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OnePlus 7T 8GB/256GB Glacier Blue AU $696.73 Delivered @ BuyBuyBox


OnePlus 7T 8GB/128GB Glacier Blue available for $677.53
OnePlus 7 8GB/256GB Mirror Gray available for $587.24 http://buybuybox.com/product.php?id=40711

Has Band 28 and NFC.

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    Excellent price but I see some brilliant reviews for the seller. Worth a pass?

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    According to Chrome: "Connection to this site is not secure" - hard pass.

  • wow this is greatttt price OP. Congrats on finding one .

  • Good price but I wouldn't trust a random site like that with a $700 item

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    Guys, I have purchased an Oneplus 6 last year from this seller and they were excellent. Fast delivery via Dpex/ Toll. Sealed box and free gift.
    They do have an Ebay store perfectmission and buybuybox.

    Hope this helps!

    • I can vouch for this. They are good with return if faulty too. Havenot claimed the warranty though.

  • I bought one through their eBay store, more security if anything goes wrong.

    • Do you have a link?

  • Is this 7T the same from Joybuy? It's $457.59USD ~ 667.70AUD (inc GST) delivered with 1111SD20OFF code

  • Purchased mine from here on November 1. Due for delivery today.

    • Did you get it today? Is everything ok with the phone?

      • +1

        Yep - all good. Very well packed.

    • Can you confirm its the global rom version?

      • It's the Chinese model but with the global rom flashed - yes.

  • I have purchased from buy buy box twice now , never had an issue , fast postage well packed , great deal

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    Have a look at the thread on perfect mission on whirlpool. Stay right away from this mob.

  • I'd be keen to try out a OnePlus phone like this one, but it just seems a bit too dodgy without local support. I mean half of the sites I've seen selling them clearly state (thankfully) that they are selling Chinese phones re-flashed with English support. Feels kinda dodgy just too much of a risk for me unfortunately.

    • I have a OnePlus 6 Avengers Edition, it's a fantastic phone. Bought it off a mob on eBay. Never had a problem with it, currently approx 1.5yrs old and going very strong still. Will be considering the OnePlus 8 or 8 Plus next year for sure.

  • Is this the global model or the Chinese version with the Global ROM?

    • Chinese version with global rom

  • just wondering when the phone flash to the global room did it actually rooted the phone?

  • did anyone actually ordered the phone and got it delivered as well?

    • yes, many people.

      • How are you finding the phone so far? I think I might take the plunge and get one!
        Does Google playstore work well with no problem?

        • Yeah it's great - i've had the 6T, 5T, 3T and very first Oneplus phone so am fairly familiar with them. No problems with Google apps.

  • Just posting my experience purchasing from buybuybox
    I purchased my Oneplus 7T from buybuybox website (not ebay)
    $698.66 AUD delivered for 256GB Glacier Blue, paid using paypal
    The invoice comes up as Perfect Mission (Australia) Telecom Proprietary Limited

    Delivery took 1 week from Hong Kong, but during the day of delivery, Toll sent me a SMS saying my office address is incomplete or cannot find the address, which is silly because my company uses Toll all the time with no problems. I had to pickup the phone from their branch outside Sydney airport which was inconvenient and also took an extra day to process for pickup.

    The phone itself (HD1900) looks fine to me, not sure if it's been opened or not but the box was the Chinese packaging and it has been plastic shrink wrapped. The global ROM has been pre-loaded. I downloaded the latest Global Oxygen O/S image zip from XDA and used the Local Upgrade feature to update the phone and factory reset just to be extra clean.

  • Whats people's experience with Expansys, especially warranty wise?
    They are selling intl version for 830.

  • So does a Chinese version, flashed with Global ROM allow everything other Android phones have? E.g. Google Pay (PAY - not Google Play).

  • It doesn't show this deal as expired , but when I add it in the cart the price is $720.38 and not $696.73 .The same price as I get going to the website myself.

    • Not sure what you're doing - comes to $690 here. I did read on whirlpool that one user was getting charged $50+ for shipping compared to the standard $23 or whatever.

      • I think what happens is that freight depends on where you live , but then the listing is false if that is correct.The listing states that the proce is $696.73 delivered. Mine definitely days $720.

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