Idea for OzBargain Header

Would it be possible for the OzBargain banner to be static and not scroll with the rest of the page.
that way, after scrolling down we don't have to scroll back to the top when we want to choose a different heading to go into.
or perhaps add a button that is always on the screen to return back to the top.

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    supported - would be a good update
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    not supported


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    At least an an option would be handy.

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    Download an extension for implementing custom css on pages, e.g. styler or stylebot
    Use the following:
    (Hash Symbol)header { position: fixed; z-index: 99; width: 100%; }
    (Hash Symbol)main { margin-top:20px; }
    Use actual hash symbols in the above, they don't display on here. May need a few tweeks

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    Having a sticky header is trivial. However the reason why we haven't implemented is that there are many places where we drop to a specific anchor point in a web page, for example jump to a specific comment by adding '#comment-<some number>' to the URL. The browser will then scroll the page to have that comment at the top of the page. However in the case of having a sticky header, the first few lines would be blocked by that header, making it look very confusing.

    That's the reason why we haven't done it.

    Obviously there are a few ways to get around that. For example installing an onload function to automatically scroll up a few pixels so the top of the anchor is right below the header. Or only show the sticky header when you are scrolling up. Maybe we'll get around to that sometime in the future…

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    Personally for me I prefer header to appear when scrolling up but not when scrolling down. I've seen quite a few sites (and apps) implement this and its useful as its not in the way or reduces screen use while viewing your content, but allows someone to do as the user said above with only a little up scroll (would help with scotty issue above as well).
    Alternatively I wouldn't mind just a floating button on the bottom right to scroll back to top which would also help on the issue, though I have noticed they get in the way of a few things sometimes.

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    Hold Page Up or one big swipe down

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