I'm Looking to Switch an iPhone 11 128GB from a Samsung Galaxy S10+ Should I Switch or Keep The S10+ & Wait for Next Year iPhone

Pls Help, Looking to switch from an S10+ to an iPhone 11 128GB (Not the Pro model), or just keep the S10+ for now & just wait for the next iPhone, or try to buy used iPhone XS or X for the time being, then upgrade to the next-gen iPhone?


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    If you're definitely going to make the change, I'd recommend shifting that Samsung sooner rather than later cos it's value will be diminishing quickly.

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      Yeah, that's the second thing I hate about the S10+ the price tanked so much, and I think iPhone holds their value better if im not wrong.

  • "It's your money"
    …but if it was me, I'd stick with the S10+

    That's the best Android phone in the market (lacks S Pen, has Headphone Jack)(lacks front firing stereo loudspeakers, has IP68). The iPhone 11 models are just a refreshed iPhone X, so it's still like a 2017 phone in a sense. Even if I had an iPhone 8 Plus, I might consider switching for the S10+ but I definitely would NOT upgrade to the iPhone 11's.

    I would instead wait for another year to get the new 2020 design:

    • Some minor upgrades all around (certain)
    • No notch (certain)
    • Move to 21:9 aspect ratio (probable)
    • Upgrade to 120Hz refresh rate (probable)
    • Under-screen TouchID (possible)
    • Smaller camera hump (possible)
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    It's difficult for people to advise you without knowing why you are not happy with the S10 and what you look for by switching to an iPhone.

    I myself am using iPhone 11 64GB having updated from iPhone 8 and couldn't be happier.

    • I want to try the apple ecosystem and if I would like it or not, that's why I'm not looking at the Pro model because I don't think it would be worth the money if I don't like it because I haven't used any Apple product since the iPod 5th gen Lol.

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    If you are already S10+, there's no point downgrading from a flagship to an underdog model, iPhone 11 - the cheaper phone with 2 camrras, is a very overpriced phone based on what feature Apple has put in (iphone 11 not even a full HD screen resolution, while your S10+ has Quad HD+). At least switch to iPhone 11 pro - those has 3 cameras, or next time Apple flagship. If I were you, I wouldn't put any more money on phone at least in the next 2 years, phone costs a lot of money these days, and they are not even worth it any more. I don't mean Apple phones are bad, I just hate them for overpricing the iPhone 11 and trying to make customer pay a bit more for the iphone 11 pro. Basic marketing stuff. But the iphone 11 pro worths it price though. To sum up, at least switch to the 11 pro, stay away from the bloody iphone 11. Cheers

    • I'm not considering the Pro model because the price difference is huge around $700, that's why I also consider buying a X or XS, what do you think of that compared to the S10+?

      • To be fair, apple and samsung have their pros and cons. But the iphone Xs worth its price though. I wouldn't buy iphone x now, because apple might do some big changes on the next year model, so iphone x would be too outdated at the time.

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    Every time someone switches from Android to Apple I lose more faith in the human race.

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      Don't blame you. It's really difficult to understand that others have differing tastes and preferences than yourself. There there.

      OP: As much as I prefer iPhones over Android, I would recommend waiting out for the likely next-gen revamp next year.

  • I'm in the same boat as you, but what is stopping me from switching is the fact that next year's iPhone will be redesigned, and if U buy this year's Ur already buying a phone thats design is 3 years old.

    If U r going to switch, switch to the pro model it isn't with switching to the budget version.

    • Yeah, i was also thinking about that.

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