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Buy 1 20 Minute Psychic Reading for $56 & Get 1 Free @ Psychic Truth


As advertised in Woman's Day -
Have your first psychic reading with Psychic Truth and get a 20-minute free reading on your next call.
That’s two 20-minute psychic readings for only $56.

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    I'm sensing that this post wont get many likes

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    plugs in popcorn machine

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    If only you could have somehow known the negs would be coming….

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    Logged in just to neg this scam.

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    Waste your money HALF as fast!

  • My crystal ball says you'll be wasting money. Thank me later.

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    You don't need to be a psychic to know you will be throwing away $56.

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    If you can tell me the winning numbers for this Saturday’s lotto ticket, I will buy

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    I'm a Sagittarian…and we don't believe in that rubbish.

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    Aquarius- you're gonna die. Capricorn - you're gonna die. Scorpio …

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      scorpio, let me see…. your birthday is coming up soon , if it hasn't passed already. You're welcome!

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      just to complete the quote - "scorpio - you're going to die fcuking"

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        Does that mean I should tell my wife and kids to cancel the Mexican-themed surprise birthday Fiesta they had planned for me? 😢

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    Did you hear about the short psychic who broke out of jail last night? She's a small medium at large.

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    Isn't the next call redundant if you can predict the future accurately on the first call?
    Or can you stack them and predict further into the future

  • I can tell BS for half the price. Feel free to PM me

  • Sad thing is they are probably millionaires.

  • Wait, so you get to waste twice as much of my time than normal?

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    But we get JV on here giving us crap dribble for free!

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    Thanks but I already have a psychic sidekick, who senses when I'm in danger and does roundhouse and side kicks.

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    We had a 'Psychic' on an end of work cruise before, half of the team (contractors) were being let go, but since I was full time, I wasn't. The 2 people before me were from the consultant agency being removed.

    Psychic: I sense you are anxious about your losing your job
    Me: Not really, I just got a promotion.
    Psychic: Ahhh yes, sometimes extreme joy can be regarded as anxiety
    Psychic: But I am getting a sense of sadness, maybe you want to travel.
    Me: No, I just came back from Ireland and it rained for two weeks, and it's 28c today, I don't want to go anywhere
    Psychic: Except maybe the beach rather than being at work
    Me: I actually hate the beach, don't like salt water or sand everywhere
    Psychic: Okay how about we leave it there
    Me: I agree

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    Inviting the Occult in your life with a deceived hope of some sort of shortcut to something is not a beneficial bargain for anyone, at any price, IMHO. Best to leave this stuff well alone and find other healthier coping mechanisms instead of consulting someone from the Dark Arts.

  • Psychic?, or Psychotic?, that is the question?

  • No deal here

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    They did not see this coming…

  • What are you talking about, It's a great deal. This is dirt cheap comparing to deals where you get money from your late uncle king's great grandchild who happens to be selling top of the range HiFi systems from a white van, or those who gave all their money, and houses to their greatest loves of their lives.
    Unfortunately, the fact that this still is around means there will always be gullible people.
    Anyway, I'm off to a psychic reading to get my winning lotto numbers.
    So when you see me in my Lamborghini Aventador, you'll know it's true https://cdn.directexpose.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/25.-...

  • I can save you even more on this service by telling you not to spend money on scams.

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    I once went to see a psychic on my friends' urgings. I knocked on the door and she said , "Who's there?". I walked away disappointed. Ba, dum, tish!

  • Thanks op bought 10

  • i think the truth is that the OP might need to brush up on his/her psychic skills :)

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    I had a friend who started a career as a psychic but gave up. Couldn't see a future in it.

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    What do you call a fat psychic? A four chin teller.

  • Bugga Off! You hear me think!

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    Psychic Truth is not psychic - Trying to scam OzBargain users.
    Psychic Truth is actually psychic - knew how this would end and posted anyway.

    Not too bright either way

  • This is scamtastic