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Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro (Blue) 6GB/64GB $305 Delivered (HK) @ TobyDeals


The Grey version, which is what they are calling the Black, is available for $10 more.

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    Toby doesn't charge GST. As always, email them first to confirm stock… Or you could be waiting a while for your non "in-stock" phone.

    • Cool. Updated the post.

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      yeah cancelled by note 8T order from Toby after waiting a week without shipment.

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        I ordered a Mi 9 Lite on Monday Nov 11 (evening) and it took about a week before it shipped.
        But once shipped it arrived fast - Thursday Nov 21 - so 8 business days from order.

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        I bought note 8T, and still Toby didn't update for the tracking number yet.

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    Just got the 128gb version for my dad last week. Really solid phone!

    It was indeed the international version.

    Ordered on a Tuesday, arrived the following Monday.

  • Does this have band 28 and NFC?
    Or is it only the Note 8T that has both?

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      Confirmed that it has NFC but there are conflicting reports about band 28 (both here and on whirlpool forums), however xiaomi global website confirms the global version as having band 28.

  • This or 8T?

    • What's the difference?

      • I know of at least one, snapdragon in 8T and mediatek here.

        • The 8/8T use the SD665 & the Pro uses the MTG90T. The MTG90T is around 50% more powerful than the SD665. Some people don't like MT chipsets but between these two, the MT is (on paper) the superior processor.

          • @sinners007: Yes… that's why I asked which.

            • @bargainparker: The only concern with note 8 pro was the unavailability of custom ROMs, however there is already a EU ROM out for it so Id go for note 8 pro over 8t.

              • @titan0r: mate i bought this phone for my mom who lives in the country, does this model have B28 and if not will it be a big deal that the phone doesnt have it.

    • Yes same phone but in Blue colour. Also the prices in your link are in USD.

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    AUD price on gearbest Jumps to 416 ! I just bought one from Toby. I had purchased a 160 dollar Samsung A20 but seems a little bit more, this is a much superior phone, dual sim, better camera, even better battery, twice ram, better processor and new chipset…. for 300 dollar, its a deal !


  • Since when did they have a blue variant??

  • Seems like it has a good camera.

  • So save around $30 if you want it sooner than AE?

  • I emailed them and they said that they didn't have any in stock but are supposedly expecting some either tomorrow or Wednesday.

  • I ordered the Grey one on Sunday and got the shipping notification last night. So looks like that colour is in stock. Let's see how fast it arrives here.

    • My phone arrived today. Took 5 days to get here. Very impressed with Toby deals.

      • does yours have B28 ? have you been able to confirm ?

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