Help Me Find a Christmas Gift, Cosmetics Creams etc

Hello fellow Ozbargainers,

I need to buy a Christmas present for my best mates girlfriend.
I've got his present sorted, but I'm at a loss for hers. I know she likes creams, cosmetics and stuff, especially skincare creams.
She's mentioned a few times she's after some scar cream. I'm thinking skincare and or scar cream.
Her favourite brands are Ren, Farmacy and Fresh.
Also she's in to environmentally friendly stuff, corporate responsibility, non slave labour etc.
Budget is about $50-70.

If you're reading this moocher I'd really appreciate your input :).

Update 1:
While I don't know much about skincare the recommendations are quite pricey for the quantity :(.
What are Ozbargainers favourite value brands and products?

Update 2
Thanks for enlightening me fellow Ozbargainers.
It never occurred to me that skincare, cosmetics etc. could come across as too personal a gift.

Ok cosmetics gifts are out. At the most I'm now only thinking about a gift card from a store that sells skincare products, I'm also thinking even that may be too personal and I should get a "visa" gift card? What's everyone's thoughts?


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