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NutriBullet N12-1207 1200W 12 Piece Set $69 (In-Store Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


Good price. As suggested in the comments price match at HN while you can. Edit: Try price matching elsewhere. Tight HN are refusing to price match. Selling $150+ elsewhere. RRP is $229.

NutriBullet 1200W 12 Piece Set

Key Features

  • 1200 Watts of Pure Power
  • New Dual Auto blast modes - Drop & Go
  • One Touch Pulse Button
  • 800ml Stainless Steel Cup
  • New Improved Extractor Blade
  • 12 Piece Set

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  • +1

    x-mas is here again. Time to stock up on nutribullet presents!

    • sold out at Marsden park

  • I bought one 1000w 10 piece for 109.99 and it's still in its box :( …

    • +130

      Do you need instructions to open it?

      • Best JV comment for 2019

      • Lol Gold. You should get votes for the comment.

      • ZMG! CLASSIC.

  • +2

    I spoke to HN and they are happy to do price match. Grab it fast before JB remove this price.

    • When did you speak to HN.. their live chat closes at 10pm

    • -1

      May you please explain the purpose of a price match?

      I don't understand the need for it when I'm assuming the price at both sellers would equal after the matching. Like, is there a benefit to buying at Harvey Norman over JB?

      Edit: Oh, I realise now that for this item, JB only offers in-store pick up, while I imagine Harvey Norman might offer delivery. Is this the reason why or are there other reasons?

      • +1

        Maybe they live closer to a HN, and it's far more convenient for them?

  • +2

    I got the 600W one many years ago. Have been using it a few times every week. It's awesome.

  • Buy this or Nutri NInja?

    • +3

      Unless the equivalent Ninja is cheaper, this Bullet is the winner. Love my 900W, jealous of people nabbing this.

    • Depends how much you can get the Ninja for…

  • whats a good price for ninja?
    im affter 1 just waiting not sure what price range i should be getting 1 @?

    • +1

      Quick search your not getting a 1200w Nutri ninja anywhere near $69, would grab this deal while you can

  • How does this go with ice?

    • +1

      Turns it into mush with a little bit of water.

    • My 900W does great, I get pretty good mango or lychee frappes out of it. Can imagine the 1200 is even better at blitzing ice.

  • To the people that own one - can this liquify spinach and kale?

    • Our 900W does.

      • Concur, kale goes super smooth in my 900W. A bit of water, some bananas for sweetness and "creaminess", and a load of kale - smoooooth.

  • +1

    My options seem to be Cranbourne 40km or Modbury… 650km.

    • Go on Harvey Norman chat price match online first thing in morning, as mentioned above

      • i don't get it.. why do you price match online? don't you have to go in store?

        • Least you’ll have confirmation online they will match it & can just pay for it then & pick it up whenever, likely JB link won’t stay up to long

    • You’re lucky… my nearest is also Modbury, but it’s 2142km away

      • my nearest is also Modbury, but it’s 2142km away

        Yeah, but this price won't come again. And if it does, it will be 5426km away.

        With a bit of driving now, you'll save $$ and have a sweet little blender. Hit the road, mate.

  • +1

    Why are the reviews on the JB website so bad? (cheap plastics, lids breaking, not blending seeds, only 1min blend options)

  • -1

    Isn't the kogan vitablast that was around $50 + shipping a while back much better?

    • I hate my Kogan one.

  • Why is it so cheap?

  • I'm using the $5x Bellini from Target (900w). It's great. Made smoothie from frozen fruit, blend ice nicely, peanut as well. Thought any blender above 900w should do the same.

  • I can't see stock at any Harvey Norman In Vic. I'm not driving to Cranbourne for one.

  • The salesmen might push to include an additional warranty at an extra cost which is not necessary in my opinion. You could buy some extra accessories for that price

  • One of those Christmas presents that I actually find useful even after all these years. My one is about 4 yrs old and still going strong. This is way better than those traditional budget blenders you find at Kmart or BigW. I use it mostly for frozen fruits and the blades are still sharp after all these years. Not sure how long they will stay sharp if blasting ICE cubes is your thing. But at this price, its a no brainer. Only problem is finding stock.

  • Harvey Norman no longer price matching -

    Hi, we unfortunately are not price matching the nutribullet as per our price match policy as the offer from JB has limited stock and this is an instore purchase only

    • Yeah I am currently chatting to a store rep as well who just said that :(

      • Same here, was told exactly the same thing.

        • Thinking about other price match stores - Bing Lee, etc. But I think a lot will deny because JB has 'limited stock' on their website.

  • +1

    I chatted with a Narvey Norman rep via chat regarding the price match and was denied because it is an in-store offer only and they can not verify stock at the moment with the store, which opens later in the day.

    No where does the Harvey Norman Shop With Confidence Price Guarantee - note that in-store offers aren't supported.

    I would have thought the JB HI-FI location finder would be enough to verify stock? The chat basically ended with the rep saying I could come back at 0900 and try again when they could verify the stock, but they didn't seem very interested in helping me.

  • +3

    Did anyone get the Ambiano branded blender from Aldi a few weeks ago? Was $60, 1000w. They did not seem to sell very fast.
    Difficult to tell from the photos, but the Aldi one appears to be a wider unit with larger cups.

    Also have a 3 year old Nutribullet (not 1200w version, whatever they were originally 600w??). Still working, but these do seem to wear out rather fast. The issues I have experienced with the 3 y/o Nutribullet (and previous ones I have owned), is that the cup notches break off (and without these the unit will not function (as it is a safety feature). Get some leaks where liquid seems to leak through the blade shaft.

    If anyone has an older Nutribullet (or rebrand), that has the removable seals that fit to the blade section, you can get these replaced for free, as there was a recall - the seals would come off during use, and your smoothy would then have rubber seal in it.

    With relation to the poor reviews on the JB Hifi site, i agree with the complaint about the noise - I dont know if anything can be done to address this as it is similar to a fast spinning power tool (have a look at the big ones that Subway use - they have them in a sound reducing cabinet), but if you did use it often, i think you would experience hearing loss. Ear protection would be a good idea - no joke.

  • +2

    Hn Cranbourne has no stock they just sold there display @ 9am

  • +1

    Out of stock at Cranbourne Park (Haven't had it in about 6 months) :)
    Cranbourne are still 'displaying' 1, but takes a while to get pushed through the system to say they're sold out.
    No one else is showing any stock. Sorry everyone!

  • Is the ad down?

  • Link doesn't work

  • So link is down as at 9:31 when it was working at 9:00. Went in store and the guy said it's not on sale as in the actual item for a 1200w 12 piece does not exist.

  • what a bargain.

    such a great machine, I use mine a few times a week for myself and the family/kids, brilliant!

  • 404 Not Found

  • Mine just died after approx 4 years so in need of a new one, next time. Good post op

  • I picked up the Aldi one. 1000watt and $59 bucks. 3 year warranty. Brother has this one and honestly can't tell the difference. Plus Aldi are so easy on returns.

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