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10.5 Litre Bucket $1 (Was $3), Mop Bucket $2 (Was $5) @ Target


Good Price. Enjoy :)

$1 10.5 Litre Bucket

Make cleaning easier with our 10.5 litre bucket, whether it is cleaning floors, the house, toys or the car!
Includes: 1 bucket with handle.
Dimensions: 27cm (h) x 28cm (diameter) approx.

$2 Mop Bucket

Make cleaning less of a chore with this functional 13.5L mop bucket! Designed with pull up easy carry handle, you'll be able to move the soapy water with you as you mop the floors.
Capacity: 13.5L
Pull up easy carry handle for movability
Curved edge for compact storage
Lip to reduce spills when emptying

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • +27

    10.5 Litre Bucket $1

    If this was a KFC deal, I'd upvote…

    • I like that there's a familiar user that makes funny, antagonistic, honest and sometimes helpful comments. Thanks JV

  • +4

    Certainly on my list of must buy before I die.

    • +2

      To kick the bucket? No pun intended

      • +1

        I think he mean “bucket list”?

        • Yep. That's what he meant. :)

  • +4

    Need a 25cm ish diameter plug to block an open a/c duct… Perfect.

    • +2

      An excellent tradie timesaver tip. Vibration and deterioration - someone else’s problem.

  • Are these any more sturdy than the Bunnings buckets?
    The spout on the Bunnings one seems better anyway.

  • +4

    Time to mop up the savings?

    I'll see myself out lol

  • +1

    Any better colours?

  • +1

    So many bucket deals today. Gardeners and cleaners rejoice

  • Don't forget 5% cashback with Shopback!!

  • whether it is cleaning floors, the house, toys or the car!

    Also comes in handy after an extremely heavy night on the piss.

  • +4

    I got sick of buying cheap buckets that crack or kill the hand. https://www.bigw.com.au/product/willow-classique-12l-plastic...

    • +4

      I'm with you. I think I'd rather pay the extra for a bucket that doesn't break at the little plastic handle pivots. It's an awesome deal but bad environmentally.

      • +2

        Plus the Willow ones are Australian made 🇦🇺

    • Kmart sell a similar-quality one that's 16L…best 5 bucks I've spent in a while. Million times better than the SCA one from that deal a few weeks back with the microfiber mitt.


      • Hmm no pouring spout could be an issue especially if full. Does it have a finger notch in the base?

        • Nope no notch or spout…I use it more as a soaking bucket though.

    • yeah the Supercheap once last about three uses

  • +3

    Cheap buckets what a great time to be alive

    • +2

      … and, a historical milestone where a major department store sells nothing made in its country.

      • They could be designed in Australia…

        • +3

          I like your sarcasm.

  • Is this nationwide? Anyone know when (date) this ends?

  • +1

    This would do nicely for the next Slurpee event

  • +5

    We put our paint tins in buckets and hang them from the ladder. It helps for spills and you can use the bucket for cleaning the brushes afterwards. Just put in some newspaper to sop us the cleaning water rather than throw it down the drain. Also test the handle connection is strong enough.

  • +1

    will be helpful for those that own an aquarium …

  • Just got 3 buckets. The checkout guy scanned only 1 so got 3 x $1. Only noticed when I got home …

  • +1
  • Just in time for 7-11 slurpee day

  • I don't care what anybody says. This is a fine priced bucket…

  • Just got some. No raincheack. $1 ones are better than similar everydays price ones in Bunnings or Kmart.

  • Do i really need to do a stock check for these 2 items? :p

  • That handle is weak for 10l

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