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[Registrations Closed] American Express Shop Small - Spend $20 or More, Get $10 Back up to 5 Times


American Express ShopSmall now open for enrollment.
With all respect to Darkii's post back in September giving the heads up. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/481426?page=1#comment
Login to your American Express account between 1 November 2019 and 30 November 2019 and click “Save to Card” on the Shop Small Amex Offer. Spend at different participating small businesses to redeem, up to five times.

Shop Small Wiki/Guide - Go Card Top Up List - Myki Top Up List - Opal Top Up List
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Shop Small Maps
Myki Top Ups Map - Opal Top Ups Map

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Amex shop small Store spreadsheet

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (1)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (26)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • I try to recall, how do we add shops that accept amex for opal cards in google maps? If i recall correctly there was a green/yellow symbol pointed to eac store. Yellow might accept (previous year) and green accepts..

  • Mine showed up on the offers section (AMEX Discovery). Saved to card but not sure I'll end up using it. The places to use it have gone down for me year after year.

  • up to 5 times,

    wasnt it 3 last year?

    • +4

      The November SS was always 5 in recent years.

      Used to be 10!

      • +1

        this is my 3rd year

        I enjoy amex small shop but i think its a bit overyhyped :)

        • +2

          me and my family get to eat out for a month with this offer in Cafes and Pubs where you pay for your food upfront

          • +2

            @DisabledUser171587: so essentially half price meals, (assuming your meals are $20)


            I go to bottle shops and split $40-$50 bottles into 2 payments and essentially get it for half price

            doesnt seem to be many eateries near me that have it

            • +2

              @Samsungnote10: Even better if you stack it with Entertainment Book deals! Claim the Entertainment Book discount, then pay with your Amex!

              • @creeno: Whoops, that comment was meant for @Austechguy

          • @DisabledUser171587: If you don't want to pay upfront just start a tab :)

  • +1

    not all of my sup cards got this but still happy that amex still gives some benefits to $0 annual fee card.

    • Yes I got it on my Discovery and all 4 supplementary cards.

  • Which is the best card to get I haven't had a Amex since nab parted ways

    • Westpac altitude black bundle.

    • -1

      too late now buddy

    • If you want no hassle, no fees one then the basic Amex Essential is the best in my opinion.

    • There are a few free cards (no annual fee - there's still a high interest rate) that are great to use just for these promotions :) OzBargain has referral links that will get you bonus points for signing up too. At the top of this post (below the OP description), click "show 11 more" to see all the referral links. There are 4 no annual fee cards, 3 of which have referrals above: The American Express Essential, The Qantas Discovery, and The Velocity Escape. The one without a referral is The Low Rate Credit Card. Otherwise there a lot of other cards to choose from with other benefits.

      • But which ones are best for these, that always have the promos

        • +1

          It depends on your spending habits. Some offers are targeted. Some aren’t and anyone can enrol

        • Get all four? I have the Velocity to get Velocity points (my MasterCard gets Qantas points). The shop small AFAIK is offered to all Amex cardholders.

          • @Akya: Not this year.

            • @Yola: Yeah, I saw the comments after posting the above. It sucks for those cardholders.

  • has any one sampled New York minute burgers?

  • None of my supps have the offer :(

  • +1

    I rang up Amex to ask why I didn't receive the offer on one of my sup cards and they manually added the deal to my card :)

    • What does "manually added the deal" as in clicked save for you? Does it apear as saved offers if u login to your supplimentries now?

      • Amex cs gave me a "manual" link, it just took, me the webpage for shop small and then to the app to log in! Hahaha not the manual link I was expecting.

        Kept telling that the offer was not showing he said wait a couple of hours and it will be. He assured me!

        • ahh LOL

      • I rang up and got told it was targeted as well. It seems a bit like something's gone astray and they're just saying anything to get us off the phone.

      • Yes, it now appears in my saved offers now. I didn't have to save it myself.

