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Heavy Duty BBQ Cover $27.42 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


I just received the cover this morning and amazed at the quality. This beats the ones from bunnings by miles and it's cheaper than them. Don't know how they make money sending this relatively heavy cover by Fedex by air…

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Probably by paying their workers nothing

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    FYI 1 - 3 months for delivery

    • Summer's coming. No time to cover the BBQ now.

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    Was going to pick up the Weber cover for $70 for my Q3100. Can anyone comment on the quality of this in comparison?

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    The 6 Burner Grill (Large) cover - Black is only $25.92 in the same listing…

    • On backorder I think.

    • Thanks ,Ordered one.

    • Got the large. hopefully it doesnt take too long for delivery

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    Not dissing this deal, but if you are after a black 6 burner bbq cover keep an eye out for the Aldi ones, excellent heavy duty quality, and only $20. Had mine for 2 yrs, still almost as good as new.

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      I second this. I have had my Aldi one lasting for about 4 years and all the time it was outside. In rain, harsh sun etc. Last year replaced it with another one from Aldi and 1 year on, it still shines like new, even though it is kept outside in sun and has to bear the sun all day and rain (when it happens)..

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      My experience is different with the Aldi BBQ cover. Mine is less than 2 years old but the seam on one side is torn and it looks very faded from exposure to the sun. Instead of looking black, it looks brownish.

      • Got one from Aldi couple weeks ago and they are great!

    • Bought an Aldi one last weekend in Chatswood for $15. Was clearance item and they had around 6 left. Good buy at that price.

  • for my next one then

  • The cover costs more than anybody's secondhand gumtree BBQ

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    Thanks Tupac ,Ordered one.

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    $27 delivery for non-prime members :(

  • Was looking at Bunnings last night for one to replace my perished previous cover but didn't see any that took my fancy. Ordered one of these ones thanks Tupac.

  • Thanks OP. Just ordered the large cover - but no date of delivery. Hopefully within 1-3 months.

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    Don't know how they make money sending this relatively heavy cover by Fedex by air…

    Because they pay hardly any tax here in Australia. All money is pushed through Luxembourg.
    It's "tax avoidance" and illegal when you're a little guy.
    When you're one of the richest guys in the world, it's "tax minimisation" and completely legal.

    1 billion in revenue here in Australia… yet just 10 million in tax paid. 1% tax. Amazeballs.

    That's hundreds of millions not in OUR pockets for schools, roads, and hospitals.
    Blood is on my hands too because I buy deals like this… but the system is very broken when one man can amass 110 billion dollars in PERSONAL WEALTH, and he's only 55 years old (ie STILL earning).

    • -5

      Sorry "tax minimization" is perfectly legal if you are small/big company or individual. I am happier with Amazon and you keeping every dollar then giving it to mob in Canberra that wastes $91.328B per quarter.
      System is not broken, he did not amass $110B, his wealth is mostly in shares. As long Amazon betters the world (which it does)I am more than happy with him being worth even $1T.

      Don't like company don't buy from them, you can always try moving to successful socialist country…oh wait there are none.

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        actually amazons case of tax minimisation is that they make profit here, but then charge 'accounting' or 'admin' fees from their parent company which brings their profit to zero.

        that has to be defined to bring clarity to the issue. Tax minimsation is fine, you can spread out your income if you're a business, but what the bigger companies do is charge themselves bullshit fees to the australian entities then take those profits overseas.

        Their rationale is that they create employment here. However it's really a net zero as those people would have had jobs from other small businesses that would have had the share of amazons market.

        capitalism at it's best.

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        I can only laugh at your ludicrous comment that he did not amass $110B because it's mostly in shares. Last time I checked shares are more liquid than properties and is definitely included in measuring your net worth.

        • Not amassed, company doing well his shares a worth that much. Company goes bust he looses big portion of it. The way UFO is talking like the guy did something despicable to “amass” his wealth.

      • I appreciate how they waste the money on roads, hospitals and police, etc like a socialist country does. Otherwise I would be paying for it all myself if it was a libertarian country.

  • Thanks - just bought a spare cover and stackable chair covers - https://www.amazon.com.au/Modern-Leisure-Adirondack-Furnitur...

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