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Google Pixel 4 64GB $199 with Telstra 60GB $65pm Plan (12 Months, Min Cost $979) Port-in Customers @ JB Hi-Fi (in-Store)


It’s back.

$65, 60gb, 12 Months, minimum cost $979. Port in customers and in store only.

Listed as banner on https://www.jbhifi.com.au/collections/mobile-phones

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      I agree, but this is not really a premium price IMO

  • decent deal thanks

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    Im new to these sort of deals

    could i just activate a $5 Aldi sim tomorrow then walk into JB straight away and grab this deal?

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      Yes you can. I did this with a vodafone sim for the last JBHIFI deal for the galaxy s10e

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      Not ALDI, can't be off the Telstra network. Vodafone has a $10 you can use though.

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        Aldi isn't the Telstra network though…it's the Telstra wholesale network, which does not have any of the overlapping admin issues that Boost has, AFAIK (e.g. Boost use Telstra SIMS, Telstra tech teams, etc).

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          Although Belong is excluded too, and theyre on the wholesale network and appear to have their own systems (despite being wholly owned by Telstra)

          • @BigBoy47: Is Belong really excluded form porting to and from Telstra?

          • @BigBoy47:

            Belong is excluded too, and theyre on the wholesale network and appear to have their own systems

            No, Belong is very tightly integrated with Telstra - so much so that the Boost 'offer' are simply different plan types in the billing system, alongside Telstra Prepaid (and Postpaid).

            Boost also has access to RCS/VoLTE/WiFi Calling, and the entire Telstra 3G/4G footprint.

            Boost does not run on the wholesale network.

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              @BeauGiles: Are you talking about Belong or Boost? Because, yea, boost plans are basically telstra plans and have access to the retail network, while Belong offers postpaid plans on Telstra's wholesale network and have their own billing system (at least last time I was on belong) - even though theyre still explicitly excluded from port offers.

              Either way, I've heard Aldi will work, Telstra network or not.

            • @BeauGiles: Ugh, I need more coffee - sorry I misread Belong as Boost.

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                @BeauGiles: Cheers all

                Miscommunication with my wife, ended up with the $5 Aldi sim card.
                Can confirm, $5 Aldi sim card works with this deal.

    • Could i use the $2 vodafone starter sim?

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        Yes but then they force you to buy a $10 plan when activating the sim

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          No they activate right away but give you 3 days to recharge with minimum $10 else they stop the number

          • @Caarvaan: So are you able to receive SMS/calls during those 3 days?

            • @ronnknee: Cheers all

              Miscommunication with my wife, ended up with the $5 Aldi sim card.
              Can confirm, $5 Aldi sim card works with this deal.

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        I couldn't activate the Vodafone sim without $10 recharge as part of the activation process. So better buy the $2 amaysim sim. Woolworths had a 80c deal on amaysim when I got it, even better when paid with 5% off gift card!

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          Cheers all

          Miscommunication with my wife, ended up with the $5 Aldi sim card.
          Can confirm, $5 Aldi sim card works with this deal.

        • Are you able to activate $2 Amaysim without topping up? Are you able to receive SMS or calls?

          • @ronnknee: Yes, when activating amaysim online, there's an option for Pay as you go which doesn't force you to recharge. I could receive SMS, calls normally and it took 2 hours for the port-in SMS to come through.

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    Are these phones unlocked to use any sim?
    Free Google nest mini promotion applicable as this is Telstra plan?

    • Yes, the phone should be unlocked. Phones aren't normally locked these days. I also got the previous s10e deal and can confirm that the phone wasn't locked. Can't confirm the free google nest hub but I don't see why not since you just need to text the imei

      • Please give me details

      • +2

        pixels from jbhifi don't work anymore with the telstra nest promotion, according to the last promotion

        • I got a free nest hub from the last promo….

          • @psmedley: and i got two, but after the 31st, people said they stopped accepting jbhifi pixel imei's and only ones bought from telstra or given in a phone contract from telstra

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    How it can be $199 for google pixel 4 64GB?

    • $199 upfront and a 12-month contract to a $65pm plan with Telstra.

  • 64GB storage and no option to pay the difference for the 128GB or XL is very disappointing, as is the battery life of the device.

    Still, cracker of a deal for $199

    • See my reply above, it's no guarantee but a number of us have been able to trade it in for a different model and just paid the difference.

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        A number of people said they had been told these phones can't be exchanged for other models

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          i was able to exchange my pixel 4 for a pixel 4 xl and pay the difference in ticket price which was $230 i think, i think it just depends on the store you go to

    • -3

      How they will make it for $199?

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        Dude you seriously need to learn to add.

  • Can we still get port in credit

    • The port-in credit of $850 is what makes the phone $199 upfront.

      • I mean on the 65 plan obviously

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    just saw a banner in the city in pitt st down martin place store for the 256gb one.

    • +2

      Lol there is no 256GB Pixel

      • i must of miss read it. ill check what they wrote but def did not say 64gb.

    • 256gb

      Pixel 4 256GB?

  • Is it still $390 ETC?

  • +1

    Please bring back the s10e deal :)

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    I got this deal back when the Pixel 4 was released. Went instore the next week and changed to the $45 plan, was prorated the difference for the month. So all up the phone will cost around $199 + $65(-pro rata amt) + ($45*11) $750.

