Best Tablet for Kids? (Good Screen but No Need for Mobile Network, Fingerprint, etc)

I'm looking for a cheap tablet to use in the car for road trips with my 4 year old.

Just something that has a decent screen and good enough sound and can store and play movies, etc. Don't need a mobile connection, fingerprint scanner, or other frills.

Doesn't have to be a huge screen, but big enough to see from around 50cm away (from the back seat, with tablet strapped to the back of the front seat).

Gearbest etc, or Chinese/os imports are fine.

Bluetooth would be good but not essential.

It would be good if it was compatible with a child-friendly case.

Price range: $50 - $200 ($100 ish would be great).

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


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    We wanted to save a few dollars so we went with the androids. Big mistake. We switched over to iPads after five different brands turned out to be crap.

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      Interesting. I've had a few Android tablets, for myself and family members, including kids - each lasted years and most were replaced before they stopped working. Nothing fancy - most were mid-range Acer or Samsung.

      The exception is my 8" Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, which is high-end and is still going strong. Got it about 3 years ago through a deal on here for $249 and absolutely love it - great screen, super thin and waterproof to boot. Wouldn't swap it for an iPad if somebody paid me.


    For your requirements / price range, I'd recommend going second hand. Just look for something that has a 16:9 1080p screen (aka FHD), which is essential to get the most of YouTube videos / cartoons. Because of iPad's 4:3 aspect ration you'll get thick black bars at the top/bottom edges of the screen, so the video will actually look bigger on a smaller Android screen.

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    Back in my day, we used to look out the window and play I spy.

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    iPad for sure. Life is too short for a cheap android tablet. The iPad aspect ratio is also perfect for old cartoons and stuff, like classic cartoons on YouTube 4:3 aspect ratio fills the screen perfectly. YouTube doesn't use black bars anymore, it just shows the videos in the resolution they are in.

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    My advice is to buy a tablet that has an EVA foam case available for it.
    This pretty much limits you to iPad or Samsung.
    Lenovo Tablets are cheap and decent, but they don't (or at least didn't) have EVA cases available.

    My kids' tablets have been thrown across the room, stood on and even put in the bath! Yet the tablets live on thanks to the protection (and floatation) provided by their cases.