Kogan NBN Internet Plans. Signing up for Gold for Six Months

Looking at signing up to Kogan internet.
The plans seem reasonably priced for what I need and am keen on the Silver plan ($65.90 a month). However, if you sign up for the Gold plan ($75.90 a month for first 6 months then $85.90) you are sent a modem at no extra charge (normally $69).

So I am curious to find out if I would be able to sign up to the Gold plan and use it for six months then downgrade to the Silver plan afterwards at no extra cost? Has anyone else tried this?

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    Search belong NBN at ozb or Whirlpool and read.

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    You can do that, but the modem they send you out is cheap garbage, i wouldnt even waste your time.


      Yeah, it's pretty crap.

      There is also a bug where it resets itself to factory settings if you power cycle it (may need to do it a few times, but has happened to at least a few friends of mine - randomly). It has also happened to other tplink routers such as the Archer C7. I personally would stay away from that brand in particular.

      I've used the fritzbox and it never randomly resets itself to factory.


      What’s the difference between a good and bad modem?

      I’m using the one sent to me by my isp, and I assume it’s a bad one since it’s free too, but what am I missing out on?

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        WiFi Router (FTTP/FTTH, HFC, FTTC)
        If you have either the FTTP(/FTTH), HFC, or FTTC NBN rollout types, a router is not required for the service to work, however if you need WiFi throughout your property, you will need an Ethernet Wide-Area-Network (eWAN) WiFi Router.

        VDSL2 WiFi Modem Router (FTTN, FTTB)
        If you have either the FTTN or FTTB NBN rollout types, an NBN compliant VDSL2 Modem Router is required for the service to work. An NBN compliant VDSL2 Modem Router will also provide WiFi if you need WiFi.