  • ohhhh $hit looks like they have not learned their lesson yet. whos ready for round 2? lol

    • Which lesson is that ? This is a legitimate offer, all the loopholes that existed last time this deal came out i.e: free nest hub, changing to a cheaper M2M plan without ETF, upgrading to an XL only paying the difference etc. are all fixed AFAIK, so far no one has managed to get through.

      • no one has actually confirmed the M2M plan change without ETC has been fixed.

      • im obviously joking, the exploit has been patched with the latest update from JB

  • Op, it might be worth mentioning that if you don't need that much data and wish to save further, you can go in your Telstra account online and change to the $50/15GB plan, saving an extra $180

    • …at the risk of attracting ETC of $390 as essentially you're cancelling a contracted plan and changing to month-to-month.

      • I asked an attendant on the online chat before doing it and was told that it was fine.

        • Chat reps get things wrong all the time, unless you managed to do it and you can see it changed on your account I'd say this is a no go.

    • I believe Telstra may have closed that loophole as it was also used to cancel the plan without paying the ETC of $390. Will need to check if its change since last time.

      • yeah would like to know if this has been fixed by telstra or still the same.

    • Can you change it to M2M on the Telstra Account online?

      • you can, it should say "$390 one-off fee + $M2M Plan you chose"
        However it shows $0 for the one-off fee.

        is this still the case i cannot confirm

        • did you end up doing it?

          i am trying online and it says same as yours.

          $0 for the one-off fee + $M2M plan

      • My mate couldn't change it to m2m after dozen attempts this week. He bought the s10e from previous deal but waited until now to change plan. So Telstra may have fixed the loophole already, or at least more live agents are aware of it now.

  • Can someone confirm the Telstra M2M plan change has been patched?

    • +1

      why don't you try and let us know :)

    • I bought the s10e deal on the day it expired and it had been patched. Went through at least 6 different agents on the online chat and tried through the Telstra app but no luck so had to pay the $390 ETC although I still haven't been charged but expecting it to come through still

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    to the last update, someone who cancelled via the app got the 390 etc charge on their bill. i did the chat thing and have a transcript, havent got a bill yet. im sure its been patched. almost 99.9 percent of chat people know the issue now and deny you any cancellation without etc. also deny any plan change to m2m or $45 plans

    • I did mine online and only received 1 bill for $1.61, apparently another bill is on the way but yet to be seen.

  • -2

    So can I go month to month and then cancel or not? Very confusing.

    • If you want to go mtm you will most likely have to pay $390 cancellation fee. It seems as though switching without cancellation fee has been patched (at least in my experience trying with the s10e deal at end of last week)

      • Through what means did you try to switch? Chat?

      • Yes I've tried to ask on chat and they said there will be etc. Not really willing to risk on it pixel 4 which by all accounts, isn't that good.

  • If I am currently in contract with 12 months to go (JB HiFi telstra deal), do I have to pay an ETC if I switch to a deal like this? I am confused with all the ETC comments and changes lately. I'm on a $65 plan (which came with free phone) with $10 port-in discount.

    • +1

      If you are already on Telstra, you are not eligible for this deal, you have to be out of Telstra for 30 days usually

      Unless you want to port a prepaid SIM from another mobile provider and a different mobile number …

    • +1

      So your asking if you can port
      from JB hifi 12month Telstra plan to JB hifi 12month Telstra plan?….

      You can't port from plan A to plan A…

      • I didn't read properly about having to be a new user….

  • I dont see this offer as a banner or anywhere else

    All I see is the $500 gift card with $65 plan and phone purchase > $999


  • PSA: they enforce a one month cooling off period for any customers who have ported out from Telstra and are attempting to port back in.

    • I've tried finding something to support this, but can't. Surely just ticking the port in box, should be enough???

      • +1

        I tried today. The process was done by the rep over the phone with Telstra, and their system validated for this condition. They don't have any room to provide concessions on this (it seems) as they're simply not able to proceed with the order. Sucks for those who did legitimately port out within the last 30 days, in the hope of one of these deals (me). Realistically though, this offer should come around again before Christmas.

        • I saw someone posted up about buying a cheap SIM (new number ) and then getting telstra to change the number over later

          • @caviar: That would be fine. My comment applies only if you have previously been a Telstra customer within 30 days prior.

            • @pathacks: You need to find someone with Sibel access (ie an actual telco person). People without it have to call Telstra and the agents do checks, whereas the JB staff with access rarely do

              • @readerr0r: Good tip - I do remember the last time I signed up to their plans, the person had the CRM access and was able to do it on their computer. Might give it another crack this weekend.

    • is everyone having this problem??

      • I went to two stores. Both wouldn’t sign me up because I’d ported ou from Telstra the day before. Said I had to wait 30 days. At least one guy had Siebel access. Aldi mobile is fine as another network.

  • So how successful are people with getting this and then taking an unopened phone to upgrade to the 128GB version?

    • was possible first day this deal came 2 weeks ago, but the second time i got a phone for a family member last week, i tried 5 jbhifi's all rejected me and said this is that phone deal and you cant swap it, its like their were briefed by regional managers or something and its being enforced since a few people did it first time. the jbhifi rats scout these comment sections though. thats how it got patched.

      • Ahhh damn it. Thanks for letting us know!

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