  • -1

    Managed to get my 9 cards registered but it looks like there are numerous stores that have dropped off the map. Last year we were double dipping at Toscano's (Melbourne) who had an offer at the same time, now they appear to be gone. Also, some shops that were appearing on the list last week also seem to be gone. Its all a bit confusing. Please someone, upload the list.

    • Yes that Toscano's double deal was great. Smoked salmon, home made pasta and great bread at bargain prices.

  • I'll be sitting this one out this year. No Amex currently and nothing currently worth my while (still in 18/12 month waiting period for Amex and Westpac).

    Was a conscious choice though. Much better value smashing those VISA and Mastercard cc deals.

  • I think online some online stores are also included in the shop small program.


  • +1

    just got off the phone with customer service, she is saying Shop Small is now targeted.

    • Doesnt explain why main account holders are eligible but supplimentries are not.

    • I was told the same; however, they said if your primary card has received the offer, supplementary cards will receive the offer later today. Strange!!

      • Weird!

      • they might be implementing a minimum spend criteria. offer first for primaries/supplementaries that met some spending criteria. then later open for everyone.
        this way, they put a bias against those accounts that only spend when there is shop small. i don't know, just a theory.

        • one of my main cards I have spent very little not more than $50 in last 6 months lol but it got it.

          • -1

            @Turd: 10 of my cards have Max $200 to $500 spend over 1 year depending on the Amex offers they get

  • -1

    Do news agents have gift cards? Will that option work?
    Just a thought.

  • Have 6 supps, none have it :(

  • Got it on my plain vanilla no-fee Amex Card.

    Can't see any small servos on the list this year - lots of car repairs, tyres, and hairdressers though!

    • -1

      Maybe the folks filling up at Shop Small servos now need to have their car worked on

  • Strange, I actually received the offer on a supplementary card but not the main card.

  • LOADED. Enjoy!

  • Do we still get cash back email confirmation? Used the card in Chemist Warehouse but don't get any email.

    • I immediately got an email.

    • +2

      So did I, for Ippudo at Central Park.

      Didn't think Chemist Warehouse counted as a Shop Small business … Are you using the right map?

    • +2

      Used the card in Chemist Warehouse but don't get any email.

      Lol. Chemist Warehouse is a huge national chain.

      There's no way it'll be part of the Shop Small promotion.

  • +3

    Just me or have they removed most if not all the convenience stores in sydney CBD from the map?

  • +1

    Subscribing for the Myki top up map.

  • +11

    Nth Sydney Scam Alert - Bay Mini Mart at 4 Bay St Nth Sydney trying to charge $3 fee for an Opal top up
    Told em they were dreamin'

    • +8

      They asked for $5 last year and I reported them to AMEX. Sad to see absolutely NOTHING was done about their bs.

      • +4

        Probably better to report the ACCC on that one as an excessive payment surcharge.

    • Today they asked 10% (which is $2 for a $20 transaction).

  • Just chatted with Amex rep and was told the roll out of the offer onto the online profile is being done in phases and that it may still take a few hours before the offer shows up for some cards/people.

  • -3

    don't trust the cs. they careless whether you got enrol or not. mine not there this morning but happens hours later. experience say maybe too many enrols at start, site jammed for traffics. should still get enrol later. if still fails call again for better cs person to manual enrol.

  • +5

    Lucky Charm Pavillion only one amex card allowed for opal top up. 40 cents surcharge.

    • Aah.. One per visit though. You can always go again on the next day.

  • Got it, thanks OP!

  • +2

    Ume Burger is a participating Shop Small Business. Does this mean that we can double dip for the 2 separate Amex offers (spend $45, get $15 back AND spend $20, get $10 back)?


    • +2

      Yes, it should trigger both

    • Yes this works. Used today and received Amex emails confirming Shop Small and Ume offer triggered.

