What Is Your Favourite Weird Food Combination?

What two foods do you mix together that you love?

Mine would have to be vegemite and rasin toast or vanilla yoghurt with ice cream.


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    Vanilla Ice Cream topped with a generous serve of Johnny Walker black

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      Yeah I am gonna have to try this now

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        Add a shot of hot esspresso coffee and you've got yourself an Affogato

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      Apparently you are meant to top that off with freshly ground pepper.

    • you sure not the other way round ?

      • The ice cream to jwb ratio is to suit your taste preferences but I suggest to keep it in favour of the ice cream.

    • Ice cream with whiskey on top is indeed delicious

  • Cheetos on top of Dominos Pizza.

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      MMMMMM that extra M.S.G. kick of Flavor Enhancer 621.

      • if he still need to add cheetos on top of pizza, the toppings obviously sucked/lacking

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    Tinned peaches on white toast, with golden syrup drizzle.

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    Spam and Rice

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      I could eat that. Dice the spam?

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        Straight from the can

        Yes, I am that lazy :D :D

        • spam fried rice

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        fry the diced spam first, oil comes out of the meat, then add overnight rice, maybe add some frozen veggies + soy sauce

        • i am drooling from reading your comment :p~~

        • Top it off with something crunchy like fried shallots, rice crackers, or crushed chips. Love a good crunch with my rice.

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          take it further by beating 2 eggs with a splash of milk and cook in a hot pan to make a thin egg crepe.
          add spoonfuls of of your fried rice mix in, fold it up into a football shape by folding edges in.

          Flip it over onto a plate - voila, easy omurice! Top with curry or tomato sauce!

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      Spam and rice is pretty standard I'd say.

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        I am pretty and standard :D

    • Very common in South Asia

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    I’m a philistine - when I buy Indian or Asian food I tend to just mix all the dishes, including rice, together.

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      you monster

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      You do realise that Indian is also Asian, dont you?

      • Do you realise the two cuisines are very different ?

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          do explain what Asian food is pls

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    Bacon and banana pizza !!

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    Maybe not weird but peanut butter and honey.

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      Not weird. Common as a sandwich.

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        He didn't say he was using it on a sandwich ;-)

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          Are dogs allowed to eat honey?

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      peanut butter + anything

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      Crunchy peanut butter plus Nutella. Slather half a jar each on two slices of white bread and you've got an amazing sandwich

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        That sounds nuts

    • I too have a peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich. The bomb diggity!

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    maccas chips in soft serve ice cream.

    condensed milk and crushed nuts over vanilla ice cream

    sour fruits with chilli and salt

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      Last two are just standard Asian

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        that's because i'm standard Asian.

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        after the bombs fell, condensed milk will be the new currency
        that stuff works wonders

    • Yumm chips and ice cream…

    • "Fries" but yeah dip in choc sundae. Hot potato ala churros!

  • Corn chips in ice cream.

    • Damn. Original or flavoured?

      • Original / Plain

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    Peanut butter on cold pizza… Ghetto Satay & delicious :D

    Also, Kraft Crunchy Peanut butter or GTFO.

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      Sorry, Mayvers Crunchy Dark Roasted here.

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        Sorry, GTFO.

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    Ham Flavored Baked Beans and Eggs stir fried together.

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    Icecubes in milk

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      O.o I like me milk, but I've never done this. Any good? Whats better about it then plain old cold milk. Just colder?

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        That's pretty much it.

        Some people despise it because they claim the ice dilutes the milk but you'd have to be drinking extremely slowly or have an unhealthy milk to ice ratio to even notice the taste difference.

  • Chicken McNuggets & red wine. Try it.

    • You’re taking the piss, surely!

    • More interested in what lead to you discovering this. Reminds me of the movie sideways

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    Mango or Durian with yoghurt/cream and rice
    Eat with hands instead of fork/spoon - brilliant.

    • -1

      You can keep your death fruit, that shit is not coming into my house.

      Mangoes always welcome!

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    Chips in sandwiches
    Salt on fruits (mandarin/watermelon/whatever tastes a bit sour)

    • Salt sprinkles over fruits are normal in SEA.

  • A stew of beans plus 8-10 other veg that I have at hand (usually at least green, purple and red) all in a pressure cooker.

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      Just sounds like a regular meal?

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        Probably weird to most.

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    Vegemite and butter on pancakes
    Vanilla ice cream on fresh white bread sandwich
    Salad dressing on baked or mashed potato

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    my home cook meal

    water, pasta, green peas, brocolli, 5mins on stove.
    top off with - milk, dates, peanut butter and serve.

    all in 1 pot

  • Vegemite and Lemon Butter as a sandwich on Jatz etc.

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    Mini-pretzel on triple brie on a water-cracker. Just trust me.

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    avocado with soy sauce, rice with butter and cheese

  • Vanilla ice cream with lemon flavoured olive oil.

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    When I was younger, Yogo yoghurt (instead of milk) with Coco Pops.

    • That sounds good. Sugar fix!

  • Sandwich with peanut butter, fresh sliced tomatoes and lemon juice!

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    Highly recommend you try Vegemite or raisin toast

    • My 3 year old has this, with honey too…

    • I like this combination. Just to freak the kids out I took it a step further by having raisin toast with Vegemite, peanut butter and cheese, and it actually tastes awesome. Work better with a cheese slice that actually had some flavour to it, like Coon

    • I do this at times when regular bread is finished. Not much difference tbh, i like both flavours 😃

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    Strawberry Jam and cheese sandwich

    • Checking for this one

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      Bonus points for brie cheese

  • -3

    Tuna & rice

    Rice inside warm Lebanese bread.

  • Dont really have any weird food combos but I really liked those Cadbury/kettle/cc's blocks.

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    I melt cheese on my rice. Delicious!

    • That's really weird. I really do melt cheese on rice, yet someone down voted this as the 'wrong' opinion? If you don't like it, don't eat it. Simple.

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      try Korean Samyang instant noodles with cheese

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    Veggie burger with extra bacon.

    • tasted like ……. freedom

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    Peanut butter + cheese and then toast. The gooey peanut butter melds with the melted cheese and is so good. Probably works better with the 'unhealthy' peanut butter that's sweet rather than the all natural ones though

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    Raw beef mince sandwich, with butter and salt.

    • Like a true omnivore many people claim to be, I like it.

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      Seriously? You're the weirdest of the lot here…

    • What's your background? I grew up with similar, German Hackepeter, but with beef instead of the traditional raw pork.

      • English, but that's not linked. I've always enjoyed raw meats, including pork sausage and bacon. But beef is my favourite, I just see it as cheap version of Steak tartare.

        To me, it just tastes so much better when it's raw.

        Never once had an issue.

        Just googled the Hackepeter, looks tasty!