Click Frenzy Go Wild 2019: Tuesday Nov 12 2019

Click Frenzy Go Wild 2019 officially begins 7pm (AEDT) Tuesday, November 12 2019.



As always expect deals to be posted earlier than 7pm.

Follow all the deals, discussion and view participating stores via the OzBargain Click Frenzy 2019 Sales & Promotions page. The Click Frenzy sales page can also be accessed from the 'Pages' menu at the top of the website for easy access.

Please add 'Click Frenzy' tag to your deal post and remember to click subscribe on your favourite stores to get an email and/or web notification if any deal is posted for them.


Frenzy Bucks:

Promo text:

Members who spend $200+ during Click Frenzy can score themselves a $50 Click Frenzy Visa card on us!

If you are one of the first 400 Click Frenzy members to spend $200 or more on any combination of the Click Frenzy deals on offer we'll reward you with a $50 Click Frenzy Visa Card.

More Information

Go Wild 99% off Deals:

The 'Go Wild' 99% off deals are back again this year. You can see comments on the 2018 Go Wild event or the 2019 Mayhem event. They aren't for everyone, quite a few OzBargainer's got free products, but a quite a few also missed out and it can be time consuming! If you are interested in participating ensure you subscribe on the Click Frenzy website now. It's also a good idea to Login/Update your account, or signup if you don't already have one.

They are doing the question/answer format again, however it will be a pop-up instead of a notification bell.

FAQ/More Details

Every time a Go Wild deal goes live a pop-up will appear on your screen. It will appear on whatever screen you are on on This pop-up will include a question that you will need to answer within 30 minutes.


Answers will be ranked by accuracy first, speed second.

Some revealed 'Go Wild' deals:


Go Wild Details/Updates:


8-9pm AEDT - $1 $100 TravelOnline Vouchers
9-10pm AEDT - $1 Sodastream Kits
10-11pm AEDT - $2 Amazon Kindles
11-12am AEDT - $12 Apple iPhone 11

6am-7am AEDT - $3 GHD Mini Stylers
7am-8am AEDT - $4 Nespresso Touch Coffee Machines
8am-9am AEDT - $6 Nikon DSLR Cameras
9am-10am AEDT - $4 PlayStation 4 Console
10am-11am AEDT - $1 UE Boom
11am-12pm AEDT - $5 LEGO Roller Coaster Set
12pm-1pm AEDT - $1 $100 Catch Voucher
1pm-2pm AEDT - $1 Eye Shadow & Glow Kit
2pm-3pm AEDT - $3 Apple Airpods
3pm-4pm AEDT - $3 Google Nest Hub
4pm-5pm AEDT - $1 $100 Shopback Credit Voucher
5pm-6pm AEDT - $8 Microsoft Surface Go Tablet
6pm-630pm AEDT - $1 Drunk Elephant Midi Committee Kit
7pm-8pm AEDT - $7 Razor E Electric Scooter
8pm-9pm AEDT - $1 My Deal Chiropractic Mattress
9pm-10pm AEDT - $17 Macbook Air 13" Laptop
10pm-11pm AEDT - $6 KitchenAid (Refurb)
11pm-12am AEDT - $23 Samsung 65" 4K UHD TV

All finished! See you next year.

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    • Congrats!

  • +7

    Got success email for $100 Shopback Credit.

  • +7

    Got a success email for the Surface Go! I was actually super late, people got the Surface Go popup way before me but I only used the popup I received on my account.
    Seems playing fair has its benefits after all! My answer was the same as Chrispy

    • Congrats mate! Sounds similar to what happened to me

    • +1

      Did you do $86,000 because I did that one really quickly and haven't got the email. Weird.

      • Yeah I did do it quickly once I received the popup haha
        You still have chance for the Macbook and TV which are worth 2 X and 4 X as much as this respectively!

    • My popup that came late for me just went straight to saying it was closed.

