Purchased Damaged Sunglasses

Hi All,

Just wanted some opinions of what I should do in this situation. A month ago I purchased a pair of sunglasses from a bike store, recently I was cleaning the lens with alcohol and the arm fell apart without any force. After looking at where the arm came apart it appears it had been glued together.

Now if I were to take it back to the store they could say I broke it and attempted to repair it. What would you do?


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    Sounds like you broke, then glued it, now the glue failed and you want new glasses.

    • And op wants a loophole

    • I agree it does sound that way, as i feared I dont think there is much I can do as it is hard to prove otherwise.

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    You're going to have a very difficult time trying to prove they were 'broken and glued' from the shop a month a go… I'd suck it up, get another pair elsewhere and move on.

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    I was cleaning the lens with Alcohol and the arm fell apart without any force

    How do you clean something without "force"?

    Also, it's possible the alcohol dissolved the glue.

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      Ever heard of this concept called doing something gently? Personally, unlike yourself apparently, I don't clean a pair of sunglasses by clamping them in a vice then scrubbing them with steel wool while using all of my body weight!

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        However "gently" you apparently think you do it, you still need to put pressure on it. If it's the case of alcohol dissolving the glue, simply picking it up could separate the pieces.

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    Neither manufacturer warranty or statutory guarantees covers misuse of the goods.

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      Lol, cleaning is misusing something? Utterly ridiculous.

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    I was cleaning the lens with Alcohol …

    I avoid cleaning when I'm drunk in case I break something.

  • Have a chat with your LBS, they may be able to source a replacement part, depends on the brand.

  • Why don’t you just glue it back together?

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      He tried that last time but they broke when he was cleaning them.

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    take them back. have a chat. What's the worst outcome?

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    as above just take them back, they will either say no or replace or get them fixed. what have you got to lose.

  • Take it back. Ask why would the glasses be glued. Ask for a replacement.

  • Good quality super glue will do the trick.

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    Why don't you ask the store instead of starting a thread on here, afraid of a confrontation?

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