Catch selling our information to Cold Calling companies?


I usually don't get cold calls on my phone number as I'm especially careful about my data. For only shopping online, I usually use amazon or ebay on my normal email… all that for the last 5 years, occasionally use a burner email to place orders on goodguys, Myer or big australian brands. Early this month, I bought something from "catch" and as it's one big retailer, didn't think much of it and used my normal email.

Today I just got a call from a dude selling me forex trade training, having my number, full name and my original email. I asked him how he got my information and he told me that I "clicked on a banner" … If that was possible to gather Name, phone number and email address from a simple click, I'd be the next Mark Zuckerberg. I questioned him several times about how he got my info, he kept with his excuse of me clicking on some forex trading (I only click to see if there is any hot singles around my area so he was definitely lying).

Now, maybe I am being paranoid but I find the coincidence being really odd between me providing my info and getting cold calls. I never had cold calls before and the amount of information they had on me was worrying as they could only get such qualified lead through some shady ways.


My email to them


I would like to know if catch sells my information to third parties?

I never got cold calls before today and I only provide this specific email I am using to purchase online on Amazon, ebay and catch. I used Amazon and ebay for more than a year and never had this issue and just purchased on catch recently. I asked the person on the phone trying to sell me forex trading training about how he got my details and what he had on me … which is the name I registered on this website (I use my middle name) and the email I use to purchase.

If the problem is from catch (which I highly suspect), please delete my details from your database. In the case It's not actively done by catch, someone in your company must be tampering with database and selling it.

Thank you for your help,




Thank you for writing to us.

We are happy for your interest to sell your items to our website, You may sign up on this link :
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In case that you have any other questions feel free to contact us.
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