. Is this purely for new users only or can I recharge my sim with it?

    • +1

      from buying the $150 sims, the credit is built in and is automatically applied after activation. I have a feeling this is for new users only..

      • Am also existing boost customer here. Can we just port out to optus and use this deal and port back to boost?

        • That's what I do usually

    • I'd like to know as well. Would be awesome if its rechargeable.

      • $300 SIM Sale: Online only. Offer ends 11.59pm (AEST) Sunday November 10, 2019 or until sold out. New customers only. Limit to one per customer.

    • +3

      Get a Coles $2 SIM if this is a problem. Can activate the SIM without a recharge. :)

      • Thanks for the tips! Dropped in Coles last time, was not sure about $2 Sim activation without any recharge, have you tested? Cheers

        • I have with coles but it was a couple of months ago.
          Worst case scenario you're paying $12 total for the SIM.

    • By the look…..seems like its only for NEW users porting in or people getting a complete new number.

      Current Boost customers probably cant enjoy this discount.

      Can not see anywhere on website saying it's for new or existing customer.

      But tried to recharge, and it comes up $300 instead of 240.
      So most likely for New Port Ins


  • +2

    Thanks OP. Perfect timing.

  • +8

    Be aware of Telstra's porting issues at the moment. Could take a while to port in from another service provider.

    • +3

      did one yesterday, took 10mins. I believe there's only an issue if name is incorrect or the activation SMS was not done properly.
      I had a friend that did it and it took over a week and still isn't done

      • +7

        No there is a massive amount of people having port issues at the moment. Most people arent even getting an activation sms.

        • +1

          I'm currently in this boat. It's been over 2 months now and telstra has agreed to give me a full refund but that was over a month ago. Worst part is because it's in the process of activation I can't even port to another service.

          • @Kaiserkid7: Same here, Do it at your OWN Risk!
            (confirmed with call centre, but only happened to a very small number, they still can not figure out the issue)

        • ported two numbers yesterday from kogan prepaid. One to boost and one to Telstra. Both done in 10 minutes. Easy as.

    • +3

      FYI Belong to Boost last week was under 15 minutes. Tip - you need the Belong account number, which is only shown on the monthly statements, not the account details.

      • Thanks for the tip, I will be porting from Belong very soon :)

    • +1

      Kogan to Boost, did 4 sims in total no issues whatsoever, took less than 30mins each. Also did a Lebara to Boost, also went through fine

    • Did a port on Saturday from aldi to boost. Took like 10 minutes

    • Ported two weeks ago to Boost from Catchconnect, took three days (Monday afternoon to Wednesday morning), and the delay was Telstra. Don't leave it until the last day or two - plenty of people complaining of four day waits. Also my 4G speeds dropped even though I am now much closer to a Telstra tower than an Optus one. Too many new sign ups to Telstra 4G?

    • Been waiting for a month now, nothing has happened. The porting just ignores all emails and phone calls what a total joke of a service. Waiting on my customer complaint to see if that does anything, last time they just deactivated my old Aldi sim but for some reasons I can make calls - no idea why. Lmao the customer support can't sh** and porting tea m practically non existent

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    Offer ends Nov 10, but can I get simcard and activate it late of Nov due to contract expiry late Nov.

    • +2

      I think the 10 Nov is when u get the discount at checkout. Not when u must activate. Correct me if I'm wrong

  • +3

    anyone knows when is the latest that it should be activated? thanks

    • -1

      If you buy it before 10 Nov 2019, the deal will be $240 that's on the SIM Card (pre-paid).
      You do not need to activate it right away, you can wait. You can actually wait 1 year from the date of purchase. So you need to activate it on 9 Nov 2020, and so it will expire on 8 Nov 2021. If we round down the days, to be on the safe side.

    • +3

      Received mine today, Expiry date on the back says 2021-09-04

  • +2

    When is the expiry? Does anyone has any information?

    • Usually, expire by 2021..so no worries about this expiry date

  • Damn it! Bought this just 4 days ago for $300 from Boost. What’s the chances of getting back $60?

    • +5


      • hahaha…u r a monster

      Your order is finalised upon successful transmission of the
      order once you have pressed process order button on the
      Boost Mobile Website.
      • Boost Mobile is not obliged to accept cancellation of an
      order once it has been finalised. However:
      • if you request a cancellation of your order and the goods
      have not been dispatched for delivery, Boost Mobile may
      accept your cancellation of the order, subject to the
      payment of any costs incurred by Boost Mobile for such
      cancellation (for example, credit card charges); or
      • if you request a cancellation of your order and the goods
      have been dispatched for delivery, Boost Mobile may
      accept cancellation of the order where the return of the
      goods from the delivery service provider to Boost Mobile
      is possible. In this case, you may be charged a
      cancellation fee

    • +13

      No harm in asking someone who can actually say yes or no rather than randoms on OzBargain.

