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JBL Reflect Flow (True Wireless Earphones) $137.40 (Was $229) + Shipping / Pickup @ JB Hi-Fi


Sizeable discount for a name brand true wireless earphones

I priced matched these at Bing Lee, they were very hesitant for me to do this. Worth a shot though if there aren't any JB's near you.

First day of use has been positive so far so thought I should share this for others who may be interested.

Key Features

Truly Wireless
Discover the freedom of a wireless lifestyle while on the go. Work out, listen to music, and manage your calls without the fear of tangled wires interrupting your groove.

Hands-free stereo calls with easy access to your voice assistant
Manage music and calls with ease or get info from your voice assistant at the touch of a button.

Ambient Aware and TalkThru
Equipped with Ambient Aware for additional awareness in outdoor environments and TalkThru for easy conversation without taking out the earphones.

The IPX7 Waterproof rating enables you to get through the toughest workout in any weather.

30 Hours Battery Life + Speed Charge
Powers a week’s worth of workouts or a full day of fun with 10 hours in the earbuds plus an additional 20 in the charging case. A 10 min rapid charge gets you back in the game for another full hour.

JBL Signature Sound
The 5.8mm driver featuring JBL Signature Sound provides a powerful punch to all your playlists.

Ergonomic Fit
Better comfort and customization with ergonomic silicone tips and patented Freebit™ enhancers, available in 3 sizes.

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  • great find. thanks.

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    I got a set of these yesterday from JB hifi. Took a bit to get used to them. Had one disconnection and a couple drop outs in the first 2 hours of use. Apart from that i'm very happy with the sound quality and fit. For me these have very little chance to fall out. Good for the money in my opinion.

  • I got this from last week’s jbl 40% off sale. I found it bit hard to put in perpetuity and I’m using the medium tips. The sound did not sound as full as wired ones with the bass etc. being my first pair of wireless earbuds, is it just normal that the sound is not good as wired earphones? Mine was Bose true sport wired or something rather.

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      It is unhygienic to leave these in your ears in perpetuity, and besides their batteries only last a maximum of 10 hours so you'll need to take them off your ears to recharge them.

      • I only use earphones if they will stay in my ears indefinitely. Pass.

  • +1

    I found that silicon wing tips and ear tips hurt my small ears after a short period of wearing it. I have tried many different combinations and still the same result.

    In the end I fork out some money for the Comply Memory Foam ear tips for wireless buds, they are a bit hard to put on at first but they are much more comfortable (having use them in the past) and have better noise isolation and make these sound very good. And I removed the wing tips as well, surprisingly the things still stay in my ears just fine.

    Very good connectivity and sounding earbuds for the price (definitely a bit heavy on the BASS but it is their intention), though I would love to have an app where you can tell how much battery is left.

    • I have the same problem, the silicon wing tips (which they call the Freebit enhancer) do hurt my ears after a while.

      Which model of the Comply Memory Foam do you recommend, and would fit the JBL reflect flow? And how do you replace the silicon wing tips? When I remove the wing tips, the little thing that holds the wing tip scratches my ear.

      Otherwise, loving the earphones (esp. at this price!)

      • +1

        I don't think we can replace the wing tips unfortunately.

        I bought the Truly Wireless Comply Foam tips at JB and it fits, but it is quite hard to put on. The normal foam tip is too long and may cause issue with the charging case fit.

        Those tips are quite pricey and unfortunately you can't try them on.

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    Can anyone comment on the mic quality for calls? Also any chance they are type-c and multipoint compatible (ability to pair with more than 1 device).

    • When calling my partner, they've said that it's fine. Not as good as talking directly into the phone/mic but it's adequate.

  • they are micro usb port on the case and it's a bit annoying you have to press the buds instead of gently tapping them. Other than that, it's pretty good at this price. Much better sound quality than Airpods.

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    Anyone know if there is any sound delay with these when watching vids?

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      I haven't experienced like that yet.

      I doubt that will happen. JBL tend to be pretty good in that regard. (I've had a pair of cheap JBL wireless headphones before).

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    Any comparison between this one and Jabra Elite 65T.

    Primary use would be talking on the phone.

    • I had a colleague call me using thier Elite 65T. The mic quality from what I could hear was not that great. Don't use these for making calls, as it's only a secondary (more like tertiary) purpose. Use an actual headset with a pop out mic if you want to use something for making calls.

      • yes, but I want some kind of earbuds to walk and talk or when I am travelling from and to work taking with friends and family.
        If anyone has a suggestion for using earbuds primary to talk on the phone - I'll appreciate it.

  • Does anyone know whether the good guys have this one in stock? I get some gift cards but never have had a choose to use them.Thanks.

    • I tried price matching with them and they do not.

      • Really? I think they actually belong to the same company.

        • Yep, they only had the reflect mini or something like that

  • Can you equalize then in the app or something like jaybirds? I tend to avoid those with a lot of bass since it's always a norm for these to be worse in the mid-high end.

  • Love these, bought a pair yesterday - upgraded from a JBL T450BT and whilst you don't get the same level of bass quality as before the quality is good and microphone actually better.

  • problem with these is that they stick out too much from your ears

    • As with most wireless earbuds nowadays…

  • +1

    Just picked mine up and pretty impressed with the audio quality. Thanks OP.

  • Can you wear these swimming? I like to get in my podcasts while doing laps, and listen to funk while lazing in the spa afterwards

    • +1


  • Has anyone use this earbuds while sleeping, are they comfortable and cancels disturbing noise?
    It has been advertised more as a sports ear buds, still checking.


  • Bought one thanks OP

    I tried to price match it at Bing Lee Haymarket since its the closest store to me but they refused since it was lower than their cost price.

  • Thanks OP, bought one. Great price. These will go quick. Cheers!

  • +3

    Damn you ozbargain. Didn’t know I needed or wanted these till reading this post. Purchased.

  • Same price at Harvey Norman, stock is available.

    • Do you have a link for Harvey Norman please, I couldn't find them.

      • +1

        You don't need a link

        I went to Harvey Norman wanting them to do a price match.

        A lady found out the price in the system is exactly the same as JBHiFi, they just forgot update it on the catalog.

        I bought it from Castle Hills, marked full price, but 137.4 in system. One more unit left on the shelf, I am sure they have more stock.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. these headphones are amazing. Very happy.

  • JB Site currently says 'Awaiting Stock' but I was able to order a pair with express delivery for $4.99 with delivery on or before the 26th of November.

  • Just bought the last two from parramatta westfields.

  • I bit the bullet. it has noticeable difference in sound quality from my qc35 but I can recommend. The fit is snug, the talkthru is nice and easy, battery is very good - reached ~9hr in 5 sessions so far. I just wish I could reduce the bass a bit but it's not so bad.

  • just noticed something cool about these. You can monitor the battery % of the earphones from within the iphone battery widget. pretty cool i didnt realise you could do that with non apple earphones!

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