  • +2

    who is finding the shop small app on iphone is annoying? it wont allow me to scroll down to the list

    • same on my chrome (Pixel)

  • +6

    Tobacco Station Quakers Hill does Opal this year - 50c fee, happy for people to come in and split pay this year!

  • Ggrrrr I just cancelled my card 2 days ago

    • +2

      Call them and un-cancel it. It would't be the first time that's been done (deliberately, on occasion).

      • Thanks for the idea Jasonb :)

  • Neither main nor supplementary card have it, and reps (phone and live chat) say just to wait and see if the offer shows up.

  • Sounds like they've got a script. From live chat, based only on my initial description of not being able to enroll all my cards:

    Stuart at 19:45, Nov 1:
    Hi there, I can see you are chatting regarding shop small.
    Stuart at 19:45, Nov 1:
    I am sorry for the trouble you have faced.
    Stuart at 19:46, Nov 1:
    I understand, you are not able to complete the enrollment right now,I would really appreciate if you can wait and check the online account later.
    Stuart at 19:46, Nov 1:
    There is a high possibility that you may see the eligible offers updated after couple of hours

  • +3

    Just topped up myki at The Summit and they had two EFTPOS terminals. i notice on my Amex account, that the shop name for one is Panashe not Summit Convenience. Not sure if Panashe will be included in Shop Small too even though it’s the same store… time will tell.

    No surcharge. 2 x $20.

    Edit: received Amex email that both were entitled to Shop Small! So if you knew which terminal was which you could get 2 of your myki top ups at the same place.

  • +1

    Need to take our frustration to their FB page advertising shop small!

  • Has anyone been able to save the offer on a qantas Amex at all? Or a gold Amex (old bmw affinity gold card)?

    Just trying to understand if they are targeting particular card types or if it’s more down to spend behaviour etc.

    Can confirm from family unit - 2 essentials and 1 DJs got the offer. 3 qantas and 1 gold card (old bmw) didn’t get it…. yet anyway…

    • +2

      got on all 4 Qantas Amex including addons

  • +3

    just been told by Amex online chat that shop small targeted this time

    • -4

      Yeah pull the other one mate.

  • +4

    Went to Devonshire Street Newsagency (70 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills NSW) today - they refused to accept Amex for Opal top ups.

    • thanks for the heads up

  • +36


    Google doc version of all the AMEX shop small stores for 2019.

    I used the suburb data from 2019 September so hopefully I got everything. I'll try to keep this updated throughout the month.

    • excellent work

    • +1

      BTW - Some of the shops I used last year weren't in your list so I checked them on the website and they showed up.
      eg. Fielders Choice

      • +1

        Thanks I'll have a look see if I can find out why.

        Edit AMEX saerching is being weird. IF you search 343 Orrong Rd, Kewdale WA 6105, Australia for example FIELDERS CHOICE doesn't show up, just the KASSEMS PIZZA. But if you type in FIELDERS CHOICE it will come up. Not sure why lol (maybe GPS coordinate exactly the same so amex messed up).

        Can you send me the list of stores that aren't shown, I'll just add them in as search criteria exceptions.

    • Disappointed that Kitchen Warehouse isn't in it this year. Although they really shouldn't have been in it last year either.

    • I also found my local laundry/drycleaner which wasn't on the list was still eligible for Shop Small and got a pleasant surprise with the $10. I suspect it's because they're sole traders who use a different name for their store than what their legal name is in the list, and if they have more than one store, the address may not match.

  • +1

    Deliveroo was in shop small last year. Does anyone know whether they are in this year program as well?

  • Does anyone know if we can use Google Pay for Amex Offers? Or does it count as a "payment processor"? Thanks!

    • +4

      Yes. They mean stuff like PayPal when they mean third party

  • I think I'll spend on chemist & dining this year. My Opal (&Ms) still loaded with credit from last year.
    Got 2 confirmation thank you emails after purchased some Biotene mouthwash from Bloom chemist. They're only cost 70c more than Chemist Warehouse.