Affordable Way to Have Hot Spring Experience near Melbourne?

Looking for a quick weekend trip with the GF. Seems to be a bit of collusion happening between Hepburn Bath House and Peninsula Hot Springs, weekend entry being $110 for two people. And that's before locker hire. And there are no groupons, scoopons or anything going on.

While not nearly as nice, I've been a long-time member of south pacific health club St Kilda and the spa there isn't very hot, but it's twenty minute walk away and my girlfriend is a member and gets unlimited access, it would cost me $13 to get in, and hey, free lockers as well.

Is there nowhere else?


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    Geez, are you really budgeting locker hire?!

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    Run a hot bath…

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    Are you seriously trying to compare the experience of a spa in a health club with that of outdoor hot spring with 360 degree views?

  • Not really. It's considered a luxury experience, and there's no shortage of immigrants and old people with cash to burn, so the price stays high.

    I seem to remember there being a natural heated pool somewhere between here and NSW in a National Park, but I can't find it anymore. Regardless, natural hot springs aren't really a thing as most people think. To have that perfect temperature to relax in, you have a pretty narrow gap, 38-41c. That necessitates regulation, which for an outdoor pool, means a lot of heat loss, which in turn means expensive to run.

  • Just head down the peninsula- its really nice and worth the admission.

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    quick tip, take your misses where she wants to go, it will be cheaper in the long run.

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    Run a hot bath and heat up a few rocks in the microwave. Chuck those rocks and a bath bomb in the filled bath tub and bobs ya uncle.

  • Bathtub at home. Buy some Epsom salt at Coles, open the window for some natural sunlight and air, a bottle of your favourite Pinot Noir and you're set.

    If no bath tub then I think Peninsula hot springs is worth it and whatever else you try around Melb is never going to be as good as Peninsula.

  • Be bold. Take her to Sunnyside North Beach. Free and liberating.

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