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[NSW] Citibank - $5 Cashback on Sydney Public Transport Every Monday in November


Dear Customer,

We want to help you beat the Monday blues in November with up to $5 cashback when you tap with your Citi Visa credit card across the NSW Opal service network*.

You can use your contactless credit card to pay for transport on trains, buses, ferries and light rail. So why not tap on and off with your Citi Visa credit card and treat yourself with up to $5 cashback?

Offer valid in November only.

Important Information

*Offer is limited to 100% cashback up to $5 per Account every Monday from 4 November to 25 November 2019. To be eligible, you must tap your Citi Visa credit card on an Opal reader at the beginning and end of your trip, except when travelling on the F1 Manly Ferry Service. Your trip must begin and end on Monday. Cashback will be credited to your Account within 60 days from the offer end date providing it is open and in good standing. Cashback may be reversed if your qualifying fare is refunded. Cashback will reduce the outstanding balance of your Account but will not count towards your next monthly repayment obligation. Please note that if you have a Balance Transfer, you will be charged interest on any spend that you make.

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  • +6

    now i have to remember Mondays Citi Visa, the rest Amex, great stuff!

    • Why Amex for the rest?

      • +1

        i only activated my amex opal card deal today!

      • +1

        because of the 40% off offer

        • But the 10 trip discount!!!

          • @clx: You should be getting 10 trip discount if you use the same card as well.

    • It should be Monday Citi Visa, AMEX (until $50 spent) then back to Opal for Tuesday to Friday and weekend.

      If it works for citibank visa debit card I gladly would put more amounts just for the discount

  • Was about to hit Submit to post the deal and this one popped up. Love Ozb !!

  • First AMEX had an offer for NSW transport and now this… is this the way of subtly getting us all to use public transport more?

    • +1

      More like ditch the Opal card and only use debit/credit cards!

      • +2

        big opportunity here for credit card companies to earn a shit tonne of merchants fees if they can get people in the habit of using their CC for public transport

        • +3

          Don't they already earn it when people top up their opal?

          • +2

            @neyo: Yeah I reckon they already do. The big benefit here is the travel data which could be useful for data mining and a lesser extent hoping that people get used to using the card or forgot to swap and use it on other things as well (ie. if I already have my card out and I want to use the vending machine i'll use theirs).

            Just one tap would involve things like: When you get on train, get off train, where you might work, your working hours, when you get home, if you do anything else other than work (eg. pick up the kids at another station), same with buses/ferries and any connections you make.

  • +1

    That's ONE FREE Trip ONE WAY

    • If you have two Amex Visa cards, and you were one of those people who got the Signature Credit card for No Annual Fee and also have a Simplicty Visa Card, you get two free trips both ways. The offer is not limited to any one card.

  • Is this targeted offer? I can’t see this for my Citi credit card

    • don't think you need to register?

  • +10

    Does it work on Citi debit card?

    • would like to know as well.

      • +1

        Looks like T&C says credit card only.

  • Anyone know how to get student rates when waving using bankCard instead of Opal?

    • You cant.

  • I just got the sms for this!

    But cant tell which Citi credit card this is for - citi signature? Virgin money (Citi)?

  • can anyone get their citi visa linked with google pay? mine won't link

    • +1

      I don't think Citi cards support Google Pay. Only Apple Pay & Samsung Pay.

      • sweet just linked Samsung pay

      • Yup, Citifail

        Got Google Pay on all my other cards…

  • aww…i wanted to catch that Manly ferry.
    i would do it, every Monday, too.

  • Are the benefits the same whether we use opal or credit card to tap? If we change mode from train to bus is it considered as 1 journey or 2?

    • All contactless transactions, regardless of type of card used is able to benefit from the Opal travel benefits and off peak and transfer discounts applied too.

  • Does it have to be a Citibank visa credit card or can it be Citibank visa debit card??

  • -1

    Would a citibank savings card work with Visa credit functions like a Visa debit?

  • I called Citi and spoke to an agent, she didn’t have any clue about this deal, and was unable to clarify if this is valid only for Credit Card, or for Debit Card as well. She said this promotion was from Visa, and not from Citi.

    • Good on you I guess someone needs to test it. Doesn't hurt to try I guess on visa debit

  • -1

    I always pay my Opal card with cash, not of anyone's business where I go and when. I enjoy the last fragments of freedom and anonymity while I can.

    • +3

      Don't worry your smart phone already does that for free😉😂

  • I assume the cashback is $5 per Monday in Nov, so $5 in 4-Nov, $5 in 11-Nov, $5 in 18-Nov, $5 in 25-Nov.


  • What is special about the F1 Manly Ferry Service, out of curiosity?

    • You don’t need to tap off when you get off the Manly ferry.

  • so for 4 weeks, you get $20 back……

  • +1

    stop those shenanigans and bring us android pay, citi australia! citi usa has had it for years, you have stopped your shitty citi pay. your australian manager ought to be fired, it's just not excusable.

  • Anyone know if this works with digital wallets (Apple Pay etc) or just the physical card?

