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AliExpress 11/11 Sale: $4 off $5 US (New Accounts), $3 off $25 US, $8 off $60 US, $10 off $100 US Sitewide @ AliExpress


AliExpress have a prize game where you can win sitewide coupons for the upcoming 11/11 sale. Rather than wasting time on the game you can grab the coupons from this deal instead. They might have usage limits on the day so I recommend finding your products now before the sale starts.

Confirmed working coupons: (with thanks to adr8)

$4 off $5 US cholloschina11 (New Accounts) Expired
$7 off $50 US backitnewall11
$10 off $70 US SINGLESTREAT Expired
$10 off $70 US AESD1111 Expired
$20 off $200 US ILOVEAE20
$7 off $50 US epnsaleall11
$7 off $50 US TTSD7
$7 off $50 US WBG2019

The best coupon is backitnewall11 as that will discount $4 off $5 US orders for both new and old accounts!

All Coupons:

Discount Coupon Account Type
$4 off $5 US backitnewall11 All Accounts
$4 off $5 US backitnew11 New Accounts
$4 off $5 US nahalyavunew11 New Accounts
$3 off $25 US sale1111 All Accounts
$3 off $25 US post1111 All Accounts
$8 off $60 US zozi11 All Accounts
$8 off $60 US BACKIT11 All Accounts
$10 off $100 US ALISALE10 All Accounts

Credit to Chollometro

To be reminded of this deal before it starts, hit the Reminder link below. You'll receive reminders on or before the start date via OzBargain newsletter (if subscribed) & site notification. You can also auto-add this event to your Google Calendar, iPhone etc.

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Referee gets USD $24 in coupons. Referrer gets USD $5 coupon per referral.

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2019.

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  • someone comment on 11.11 so i remember ls

    • +6

      Use the reminder feature.

      • i've learnt something new. cheers! i always thought why people posted deals 2 weeks away….

        • +29

          Yep, if you click 'Reminder', Scotty gives you a call at 7am that day.

          • @jv: That's nice

      • O wow the amount of times I've glossed over that. Thanks!

    • +1

      Had it marked on my google calendar for a week or so.

    • +2

      Please remind me on 11.11 to leave comment here.

      • Let me know if nobody reminds you and you forget - I'll remind you today.

      • Hey jsb, remember to leave a comment here.

        • Thanks Hintswen for reminding me to leave comment here.
          Now, beebs23327 will get a notification for sure

      • Remember to leave a comment…

    • Happy singles day

  • +1

    So it's $4 us off $5 us spend or 4 AUD. Just confirming, might be a dumb question

    • +6

      US dollars. The AU$ exchange rate is going to fluctuate a lot between now and then so I thought it was best to leave them out.

        • +4

          How do you not know that?

          • @Crapple: November is usually a quiet month for currency fluctuations.

            • @jv: How do you know that?

              • @Zelda:

                How do you know that?

                historical data…

        • +4

          This comment is not a bargain.

  • That code is only valid on 11.11?
    Do we enter it at the checkout page as an AliExpress Coupon or Promo code?

    • +1

      AliExpress seems to indicate that they go until the 13th. They're a promo code you enter in the box at checkout.

      • Great Thanks Mate

    • +7

      Can I borrow your time machine?

      • +1

        No need, just borrow his sports almanac. Ooh la la!

  • will this stack with the automatically applied select coupons and aliexpress coupons?

  • can people inspire me to spend $5 on AliExpress, I always struggle to find anything they sell appealing.

    • +5

      They are fantastic for cheap electronic gadgets. I have bought USB C PD adapter's that allow me to charge older laptops with USB-C and also USB 5v to 9v and 12v and 5.5mm barrel converters that allows you to use your Powerbank to power other things which take DC current. Do check with eBay (and very occasionally Amazon) though, they are not always cheapest and the AliExpress support is hit and miss.

      • you cant say that without posting a link

        anything 40w or 60w?

