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Boost Prepaid | 12 Months Expiry | 80GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Bonus SIM | Telstra 4G | $135 (Was $150) @ Coles In-Store


Greetings everyone, Coles have this SIM on sale again next week :)

Stack with discounted gift cards and/or Flybuys offers for further savings.

Take a $2 Boost SIM to the counter and ask for a $150 recharge and it will be discounted to $135.

Screenshot of Offer in Catalogue

  • 80GB Data
  • UNLIMITED Calls & Text to standard numbers
  • UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL standard calls & text to 25 selected destinations +1200 standard mins & text to 30 selected destinations
  • Stream Apple Music Data Free

Thanks to TA for the title.

As always, enjoy :)

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    I don’t understand. Why is it such a big deal when you get 10% discount on boost? I know it uses Telstra bla bla but it’s only 10% guys.

    • +8

      It’s also not a given that your reception will be better over Optus/Voda and resellers. I’ve always had great speeds and reception with Voda and it’d been enough years since I was with Telstra that I’d forgotten I found Voda better. Now stuck with Telstra/Boost for 12 months. No big deal (it’s not bad enough to want to jump) but it’s something to think about before jumping on for 12 months.

      • I'm with you, when I was on Optus (in Syd) I was getting 100mps, now that I'm on Boost, I'd lucky to get 4G and 40mps! I wish there are 12mths Optus prepaid deals

        • +1

          I can confirm that optus works better for me than boost in many parts of SE Sydney. Currently have both sims in my phone, so easy to swap and compare.

        • +1

          @Donisgood Optus has a 60GB 365 days for $180
          was on special early in the year @ $120

          • @costas60: currently on sale for $150 until 9/12/19

            • @racheleg: just checked Optus website still showing $180

              • @costas60: it's on the deal page at this link https://offer.optus.com.au/shop/prepaid/sim-card/180-sim?SID=con:deals:prodsel:prep1:oct19:prep:150&ga=2.222046814.792333957.1573981556-998561448.1568965911&_gac=1.124440184.1573981561.CjwKCAiA_MPuBRB5EiwAHTTvMVisfFj18oeMETFM_SR_ocFT9DGBgJVHmruSP-MZpmpMicsVN9--BoCauQQAvD_BwE

          • @costas60: That's what I bought when it was $120. Ends in Feb 2020. Great deal. Bur this is even cheaper and you get more data. Probably a benefit if you are living in a small regional area.

        • Hi there, Thank you for your feedback. We're good to hear that you're getting 4G and 40mps. Should you have queries, please reach out to us via our email [email protected] so we can better help you. Thank you!

      • +2

        Sorry but I am not agree. It’s depend on location. I am with Optus and in my location you won’t believe I am getting 3-4 mbps with 4G network. Yes it’s 3-4mbps. After my contract finished last week I moved to boost same location now I am getting 22-24 mbps. I am quite shocked. So I am the very happy customer here. I would recommend Boost.

        • CBD, Inner city, suburban or regional?

        • That's exactly what they are saying, reception depends on individual locations. On Boost(Telstra) I'm getting a quarter of the speed I was with Kogan(Vodafone) at my regular locations, but VoWiFI has sure been handy.

          • @Thrift: When I was with Kogan, there was a place in the city where it would without fail cut out, meaning a minutes-long radio interruption on the tram each morning. Infuriating incompetence of the Vodafone network. Telstra and Optus (Catch) have been perfect since, with speeds ranging from 20-200.

        • Hi there, Thank you for your feedback. We're good to hear that you're getting 22-24mbps. Should you have queries, please reach out to us via our email [email protected] so we can better help you. Thank you!

        • +1

          Just ported to Boost, can confirm 100mbps + download in inner city Melbourne, very happy - it's equal to Telstra speeds I was getting (funny that, considering it's the same network!) - I think with all telcos "your milage may vary" and if in doubt, get a prepaid sim to test in the areas you need signal before taking a leap. I also believe the phone hardware makes a difference with speed so it's not always a telco issue, also take that into account.

