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Samsung Galaxy S10 512GB Prism White $999 @ JB Hi-Fi


Got a email from JB HiFi today only they've got the Samsung Galaxy S10 512GB in Prism White $999.

I don't think it sounds like a bad price for local stock plus you can redeem the bonus Galaxy Ear Buds.

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JB Hi-Fi

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      Well you get quadruple the storage, more ram, memory card expansion, better camera, free Earbuds, Samsung pay etc. Different things mean differently for different people and I will get neither.

  • Will it work with the telstra offer of $65/Month for 12 Months with the $500 gift card?

    • Pretty sure there is no any active deal as such except one which requires an ABN. Also, $500 can only be used for purchase of iPhone.

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      You can get that deal with a 400 dollar gift card and use that.

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    This or OnePlus 7 pro 12gb?

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      Oneplus is better. I am using the 12GB+256 GB version. Smooth like butter.

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        Having used both, would also say OP7

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        But the camera?

    • Why not OnePlus 7t?

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      If you consider wireless charging is deal breaker, go with Galaxy. Otherwise OP7.

      I've already invested in wireless charging points (most of the side tables has one corner for charger), so it's deal breaker for someone like me.

      • What tables?

  • $959.50 with AGL Rewards Gift Cards. It's a good deal, but I wanted the plus version…
    Seriously thinking about it at this price

    • What discount do you get with AGL Rewards?

      • 5% off JBHiFi gift cards - but they charge you 1% card fee so it comes to $959.50 for $1000 worth of gift cards

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          Get with Suncorp then . Same 5% no additional charges

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    Can i swap the S10e for this phone for the Telstra 65mtm plan deal? Theyre the same price now

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      Two stores asked same question. "Did you get it on the Telstra $65pm plan?". Me: Yes. They: "Once those phones leave the store they cannot be returned."

      Bummer.. dual-sim, bigger battery, 512GB RAM. S10 would suit me better.

      • Mhmmmm because on the other thread, others have upgraded to Pixel XL etc.

        • Which thread?

      • Nah you can return them as long as they are unopenned.. or at least i managed to swap them with a better phone

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        True. Can swap if unopened and U don't get a douche rep at jbhifi. Good luck :-)

        • I got the pixel deal. Tried to swap to s10 (last week) but they didn't have stock (at that time) so they refunded me the $199+$850 (gift card)

          • @tenoclockfindu: FYI: Did not claim the nest like the other dude :)

          • @tenoclockfindu: They refunded you the price of the pixel under the $65/12mo pixel deal?

            • @mikuno: They refunded $1049 which is made up of $199 (upfront cost) and $850 to an gift card. I have also managed to change my plan to $80 mtm so I basically got a $850 gift card for free

        • No store willing to let you swap to s10

    • Thinking the same!

    • Nope
      Can't swap at all..even before you leave store..
      that's what i'm being told over phone..
      Tried 2 different stores

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    Can also price match @ Officeworks to get it for $949.05 :)

    • $949.05 sounds is a bargain?

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      Same if you get the 5% off gift cards for JB through the suncorp app. I think RACQ have the same too. Anyone know of a discount coupon for officeworks?

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        So for the Suncorp app. Is it easy as open up a free savings account or have to have a cc with them?

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          I went into a branch and had to show ID to set it up. Not sure but you might be able to do it online. I didn't have to deposit any money to open an account and still havent but still have the rewards benefits. Worth setting up for sure though. Heaps of discounted gift cards mainly between 4-10% off.

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          Just did it in 3 min. Verified through drivers licence. Easy set up

  • This is dual SIM right? ('Active'?)
    Debating switching to a dual SIM and stop carrying two phones (work and personal)

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      Using S10 for that exact reason now. Works a treat.

      • Cheers!

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      Definitely a dual sim 👍

      • Thanks!

  • This or s11 as rumour to come out around Feb ?

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      Will let you know in February

    • Samsung's release cycle for the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series is pretty consistent. So…yeh, it'll probably be around Feb. But if we go by history, it will likely be an incremental update, rather than a significant redesign. Your choice.

  • Ok. I'm thinking of purchasing for my son for Christmas with the $45 plan. You Have to port a number over but he is currently using his number and don't want him finding out. What's the best way about doing this? Do I just buy a cheap sim card?

    • Yes, but a $2 SIM from another (non-Telstra) carrier and activate it with your name & details. Then port this over for the deal.

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    65 inch smart tv’s are even cheaper than these flagship phones.

  • Suncorp rewards do 5% off digital gift cards up to $1000 a day so brings to $949.05

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    FFS JB, hurry up and do an S10e deal before the buds offer expires :)

    • like $99 on $65/month for 12 months? (possibility of then going down to $45 or $50 plans after)
      It's on now….

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        Truth be told, scrolled right past that deal on seeing it was a Telstra one on a $65 plan, but that does actually look to be worth considering with the plan downgrade factored in.

        EDIT: After skimming the dicussion there, looks like the ability to downgrade is rather hit-and-miss.

        • To downgrade/upgrade the plan, it is quite simple doing it manually without the need of live chat

          • @ThePriceIsNotRight: Could you explain how? I've just tried chatting with a couple of reps to change plans and neither could help with it :(

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      you must have been hiding under a rock for the past week..

  • Went from iPhone SE to 10. love the extra storage but still not as great as ios and podcasts and apps seem cheaper and more varied on iOS. 10 has an amazing screen to watch stuff on the way to work so maybe just getting used to android . Oh and the photos are much better on 10 but seem a little glossed up compared to SE. If iPhones had more memory at cheaper price with headphone jack I wouldd go back to iphone

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      Don't want to be that guy but isn't it reasonable to expect a more expensive 2019 phone to take better photos then a more budget oriented 2015 phone?

      • Actually not that blown away with the photos- I read the photos were great on 10 but they seem somewhat artificial and over saturated compared to SE that seem more genuine. I will have to view them on monitor as I maybe just getting used to screen

        • Artificial and over saturated is Samsung's thing (and has been for many years now), it's not just specific to the s10, however you should be able to adjust either the screen settings and/or the camera app to make them appear less saturated.

    • Might want to see what happens next year, there are rumours a new version of the SE might be on the way.

  • Good deal

    Wonder what phone will be on sale during black Friday?

  • Tried to swap out the s10e telstra deal with this , have not paid/collected the phone yet but staff said the deal must be attached to the s10e.

  • Awesome. Got myself one. Thanks mate!

  • For someone has this phone, does S10 come with preinstalled screen protector?

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      yes, it does. and the condition is still good after 8 months :)

      • Thanks for the answer…

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      Yes, just bought and it came with a screen protector.

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      Yes it does. Just peeled it off for a thicker one 😂😂

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    Got it for $949 at OW. Didn't have one in store but ordered from the warehouse which should be available for pick up in about 3 days. OW have an easier return policy. can return it within 30 days if not opened, which gives time to think over.

    • Did you end up getting your phone in ~3 days?

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        • cheers

        • Hey sorry to bug you again, but which store was that?

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    Just bought! :D

  • Can we swap with S10e deal? Did anyone try?