      • +2

        On the phone now…complained about reception in my area and they confirmed there’s maintenance going on which would effect my reception. So I asked for compensation seeing they are selling it for $240 now. She’s checking now with manager

        • telstra in brisbane cbd is getting worse these day, dont understand why I have very weak signal even OPTUS got the full one :(

        • +6

          Looks like you've been on hold for a while.

    • +4
      1. I bought $300 recharge Monday night 28/10 (new customer, ported from Telstra postpaid)
      2. Saw this OzBargain post Tuesday morning 29/10
      3. Called up Boost Mobile after work, stated I was a new Boost customer and was disappointed to have paid $60 more than market price of $240
      4. After a bit of discussion/being on hold, got approval for $60 refund, bank EFT

      Happy with the Boost Mobile customer service :)

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    Anyone been having problems porting to Boost ? Using the recent 12 month $135 offer via coles I moved my MIL to Boost from Vodafone pre paid and it has been over 3 weeks and her number still has not ported . My wife has called Boost multiple times and they have made the 4th attempt to port her number but it still is not working.

    • +1

      Yes, porting from Aldi didn't go smooth at all. After 5 weeks of waiting, complaints and no progress decided to stay another year with Aldi until they sort the system out.

      • @Kapitoshka that sucks . Sounds like the run around my MIL is getting . We are at the point where we would be happy to leave her on Voda but have already purchased the 12 month recharge for boost so just need them to pull their finger out .

        • +1

          Knowing that they're in combination of being overwhelmed by the problem and also being useless if you would like to take care of this matter with likelihood of fixing it yourself is do following:
          1. Buy non Voda or Telsta SIM (including their resellers and wholesellers). They should cost a dollar or two
          2. Port from Voda to Optus? (as I presume there no other option of cell carriers in AU)
          3. Port from Optus? to Boost.

          I knew about their porting problems 5 month ago when porting my number. The trick worked. A lot of hassle and not guaranteed to work, but may do the trick

          • @Kapitoshka: @Kapitoshka this is worth a crack but any idea what it would do to the boost start sim that was activated to start the porting process ? After going Voda to Optus would we then need to get a new $2 boost starter sim to move from Optus to Boost ?

            • +1

              @twitch1979: Very sorry, I'm afraid I can't answer that. I had $40 Boost starter sim in my possession that I purchased 1/2 price earlier. I was a month on that and then recharged it with $150 credit from the deal and discarded sim that came with it.

    • +1

      Two months ago it took me 2 weeks and several chats to boost for my number to be ported from telechoice. I think Telstra and boost have had this porting issues for months now so it's perplexing as to how they still haven't fixed it.

    • I had issues, it took me 1 month and 1 day to port. I think it only got done in the end cause I made a complaint to the Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman. Once I made the complaint, Telstra assigned a rep to fix it for me and he called me with updates. A week later the port went through.

  • +3

    Tried porting last Wednesday and it still hasn't gone through. I know I've given all the correct details of my existing prepaid service because Lebara shows all the details required. I did the SMS verification which was also confirmed. Spoke to 3 people on live chat and they told me to call the porting team. Waited 1.5 hours until someone finally picked up, only to be told I was given the number to the sales team at Telstra…

    Previously I was porting in and out every month with different telcos and I've got to say Boost is undoubtedly the worst of them all when it comes to porting.

    If anyone has the actual phone number for the Boost porting team I'd appreciate if you could drop it here so people who are facing a similar situation can (try) get in touch.

  • -1

    can we buy the sim in post office?

  • can i just buy a boost $2 sim in any shop and activate using this plan or I need buy this online ? I would like to port asap so thought of buying sim today and activating online. Any thoughts ?

    • As long as you're not on Telstra, yeah. Telstra users need a "blank sim" to port to.

      • Ok. I am currently with Telstra. So I am better off getting this online then. thanks.

    • Good luck with that. If you are lucky it will be done within a few minutes, if you are unlucky like myself, you will get stuck in an indefinite loop.

      Read the below thread:


  • +3

    This is a great deal as my 12 months voucher for 2 kids is almost up with kogan. The deal breaker is the ability for them to burn 240GB in the first 15 days.. believe me they could do it. Would be great if it there was a way to have it limited monthly. I know you can do it in phone to an extent but that has proven to be a problem as they know it and never stop asking, if it's network based not my problem.. path of least resistance!

    • +11

      I would assume the path of leas resistance would be letting them go for it, suck up all the data and then be without or pay with their own money for more data. It sounds like a lesson in responsibility to me.