  • +3

    My partner got the Microsoft surface go! He did $86,000

  • +4

    Still not a single email - I entered every round like a schmuck too

    • That's odd. I've received a bunch of rejection emails. A number of people above already have winning emails. So I assume they send the winner emails out in a bunch first. I guess you've checked spam etc… and the promotion tab (if you're using gmail).

      • I disabled all of the Gmail category bs when it was first introduced, I have a single inbox where everything lands and between it and spam there's literally nothing. There were plenty of pre-event emails that I got telling me it was starting, and absolutely nothing since Tuesday, 6:52PM when they sent out an email with the subject "Click Frenzy starts NOW!"

    • +3

      Yep nothing for me too! I've checked spam and promotion tab. Very weird… Maybe they're just keeping me in suspense but really they're giving me a cheap TV or something…

    • I too have not had any emails. Gmail, checked all the tabs.

      • My partner got emails on gmail. I signed up via Facebook and using my hotmail address and nothing

  • Lego rejection just came through.

  • Go Wild Result - Catch Gift Voucher

    Thanks for submitting your answer for this 'Go Wild' deal.

    Unfortunately you've not been successful on this occasion.

    Thanks for taking part in this year's Go Wild promotion. We hope you scored some great bargains during the Click Frenzy event!

  • +4

    Still no emails at all on my end, never even received the deal emails either. This whole event has been pretty stupid

    • +3

      Same here, zilch contact from them!

  • Darn. I was not successful for the "Eye Shadow and Glow Kit". I mean, it's not like I wanted it, but it's better than nothing and would have made a good Christmas present!

    • Didn't get the Surface Go

  • This is weird. I just realised the only rejection email I got was because I put in a second guess for something, and it was to a slightly different Gmail. None of the guesses I put in through my actual email have had any response. Odd. I hope I havent missed anything.

    • weird indeed, did you have two accounts created for each e-mail?

      I had only one account created with my gmail, but I hope the auto fill on the form didnt enter the outlook address! :(

      • Nope one account

  • Unsuccessful on the Airpods finally came through

  • +4

    Successful on the KitchenAid deal, forgot what the question it was and what answer I put ahaha

    • +1


    • Number of products in Go Wild - Did you answer 22?

      • Yes that's it

        • +1

          Cool - congrats! I hoped this is the one I would get, didn't get an email… looks like I missed out!

          • @rake: Unsuccessful emails were sent to my inbox, whereas this one was sent to my junk

  • Only upto google nest with the rejects, seems like they are upto kitchenaid (second last) with the winners, so I think I'm unlikely to get anything.

    • Macbook Air isn't on the shop yet though so it may not be that simple.

  • +4

    My partner and I have not received a single email for being successful or unsuccessful yet, we went in roughly 18 out of the 22 go wild deals. Would be nice to know if we have won or lost anything. Before anyone asks, yes have checked spam and promo folders to no avail.

    • +1

      same here, no communication at all

    • Yeah I agreed.. My account (which won something last May), suddenly did not get any email/comms from CF (not even the advertisement etc prior the event). Entered some CF Go Wild stuff and still no email at all. I never click unsubscribe either. Probably blacklisted once I won something? :/

      • I get a feeling that might be the case too. I won something in Nov last year, wonder if winners from previous years won anything this year.

        I did however receive couple of "you did not win" emails, but not for all that I entered this time

      • I had won a couple of years ago and this time as well. Same e-mail address.

  • This is the first time I have participated in Click Frenzy and apart from the welcome email, I received no other emails. I only completed surveys for 4 deals though… regardless it all feels like a big waste of time and effort.
    Congrats to those who were successful though :)

    • They were doing things slightly different this year (with pop ups), and I think that as well as the fact that it all got data mined really messed with them.

      • +1

        The popups were just a way to get users to 'disable' ad blockers. They wanted more people to disable adblockers, then get people to click (while users are lurking around the website waiting for popups) on various merchant sites from click frenzy website so they can earn from Affiliate Marketing

        • +1

          Thanks. your comment just reminded me to tun on the popup blocker.

        • Good call. A number of people here complained that they didn't receive a pop-up for certain items that were brought forward (me being one of them).