      • What isn't a given for you is a given for me. Vodafone (scratchy reception) and Optus (zero reception) and I live in metro. So Boost/Aldi/Telstra always the best never any issues.

        Coverage map is not the truth they lie. And out of all MVNOs Boost is the cheapest and best that's the given. The only MVNO that has 4GX

        Even at a business district, I'm getting double the speed of Aldi once I switched over to Boost. and Boost has unlimited calls to specific countries and Aldi does not.

        • +1

          Saying it’s not a given means it’s not certain. Works for you, great. All I was saying is it’s not true for everyone.

      • Hi there, We are sorry to hear if you aren't fully satisfied with your current reception. Have you already tried reaching out to our technical support to see if there has been any issues within your area? If not, please provide us your phone number, DOB and order details so I can escalate it to our team. Kindly email it to us at [email protected]. Thank you

        • When I recharge with Boost, why does the credit card statement show "Telstra Prepaid" as the biller?

    • +5

      A penny saved is a penny earned

      • +23

        Not quite true.
        A penny saved is about 1.53 pennies earned if you are an average income earner in Australia and pay 32.5% Income tax plus 2% Medicare levy

      • If you are still earning pennies, you might want to talk to your employer about award wages and Australian currency. No pennies used since 1966. :P

    • +5

      Also unlimited international calls to 25 countries if that's important to you. I believe this one is also rechargeable, not a starter pack.

    • +2

      I’m a bit the same but I guess a $15 saving on arguably the cheapest plan for light/moderate mobile data users is a nice discount. It’s also an easy way to meet your Flybuys spend criteria for promotions.

      • I just missed the $70 stack blehhh

    • +4

      Do you know of a better deal?

    • +4

      Not a real OzBargainer if you don't think a 10% discount is not a good deal.

    • +1

      it's for a recharge - usually the discounts are for starter kits

    • +1

      Hi there, Thank you for your feedback. We believe that we are already offering a competitive deal with our current plans but we want our customers to make the most of their subscription hence we are giving away the 10% discount. Should you have further queries, please reach out to us via our email [email protected] so we can better help you. Thank you!

  • -3

    watch out, will take more than a week to port number and numerical calls to customer service without any help.

    • +5

      I don’t mind numerical calls. In fact, I don’t know any better…

    • Porting does not take a week unless the port fails.

    • +5

      I ported one of my Optus services over to boost this week. Done in 20 mins.

    • +2

      Ported to Boost earlier in the week from Amaysim. Took a week, 2 live chats and 3 separate submissions.

      The live chat representatives wouldn’t tell me what the problem was and just asked for my details again to resubmit the request.

      YMMV but my experience was a pain.

      • Same.

      • Must be luck of the draw as I ported last week from Telstra to Optus to Boost each taking 10-15 mins.

      • Hello there, We're sorry to hear about your disappointment with us, and I would like to personally assist you with making things right. You can contact us with your complete details via https://www.facebook.com/boostaus or via our email [email protected] if it's more convenient. We hope to receive your message so we can resolve this asap. Thank you!

    • Waiting since August :)

    • Ported from kogan, took 10 minutes.

    • Hello there, We're sorry to hear about your disappointment with us, and I would like to personally assist you with making things right. You can contact us with your complete details via https://www.facebook.com/boostaus or via our email [email protected] if it's more convenient. We hope to receive your message so we can resolve this asap. Thank you!

    • Ported my dad's number over from aldi to boost last night and it was done in under 20 mins.

      Maybe being telstra to telstra means a quicker process?

  • +1

    I just checked next week's catalogue of my local store and this's not on it.

    Is this not nationwide?

    • Weird, is it showing for you at the bottom right of page 37? Thought it would have been nationwide considering it has been for all the others..

  • +2

    Does anyone know how long recharge vouchers can last? I know Prepaid SIMs generally have an expiry of at least 1 or two years, but unsure about top-ups.

    • +2

      My voucher purchased in late September is valid until end of April 2021. Not sure if the SIM card has a separate expiry.

      • how do you find out when your recharge voucher expires? Mine expires in feb so wondering if I can buy this now

        • +1

          Confirmed Apr expiry!