    • Works with Samsung pay.

  • +1

    I used it for my $4.48 trip this morning but maybe it was a mistake. Now Ive lost the 40% off of my 10th trip from amex and need to wait 2 months to get citi’s cashback, if you ever get it back that is.

    it says “upto $5 cashback” so if your fare is less than that you wont get $5. Plus, it’s silent about min spend, if you dont get any cashback after two months and decide call them to chase after your few $ and wait 20 mins on hold to talk to someone who knows what they’re talking about, they may eventually say min spend was $5, so bad luck.

    Not worth it if you have the amex deal imo.

    • +1

      My understanding is up to $5 cashback means max cash back is $5.

      So if you spend $4.48 you will get $4.48 cash back, if you spend $5.01 you will get back $5.00 If you spend $10 you get back $5.

      If you spent $2.50 you get back $2.50.

      • yeah, that's my understanding too albeit 2 months of wait.

    • You're getting 100% back from Citi versus 40% back from AMEX. You'll only lose out if your journey costs you more than $12.50 (40% of $12.50 is $5, the maximum amount cashback from Citi).

  • Yeah, I'm doing the Citi Mondays and Amex for the rest. I hope that works out.

  • I used the citibank card on Monday. I was charged $8.53 for $3.73 fare, seems they haven't matched the tap-off with the tap on.
    If I get the $5 credit it will be fine, but I'm not using a card again if they operate like this.

    • +1

      WOw yea I got charged…

      $9.60 and $2.24 for a $4.80 trip.

      That's two charges on the one. Tap on, Tap off.

      Max charge? wtf Opal. Who do we contact?

      LOL takling to online chat -

      In regards to the investigation, Investigation process can take 6 – 8 weeks maximum as it would also depend on how fast the merchant’s bank respond or communicate with us. Please keep your lines open as well as we may call you anytime within the 6 – 8 week period to update or follow up with you.

      Making a dispute.

    • did everyone else had the same issue? I forgot to do this on last Monday but was planning to do this on coming Monday

    • +2

      same thing has happened to me, $15.06 wtf.

    • follow-up, the $8.53 was fully refunded by TransportfNSWon 19/12, yay!

  • I got charged the right amount but no credit yet.

  • +3


    Monday AM - $3.61 fare
    Charged $20+
    Doesn't show up on Opal website.

    Monday PM - $3.61 fare
    Charged $3.61 (correctly)
    Shows up correctly on the Opal website (just like my other cards)

    However the transaction came up as Tuesday 05 Nov on my Citibank Online account.
    They are refusing the $5 credit because their system shows the transactions as Tuesday. (I did not touch this card at all on Tuesday)

  • +2

    I used it on Monday (4Nov) for one trip cost $5.15 but charged $13.66 x 2!! And the transaction shown as Tuesday, 5 Nov! Called Citi and been advised that they gonna investigate this. Totally not worth the hassle for $5 cashback!

  • +1

    same fiasco here…charged twice $7.67 & 7.23 for a trip that usually cost $5.4..

  • +2

    Had the same issue with being overcharged - got on live chat and was told there were "implementation issues" and had all of the charges reversed, but still got to keep the $5 cashback

    • I checked my credit card account today. I have the travel I completed on 4th November automatically credited to my account, I have not made any requests to any Citibank rep, and this was automatically credited to my credit card.

      It appears as "*Transport NSW Citibank Cashback Promotion" so obviously you will all have to wait for the credit to appear in your accounts eventually.

      • Same! Got $5

        The 2nd week's charges were correct.

        • So i should be ok to use it on return trip home today?

          • +1

            @FiDad: yes Remember $5 a day cashback

            • @Turd: I am quite sure Citi holders with multiple cards would be able to take advantage of this offer more than twice. Effectively putting your to -> journey on one card, and your <- return journey on to the other card, provided they are both Visa Citi cards. That was my plan today.

  • What about supplementary cards? Would each card get $5 credit?

    • Check with CitiBank. Might work hmmmm!

  • Used the card on 11 November (charged correct amount) but the charge didn’t show until 12 November so no cashback!

    • Expect the cashback appear about a fortnight after if you have qualified the offer terms. I got the cashback about

  • 8 Nov got $5 cashback for Mon 4th Nov.

    However, nothing yet for trip on 11, 18 Nov

  • For a $4.48 trip I got charged $8.96. Anybody managed to get a refund from Citibank?

  • Anyone still missing cachbacks? I got 2 of 3 (the 25th use billed on 26th is missing) don't really want to call and be on the phone for an hour for $5

  • I only used it on week 3 Monday and got charged correctly and got cashback as well.

  • Thought I never got my cashback but just found them listed 4 days after each travel. The tapping record have disappeared from the debit log.

    • Yes. I got my cash back on both my Citibank Credit cards. I used one for the to journey and the other for the from journey each monday.

  • A full refund for the incorrect fare of $8.53 was provided by TransportfNSW on 19/12, yay! after lodging a dispute at

    • So your issue was not with Citibank but with TFNSW.