  • Hey guys, if you win something you can’t win one of the other items right?

    • correct

  • Does anyone know if all the emails are out for all the prizes?

    • I don't think so, I just got an unsuccessful for the mattress so I imagine they're still going through them.

      • Thanks mate

  • +1

    Surely something is wrong.. no emails yet whatsoever, checked promotions and spam as well

    • +1

      I had an issue with my Yahoo mails. All emails from morning got delivered now.

      • thanks for the info, did you have to do anything to fix it?

        • I logged off and signed in again

  • any emails for macbook or tv yet?

  • I haven't had a single rejection email since the Surface Go rejection email at 3:10pm.. i didn't participate in any more though until the Mac Air at 9pm but then i did participate in the Shopback and Google Nest Hub prizes earlier but never got rejection emails for those, there system certainly seems flakey! However they are still able to send me the "Last Chance Frenzy Deals" just after 5pm…those emails will never fail to find you!

    • Their email this morning said this. Wonder what the end of today means? 23.59.59?

      "Thanks to everyone who took part in our Go Wild promotion this year and congratulations to all those who scored an incredible 99% off bargain! By the end of today, all of those who have been successful will have received instructions to complete their purchase, so keep an eye on your emails!"

      • hopefully right up until midnight yes! The only two correct answers i know i got were for the Mac Air and the Kitchen Aid and i think someone on here has already received a congratulations email for the kitchen aid so perhaps they have finished sending them out but their system couldn't cope with sending out every failed email.

  • Email saying unsuccessful on mattress received @ 6:08pm.

  • +10

    Just found out I was successful for the TV, it was in my junk folder… sent at 1.21pm.

    • +1

      Do you remember your answer?

    • Congrats!

  • Unsuccessful for Macbook

    • me too

      • Just got unsuccessful email for tv

        • yep just got that one as well 20 minutes ago.

      • metoo

  • +1

    Still nothing for my main email odd

  • +3

    My partner didnt receive a single email throughout the whole thing, not even the unsuccessfuls. But today at 11.30 he got an email saying he won the mattress. So I guess even if you don't get the unsuccessful emails you will still get an email if you won something.

  • +2

    Haven't received any unsuccessful emails regarding the Kitchenaid, MacBook or TV…..

    • Same as well, I even contacted them by email and FB about it and they just said "check your junk emails". When I said it isnt in my junk or promo folders I have had no reply since

      • Update: Received a reply from CS email stating that I unsubscribed myself from the Click Frenzy emails mailing list (I normally dont unsubscribe promotion emails so I don't know how this happened) and therefore didnt receive any successful or unsuccessful emails due to this. But she said she did re-subscribe me today. They said they contacted all the winners already so it's assumed my entries are all unsuccessful

  • +3

    Received $100 travel voucher. EXPIRES 26 November 2019!!! What a joke!!!

  • +1

    Haha, I just got an email today stating I won a $50 Frenzy Bucks gift card - it was a comp you entered once you spent a certain amount of $ and I entered it hours after my purchase (the next day) but before the event finished… check your emails if you entered it too!

    • I literally bought something over the price threshold within the first minute and emailed them within 5 minutes and got jack :(

  • +2

    So I scored a $100 travel online voucher, expiry 26th Nov (tomorrow), but have just gone to use it and it's telling me it's already expired!
    Let's see if click frenzy reply to my email/FB message :(

    • Where did you put the code in on the travelonline website? I'm up to the point of paying and I can't see where to use a gift voucher. I have tried on phone and iPad, mobile and desktop sites and can't figure it out.

      Good luck with Click Frenzy messaging you back too. I tried to get on to them for about a month last year before they finally replied to a Facebook message.

      • +1

        Nevermind, It has to be one of the limited selection of hotels available on the standard website, not

        I suspect the $1 I spent on this voucher is going to be wasted.

        • I went to the standard travel online website, I have 3 hotels in Perth to choose from, happen to have a wedding to go to early next year so thought I may as well use it for that and stay overnight.
          Still no reply from them though and the voucher is still not working :(

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