        • +2

          Adapters like these for laptops - they have circuitry to activate the PD protocol and draw the higher wattage required to charge your laptop. I have one for my Acer Switch 3 which I charge with 45W power bank and 60W wall charger. The description says it works with 65w and 87w but I haven't tested that (don't have the device or the charger for it). Do note that they are significantly cheaper at ebay (for example) at the moment. You can also get variants which have the USB-C male cable attached to one end rather than an adapter.

          These are the USB (10W) step up converters - useful for powering some smaller consumer electronics with a USB powerbank instead of a wall plug.

          • @Fiximol: these are a great idea

            any good power banks with PD?

            • @furythree: They pop up on ozbargain every now and then. I have a Cygnett one but Kogan and Xiaomi has a few as well. Not sure about current best pricing

    • Camping and hiking gear is great.

    • Windscreen wipers

      • I duno if this sounds silly, I know they recommend changing every 2 years, but when I met my gf she drove her jazz for 7 years without changing them, and it didn't bother me at all the small amount of streaks. Though I eventually changed them, I think they'll last till the car dies lol

        • Depends on conditions. Eg garaging, minimal rain, minimal usage.

  • Is it a good idea to get engine oil filter here? And radiator cap?

    • +9

      You buy a cheap pair of earbuds from Aliexpress. If they are good - sweet. If they aren't - bin them, you only lost $10-20 and next day you don't even remember them.
      You buy a cheap radiator cap from Aliexpress. If it is good - sweet. If it isn't - it blows up and you're stranded in the middle of the motorway. Call tow truck etc, you're screwed for work/duties that day etc.
      You buy cheap engine oil from Aliexpress. If it is good - sweet. If it isn't - you can end up with a cast engine and thousands in repairs.

      You judge.

  • +3

    recommended to me on the front page.

    XIAOMI Mijia Ice Silk Men Panties Men's Seamless Boxer Breathable slim sexy underwear Transparent Panties for men Summer Cool

    weirdest advertising ever (mp4 direct video link)

    *waves back to crotch

    • They should've made it a broad short instead, so that it can be both an outer layer and an inner layer. It can totally be the pantyhose for dudes if it was silk broad shorts.

  • +4

    Anyone know how many times you can use the backitnewall11 voucher?

    Have a bunch of little things that i could spread out over several orders.

    • +1

      I also want to know this.
      If you can't use the $4 off $5 code multiple times I think the best value is to combine them all into a $30 off $120 US order.

  • +1

    What's a good car phone holder to use with these codes?

  • +1

    This is fantastic. Thank you!

  • +1

    So how does these work? I'm intending to buy some earphones and some phone accessories, can I apply multiple codes as long as I meet the dollar threshold? Like, can I use all of the both the $8 coupons, both the 3 dollar coupons and the 5 dollar coupons if I buy 90 bucks of items?

    • +2

      It'll likely be possible to use each coupon in seperate transactions, but they won't let you use a heap of coupons stacked on the one order.

  • +7

    I've had a couple of items in my cart and have noticed then price jack then advertise the price in 11.11 as the normal price

    • This happens a lot, and the sale price ends up higher than the old price.

  • In the checkout, it's showing me a couple of the upcoming coupons (which can't yet be used of course) and I don't get it…

    Save US $8.00 off every US $150.00 spent
    Save US $6.00 off every US $65.00 spent

    Isn't the $8 off $150 pointless as if I spend $150 and use the other, I get $12 off as it's every $65 spent? Am I misunderstanding something?

    • Yeah check the title again ;)

      • The amounts are different and I know it doesn't start till the 11th. Just not sure why it's giving / showing me those two when the 8/150 one seems totally pointless given the 6/65 will save more if it is on every 65 spent as it states. Spend 130 and save 12, spend 150 and save 8.

        • AlIExpress are assuming that not everyone are going to know of these coupons. Or perhaps they'll be less limited.

