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AliExpress 11/11 Sale: $4 off $5 US (New Accounts), $3 off $25 US, $8 off $60 US, $10 off $100 US Sitewide @ AliExpress


AliExpress have a prize game where you can win sitewide coupons for the upcoming 11/11 sale. Rather than wasting time on the game you can grab the coupons from this deal instead. They might have usage limits on the day so I recommend finding your products now before the sale starts.

Confirmed working coupons: (with thanks to adr8)

$4 off $5 US cholloschina11 (New Accounts) Expired
$7 off $50 US backitnewall11
$10 off $70 US SINGLESTREAT Expired
$10 off $70 US AESD1111 Expired
$20 off $200 US ILOVEAE20
$7 off $50 US epnsaleall11
$7 off $50 US TTSD7
$7 off $50 US WBG2019

The best coupon is backitnewall11 as that will discount $4 off $5 US orders for both new and old accounts!

All Coupons:

Discount Coupon Account Type
$4 off $5 US backitnewall11 All Accounts
$4 off $5 US backitnew11 New Accounts
$4 off $5 US nahalyavunew11 New Accounts
$3 off $25 US sale1111 All Accounts
$3 off $25 US post1111 All Accounts
$8 off $60 US zozi11 All Accounts
$8 off $60 US BACKIT11 All Accounts
$10 off $100 US ALISALE10 All Accounts

Credit to Chollometro

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Referee gets USD $24 in coupons. Referrer gets USD $5 coupon per referral.

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2019.

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    • Same thing for the $4USD off $5USD code.
      I got $5.82USD worth of items and it says it does not meet the minimum.

    • Yep same here.

    • Same thing here

  • +1

    backitnewall11 doesn't work here. Non-new account and in cart:

    US $39.75
    US $10.82

    error message is Your order has not met the minimum spending requirement for this promo code.

    • I got backitnewall11 to work on one product.

    • Hey scrim I updated the deal with some working codes. That's cool with you? :)

      • As long as they are accurate and you have tested them. We've removed the frontpage highlight for now as there seems to be a lot of inaccuracy with the previous revision.

        • Yeah good idea removing the highlight. I went through adr8's deal and the ones posted in the OP are the ones I could get working.

          I'll leave the rest to you guys. Edit as you see fit :)

    • Should the deal title be changed? Obviously not too many 373 + votes were for $7 off $50.

  • getting a lot of this

    "Your order has not met the minimum spending requirement for this promo code."

    tried about 10 coupons from the two ozb links. have $20 in the basket.

    • Requires 100

  • Says minimum spend not met for order for the backitnewall11 code, but there was $9 in cart…

    • Try with 100…

  • Yep backitnewall11 code is not working

  • Code "backitnewall11" Your order has not met the minimum spending requirement for this promo code ????

  • Well, that was a let down.

  • +1

    Well this is underwhelming….

  • Any Codes that work ???

  • Does not work, despite one item in basket over 10usd. I dislike aliexpress and the "games" they play

  • Nothing works…

    Also, crappy $2 codes automatically apply to my order in checkout. I want to get rid of them because shopback might reject the 15% cashback because I 'used' a coupon code which is dodgy as hell.

  • +1

    "backitnewall11" shows $7 off $50

    • Thanks. I've tested and it's working.

    • Try "cholloschina11" for $4 off $5!!

      New accounts only

      • -4

        "This promo code is only applicable for users who have never placed an order on AliExpress."

    • But the question is, if you use that code, will the 15% cashback no longer apply?

  • Getting "Your order has not met the minimum spending requirement for this promo code." despite having $69 worth of goods in my cart.

  • None of the $60 Or $100 min spend codes work on my >$100 USD order.

  • cholloschina11 seems to be working with new accounts ($4 off $5 usd spend)

  • Not working. AEST 7pm I think either code was wrong or ozbargained

    DAILY1111 doesn't work neither

  • Have a feeling you needed to find the codes to use them.

  • +2

    I've updated the deal with 3 working coupons. Seems they pulled a lot of coupons.

    • Thanks. I had to make do with $10 USD off instead of the expected $30 USD off a Xioami Note 8.

