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AMD Ryzen 7 3700x $452 + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Futu Online eBay


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  • nice price. where and how much can i flog the game for?

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    Arghhh so tempting. Must… wait… for black friday sales

    • Same here man… not sure what Black Friday will bring for 3700x.. any guesses?

      • The lowest its been was around $441 but not from black friday. On Amazon its currently $527.95 and if they do a 20% off sitewide like last black friday then that will bring it down to $422.36. Even a 10-15% off is decent.

    • I'm in the same boat :/

      If anyway knows of any services that offer price guarantees that would be pretty helpful

      I know Citibank used to offer it on their credit cards but I believe they have stopped it.

    • but why is there a good deal everyday all of a sudden…?!?!

      • Its looking alot like christmas

  • damn..i just purchased yesterday from futu ebay for $479.20……

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    the non discount price of 586 is still way too jacked

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      Computer components generally don't have 20% of mark-up on them (I used to manage a computer store).

      What do you want them to do? Sell at a loss?

      Only thing that matters is if it's the cheapest price at that point in time, in my opinion.

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        The AMD Ryzen 7 3700X was rolled out on July 7, 2019 for $329 (£319, AU$519)


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          Dude, what are you not getting? It's the cheapest brand new 3700X in the country right now (I emphasise the right now as that's all that matters in PC component land, unless you're a time traveller), delivered to your door. That's a deal.

          At this price, I wouldn't be surprised if they were only making $5 profit per unit.

          • @BradH13: Msy has it for 515… So at 586 futu has $71 to cover eBay fees + shipping and still make the same profit as retail

            • @abctoz: You missed the 20% off, of which Futu pay 15%.

      • It's my understanding that eBay is providing the 20% discount, not Futu. Is that not correct?
        And if the 20% discount is being funded by eBay, then Futu wouldn't be selling "at a loss".

        The only justification I can see for the price jacking is to avoid setting a low price precedent which would make the regular selling price look bad.

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          From reading previous comments on here regarding eBay sales, unless it is a sitewide eBay sale, the seller and eBay both have to cover parts the sale amount. I'm not sure of the exact proportions.

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          It was in the beginning, but now some former regular participants have said eBay cover stuff all of it.

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            @BradH13: i received this participant discount offer from ebay before, so this 20% code thing ebay is asking seller to pay 15% while ebay is paying 5% (for example), so they have to jack up, nothing they can do about it.

            • @frozenkuku: Wow. Cool. Thanks for the clarifications guys.
              Fair enough then…that being the case I can somewhat sympathise with the (within reason) price jackings. If I was the seller and eBay was making me fund the discounts, I'd do the same thing.

              I still wish jacking wasn't a thing, and occasionally you do find items with a genuine 20% discount during these sales, but knowing this makes it a little easier to swallow.

  • yeah when I bought this same CPU from Computer Alliance during the last 20% sale (near end of September) the CPU was $569 from CA. Knew I'd paid cheaper than what Futu are selling for. At least Futu didn't jack up the price even more as I've seen them do before.

    EDIT: no, I take it back.. common average price for the AMD 3700X CPU in other stores is $515 according to staticice.com.au - so the 20% discount from EBAY make the CPU cheaper than buying it at another shop by about 10%… so still sucks that FUTU jack the price up 10% from retail pricing from other stores, so they can then be around 10% discount cheaper compared to those other stores.. just do a 10% discount instead of 20% after a price hike and you'll be more respected for being honest and not dodgy or shady.

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    do amd cpus still come with an ugly ass cooler nowadays? i'd feel like wasting $ on an unwanted rubbish if a cooler come, last time with fx 8350 i had to throw away that cooler, so heart bleeding that was.

    • the X series comes with a bigger fan

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    The 3700x, 3800x and 3900x come with the Wraith Prism cooler. Coolermaster is the OEM. It's viewed as one of the best stock coolers. AMD has been bundling really good coolers with most of the Ryzen series since 2017. Just do a Google search and there are plenty of reviews online using the stock AMD coolers.

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      "most of the ryzen series"

      definitely "most" here. the cooler for 2600 is the biggest garbage on the planet.

  • 3700x is a high end cpu, i wonder how many of you actually use that oem cooler? you all buy a liquid cooler no?

    • I picked one of these up from this deal. I'm going to try the wraith since it doesn't limit performance and looks really nice. If it turns out to be too loud for my tastes then I'm going to swap it out for one of my big tower coolers probably my Noctua d14 or my thermalright silver arrow. Generally speaking the dual tower coolers perform as well as liquid and these two are generally quieter.

      I also have a d15 on another system that I could swap out but the d14 is already overkill for ryzen 3000.

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      3700X is a upper-mid range CPU. The included cooler is fine so long as you're not overclocking.

      • What information are you basing this off? I'm clocking my 3900X to 4.3Ghz on 1.3v using the Wraith Prism and I have no problems.

        • Was just as a guide, really. Wasn't saying you can't overclock on OEM coolers; just that it's not a guarantee you'll be able to.

          The point that should be taken away is the Prism is a good cooling solution for most people. It's not like the Intel OEM coolers of old that were pathetic.

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