      • +1

        Even better would be to set up one of the kids put a 25GB limit on his phone's settings, and the other child free use.

        I'm guessing if they are identical in use cases, the first kid will complain a bit that his data cuts off a week/couple days before the month. But they'll do it for the first couple months. And would eventually adapt to using less data until he/she/it normalises to using only 19GB's per month. That means he'll run out of data on the last month of his use.

        Meanwhile, the first kid will gradually get lazy with their use case, and simply use more and more each month. Until maybe around the 8th month they'll run out. At this point, you get the second kid to use his phone without Data for a month. Oh the joys of torture. Then you get him to top up his data with his own pocket money.

        I wonder how they'll eventually grow up, in terms of allocating scarcities, or maybe this experiment is too inhumane ; )

    • +2

      2 of ours are on the $150/80Gb plan, they've both set 4Gb monthly data limit (Android). They religiously watch their data usage, one of them has about 60Gb left until March…

    • +5

      Just buy them more data… There's no better lesson than teaching your kids that you have unlimited resources at their disposal… They'll turn out fine when they grow up too.

      • /sarcasm

  • -1

    How long do I have to activate my sim card after purchase this?

  • How is the boost network for calls and internet? Can you send MMS? Asking this as many other carrier use Vodafone or Optus service but always find issues with service maybe due to limited bandwidth. Any feedback? Have already suffered with Lebara and Lyca so worried committing for 12 months. Cheers

    • +1

      Boost uses the Telstra network so reception and speed should be better than others.

      Read this to find out more about the plans.


      • Thanks tman88. Any user feedback within the Sydney / Parramatta suburbs especially while travelling Sydney trains?

        • +3

          There's always a weird drop out at Redfern where it goes to 3G only. I think there's also a deadspot just before Strathfield.

          • @Kallo: Thanks Kallo. Apart from these 2 areas do you get a good coverage? With Lebara, the network throughout the train journey from Parra to Syd is pathetic, so this seems like a good option

  • Do I have to buy it with a new sim or can I just recharge to get the offer?

    I currently have a Boost sim that hasn't been used yet because I'm waiting for the porting issue to be fixed.

  • Curious on the activation window as per a couple of questions above. We waited nearly 3 weeks for the $15 kogan sim to be activated (only went live a couple of days ago) and I'd be keen to jump across to this when the kogan one expires.

  • +5

    Just spoke to Boost, they are saying that Sim card needs to be activated by the expiration date given on Sim card.

    • Is that usually long expiry?

      • Should be 2 years if fresh stock, and I assume Boost themselves would have fresh stock.

  • Can u vpn overseas and use wifi calls

  • +2

    Do iPhones get the visual message bank on this plan? I note Telstra charges extra for it where it’s included with e.g. any Vodafone or derivative.

  • Is this deal available at coles & woollies and other physical stores

  • What's the shipping time on those for metro areas?

    • Found the answer myself:
      Subject to stock availability and your delivery location, you should receive your order within the following business days:

      Metro – Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart & Brisbane (all capital cities) if your order is placed by 4pm you will receive the next business day.
      Non-Metro Areas 2-5 business days.
      Regional/Rural/Remote areas – 2-7 business days.
      • +2

        Considering 4GX is a made up buzz term for deeper penetrating 700MHz frequency that increases your cellular range, and not really to do with speed; I think the speed cap is irrelevant. Boost has access to the 700MHz band; thus has 4GX.

        Regardless; 100Mbps is fair for a single mobile device is fair anyway.

  • -1

    Unless I'm blind I can't see if the data is restricted to national. Is the 240gb only for use in Australia?

    • +1


      • Shame. Thanks for the answer.

  • +1

    Cheers TA! Great deal

  • Fantastic deal. These plans keep coming down.

  • free apple music data streaming has been great so far, been streaming music via bluetooth in the car

    • +3

      bahhhhhh why cant google music be free too :(

      • well with this plan you'll never run out of data… no I'm not associated haha

  • Does anyone has list of countries?

    Unlimited International Calls & Texts to 30 Countries.
    3600 Standard Minutes & Texts to a further 25 Countries.

    Edit - Searching India comes with "British Indian Ocean Territory"

    • Yes

    • +2

      $300 recharge includes the following International inclusions. Unlimited standard calls & text to 30 select destinations: Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam. Plus 3600 mins standard calls & text to 25 select destinations: Afghanistan, America Samoa, Brunei, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Guam, Hungary, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Nepal, Norway, Peru, Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovak Republic, Sri Lanka, Sweden.

      • Thanks mate

    • +2

      Just select the number of item displayed option and increase it to 10. Badly designed website

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