  • -1

    Coles have the same deal again and there will be none there again? Lol

    • +1


      • Last time Coles had this deal and most people couldn't get any as there were few stock

        • +1

          Eh? It's a voucher; stock is unlimited…

          • @MELso: Unless you need the $2 SIM to be scanned to receive the discount…

            • +1

              @sween64: That wasn’t the case last time but you miss out on the $2 SIM

        • its hard to get that $2 SIM. You could always get it from Auspost

          • @neonlight: Yep, first Coles I went to this morning had no $2 sims. Next Coles had about 8 although the sim is free once you buy the $135 credit.

            • @bulletmark: Alternatively buy it from Boost online store. its free postage. Otherwise most Post Office should have plenty of stock

  • how can I add MoRe GB after 80GB?


    • +1

      Recharge again.

      • thanks

      • but it will be expensive

        • Highly probable

        • +1

          It will cost $150 to buy another 80gb 12 month plan. Or $135 if it is on sale again.

        • limited to the original price unless it's discounted again

        • Buy a second recharge then at $135

  • This is just a normal voucher, right? So I can use topup my current SIM (Boost prepaid) ?

    • +2

      Yes this is a normal recharge voucher you can use to top up your current sim

        • +1

          Start a new plan and keep the phone number, the starter pack won’t work.

    • +5

      Not if you’re an existing boost customer and don’t want to stuff around porting out and back in.

      • +3

        This 100%. Didn't realise the difference and ordered a starter pack and has taken so long I would have definetly paid $10 more for the convienience

  • +1

    I'm currently with Kogan (Vodafone) and I get no reception at all when I walk into Coles (Canberra Centre) whereas my work phone with Optus works fine. It really is different for each region.

    • +2

      I'm on Boost and I'd be lucky to get 3G when I'm at Top Ryde City (NSW)! In contrast, I got 4G and 120mps when I was with Optus!

      • +1

        Arghh, Telstra reception at Top Ryde City is the worst. The only way I can get any sort of connection is through their crappy wifi which takes ages to connect and drops out as soon as you go in a shop. Rage!

  • Ok..stupid question..do I have to buy $2 Sim for this? ..if yes, can I use recharge on any number or on the $2 Sim I bought?

    • Are you already on Boost? If so, no…

      • Yes, already with boost..the instruction in the op mentions getting $2 Sim to the counter…

        • The price is the same with or without the sim.

    • You can buy this voucher from the self checkouts, you don't need to go to a person. But sometimes if you go to a person they will want you to buy the $2 SIM, but sometimes this will be free…
      (I've had different experiences at different times)

  • Do you still get free unlimited calls and SMS for the remainder of the 12 months after the 80 GB data has been used up?

    • Yes

  • +1

    thanks! almost bought from the other deal but now I can use all my flybuys points. phone bills for 2020 sorted.

  • Would love the jump to Telstra line as I’m enough for the voda now.

  • Anyone know if I can port from Telstra to Boost or will I have to port out to Optus/Voda first?

    • I ported last week from Telstra to Optus to Boost. Can't go from Telstra to Boost direct as far as I know so ported to Optus first then Boost.

      • Can't go from Telstra to Boost direct

        I thought it was against the law for a business to withhold your number, unless you are on a contract?

    • I believe to go from Telstra to Boost or vice-versa, you can't use a "normal" SIM card, but if you call them up, that can provide you with a distal SIM that can be used.
      Either way, this voucher, as it's just a recharge voucher, can be used (it's not tied to the $2 SIM, if you buy it)

    • Cant got from Telstra Post paid to Boost. I Went Telstra Post paid to prepaid and to boost then. No need to Port out.

  • +1

    Last time this deal was on, I went to the Coles desk to ask for it and the person informed me I could just buy it at the self checkouts, switch I did successfully. You also don't need to buy the $2 SIM.

  • I don’t get it, if you dont’t buy the $2 sim, how are you goong to use the voucher? Can you get the sim for free online?

    • +1

      Recharge existing BOOST service

    • +1

      Last time I got it, the $2 sim was free when I bought them together, not sure this time though. You can also get a $20 starter pack when it is half price.

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