    • what is the code for $6 of $65?

  • What are peoples experiences with Delivery?

    I ordered some Xiaomi night lights two weeks ago, and based on the website tracking it hasnt even left China yet

    • Quite hit and miss. Sometimes can take 3 months. Difficult to make enquiries of the seller. Terrible website.
      I cancelled an order where the seller gave me that option because they ran our of stock and then my order was reinstated and I had to go through the rigmarole again to cancel. Also an order was not delivered, seller said it was and the Buyer Protection period seemed to magically disappear. Then there was no way to even provide feedback. Would never purchase anything expensive.

    • +1

      Order then forget for at least 1-2 months.

      They come via slow boats.

      Unless your seller does DHL express and for cheap items unlikely.

      When it eventually arrives, usually you would think when did I order this!? What was that!? Omg took so long wth

    • Tracking info might not always be right. I've had things say they haven't left china for 3-4 weeks then suddenly arrive at my door even though the tracking information still says it hasn't left china. lately everything I've ordered has been arriving in 2-3 weeks (closer to 2) but it's usually about a month unless you pay for a faster postage option.

    • +3

      Use ePacket when possible. Usually delivered under 3 weeks. OF course you have to pay extra, usually $3-$6 for small items. Not all sellers offer this in their shipping options but you can always request for it.

  • Does it include shipping? Or am I paying for shipping separately?

    • +5

      AliExpress is a marketplace so that'll depend on the individual seller and product.

      • Oh I meant like does the coupon take the discount off of the shipping too.. since eBay usually makes you pay all your shipping/taxes separately after your coupon gets applied. But ty tho

        • +1

          Not usually.

  • +1

    Do discount coupons affect shopback cashback eligibility? I used a small coupon on a $250 purchase last time when shopback had 15% cashback, and it wasn't tracked. They said they'd look into it but still nothing…

    • +4

      Potentially. It's up to AliExpress to decide if they'll pay affiliate partners commission when a coupon is used. That's why cashback companies have the disclaimer that it may not pay out when unlisted coupons are used.

    • +1

      Usually they do, it's something that is mentioned on their website.

      "Use only promo codes from ShopBack".

  • +1

    Any coupon more than $100 purchase. Need a phone

  • Can someone please explain how GST and other taxes work with aliexpress? I have noticed that small purchases will incur GST immidiately in price total, but some bigger ones do not seem to have it?

    • When you go and pay they add the gst onto the price and you just pay as normal

  • Any sellers selling genuine xiaomi power bank?

  • -2

    Are backitnewall11 and backitnewall11 two different codes?

  • backitnewall11 code does not seem to work, is anyone else having same issue?

    • I checked aswell and is not working

    • +1

      at the top of my checkout screen it says 11.11 starts in 12 hours 10 minutes (so around 7 pm NSW time)…maybe coupons don't work till then ? I dont know Just guessing :)

    • +1

      As per the deal title and the expiry section… Later today or 7pm to be exact.

      • 6pm for QLDers

  • +1

    Knowing how this worked last year, the coupons will only work if they are attached to your account.

    Everyone should be able to see the money hop coupons in their account by now. I've already checked and was in for a surprise.

    • Only have 1 of the coupons listed in my account :(

    • Ive hit the jackpot


      you've won US $0.90 in aliexpress coupons

      That's all I got for singles day! lol

  • its not working, what time does it start in australia?

    • +1

      7PM AEDT

  • +1

    Guys read the title before commenting 😉

    But don't be surprised if they don't work after 7pm due to limits or straight up being pulled.

    • +1

      Guys read the title before commenting

      That sounds like too much effort for the current year…

      • You're not wrong. Too much effort!

  • +17

    "Your order has not met the minimum spending requirement for this promo code."
    Despite a 20USD cart…

    • Same here. Maybe it suppose to be $50 instead of $5?

      • Well that's just absolutely disappointing haha

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