  • +2

    some of the items in my cart increased in price when the clock strikes 7pm and none of the codes are even working. Well played aliexpress …

  • Most of the larger codes don't work. Most items increase in price when they hit the cart (before GST is added). Typical of AliExpreess.

  • +1

    Yeah disappointing minimum spend gone up

  • hilarious -ali express is not a good platform - and that's an understatement.

  • +4

    Just like being single, this was a disappointment.

  • Typical BS coupons from AliExpress. Most of the time its just a giant scam.

  • +1

    Going to a different site, too upset to use aliexpresss now

  • backitnewall11 didnt work for me

    is the site falling apart? Everything on my wishlist is unclickable…..

    • The mobile app is working fine. It actually works out to be cheaper on the app anyway.

      • buh buh cashback

        • Oh the SB app is fine to use.

  • +2

    We all should not have rated this deal positive before the deal has begun.

    • I've already posted 6 working coupons while the original deal listed 8. So it's not all bad.

      • Not your fault buddy but most of us looking to buy something small. It would have been great if $5 US deal would have worked for us.

        • Yeah I know. It's really frustrating, but is it really all that surprising when you think about it? :P

    • Yep, big mistake

    • -2

      Next time…. Don't vote like eBay

  • +2

    Alright that's 9 coupons in the OP tested and working. I haven't been able to get anymore to work unfortunately.

    • +1

      Thanks for that.

  • +11

    Not OPs fault at all but f me what a waste of time and effort, Aliexpress can get stuffed

    • +5

      Yup they can get stuffed with long delay shipping and invalid coupons

  • I got backitnewall11 working for $7USD off the Redmi Note 8. Didn't buy though.

  • These codes $7 off $50 US epnsaleall11
    $7 off $50 US TTSD7
    $7 off $50 US WBG2019
    works for this bt still too dear

    • Do this stack with the 15% cashback?

      • I guess so …

      • Yes they're listed

  • +2

    cholloschina11, backitnew11, nahalyavunew11 all tested on a newly created account (created less than 30 minutes ago) with US$5.34 in cart:

    This promo code is a limited offer and is no longer available.

    • +1


    • Thanks updated.

  • +1

    SINGLESTREAT worked for me on a 150 USD order. There was a lot of consternation on clicking "buy" given the @%$ coupons keep on coming and going.. I was paranoid there would be something better than a 10 USD discount on offer given that most of the advertised coupons in that price range were more like 20-30USD.

    If the item wasn't something obscure that was ONLY listed on AliExpress I would have taken the order elsewhere.

  • Oh, piss off.
    Cart has increased from $45 to $70.

  • ALISALE10 is expired

  • I'd downvote if I could be arsed. This truly sucked — the "game" part is finished now too. Click rules for the smallest possible text.

  • I saved 2 items in my cart totalling $5.30 before the sale started. Right after the sale started, went to check out and my total had increased to $7.12 - wtf.

    • That actually happens every AliExpress sale. Sellers are notorious for price jacking unfortunately.

      • They had the “sale price“ when 11.11 starts, I didn't think it would be the case. Lucky I looked at the total before pressing pay.

        Finding that Aliexpress sellers now has taken the ranged pricing approach for a lot of items, super annoying as that was why I favoured them over ebay.

        • Some of the items I was after had their 11.11 price come and go. I probably should have shared in the forums that shows price history. It's the best way to see if the seller truly is being dodgy.

  • Has anyone managed better than USD $10 off $100?

  • I have never used Ali Express before. It gives you $3 off $5 (not including shipping) by default.

    *After I thought I checked out, my order page shows 'awaiting payment' yellow buttons. Do I need to do something here?

    ** Now clicked on the pay now button, re entered card details… and I get an image of a coffee cup with an orange dot coming out of it?? WTF

    • Just leave it as-is. Check whether your bank has cleared the funds, if so, be patient it will turn to shipment/delivery phase. It took me around 10 minutes.

      • ok, cheers. 2 of the 4 items have changed. Do they process as seperate transactions? Citibank may block them for being so close together.

        • I had the same issue ordering last night at 11 but they've cleared now.

    • They're making you a coffee while you wait tunza. Just hang in there, and someone will knock on the door with it in a few minutes.

      • Haha, I'll keep the light on then! I chose to pay for the 10- 20 days shipping options (EMS), Let's see how they go.