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4 Months of Hi-Fi TIDAL for $1.99


I believe someone just posted the premium version but for an extra $1 you can get 4 months Hi-Fi which contains the masters edition!

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  • +1

    Any idea when this deal expires?

    • Not too sure. from the campaign link it looks like it's a black friday / cyber monday deal

    • +4

      When the company folds in about 2 months time

  • +12

    wtf, tidal is still around??

    • +10

      yeah! on and off I listen to their masters edition.. It's really nice if you have a decent DAC setup. I use a dragonfly DAC and it is MQA approved, which is also what Tidal's Master's edition has so the audio quality changes automatically

      • -18

        Snake oil is alive and well.

        • +2

          Tidal UI is also very good. The only problem with tidal is that the regular price is like $23 a month.

        • +14

          Surprised at all the downvotes.

          I was a big believer in lossless audio until I ABX tested myself, and couldn't distinguish 320 kbps lossy from 24/192 FLAC. This is with a dragonfly black 1.5 and K7XX. It's not snake oil in the sense that it is technically better, but given most ears (including mine) aren't able to tell the difference, it might as well be.

          That said, I can understand getting Tidal for access to avoid the shitty Spotify 'remasters'.

          • +2

            @snep: I imagine it's because the vast majority of people have never tried an abx test, and experience cognitive dissonance where their larger purchases mean that must have golden ears.

            You can't head the difference between 320 and lossless, neither can I. Almost nobody can.

            • @ozbjunkie: you've got some weird hangup on people that are into high quality audio.

              • +2

                @giventofly: Have you done it?

                I have nothing against perceptibly high quality audio. My audio gear is among my highest prized possessions.

                What I do take issue with is ridiculous claims of makers of $500 cables. Unfortunately, the internet is full of audio hardware and software recommendations from people that don't understand the placebo effect or don't use abx testing.

                If you can hear the difference between 320 and flac, I am genuinely jealous. But if you haven't tested it, I'd be willing to bet you can't.

          • @snep: Where did you do the ABX test?

            • @giventofly: So, have you done one yet? Lol.

              • @ozbjunkie: Lol, I haven't done the Tidal one (http://abx.digitalfeed.net/)

                I tried it doesn't provide enough parameters for me to know that it is actually a test - and not orchestrated by someone salty. I think there are more factors than just the file when it comes to hearing the difference. A poorly produced track won't sound that great at higher fidelity. Those flaws will be amplified if anything.

                I know I can hear the difference between 320kbps and Tidal MQA tracks. I have my own collection that I have listed to for hours. And when venturing into high quality audio, I was noticing things in some of my favourite tracks.

                You've stated you can't - but what are you listening for? It's undoubtedly better for me. You can call that placebo or whatever, but when comparing my favourite tracks, ones I know intimately, I can absolutely hear the difference. There is better separation between instruments and I can hear elements of a song I'd not noticed before.

                Tthe clearest (cleanest?) example for me was in the low end - bass. It didn't muddy the mids and there was less roll off on the highs. Everything sounds more precise and tidy.

                I've always struggled to put words to describing sounds. I hope some of that made sense!

                • +2

                  @giventofly: Yeah I wouldn't trust the tidal one either.

                  I listened for separation between instruments, air and shimmer in the cymbals and high hats, but couldn't choose reliably enough to demonstrate better than guessing.

                  I would have thought that there would be little difference in bass because to my crude understanding compression affects high frequencies much more than low frequencies. Happy to be corrected about how compression affects bass though.

                  If you can hear the difference on songs you know very well, that would make some sense to me. My experience is when I'm trying to use songs I think I know well a set of new features pop out, and I think I've discovered something new about the song, and then I realise it was there all along.

                  Of course when something new does pop out, I'm forced to question whether that occured because I was paying more attention, or because the variable I changed actually highlights something differently (new headphones being a recent example for me).

                  In the end I sometimes find it hard to say which is better, even when I can tell a difference in hardware. I think when people start spending subjectively large amounts on music gear they sometimes interpret any new change as an improvement.

                  Anyway. If you can tell, you're in the minority. Well done.

                • +1

                  @giventofly: Rip your CDs/transcode your FLACs then use the fb2k component or this application to do the testing.

            • +1

              @giventofly: I used the Foobar extension linked above by @Diji, and used LAME to encode 320kbps mp3s directly from the lossless files, to make sure there were no other differences between the files besides format.

          • +4

            @snep: It all comes down to the quality / dynamic range of the recording that you are using for your test. I also can't hear the difference between lossy and hi-res on modern pop recordings but try a well mastered acoustic jazz or classical recording and the difference may surprise you.

            • @elektron: I just used Random Access Memories as my source, and was convinced enough by the results to not feel the need to try anything else. I believe that's regarded as pretty well recorded and mastered, but maybe if I have the time I'll try again with some more albums and genres.

        • +3

          Underrated comment.

        • Wow, the downvotes are unfortunate :(

          Folks need to be smacked around a bit with the scientific method

  • +3

    Thanks. Wanted to try the new 360 audio with my Sony wh1000xm3's

    • It's really good.

      • Yep, tried it. Sounds like a proper HiFi set-up with amazing imaging and soundstage.

    • OK. I'll give it a go

  • +1

    Might give this a go since my Spotify is expiring.

  • Can't complain for the price - just need to get a decent hi-fi system set up to reap the benefits of the higher quality audio!

  • Tidal is outside the top 500 apps on Google play. Last time I checked this year it was #8xx Surprised they still around

    • +5

      I have been a subscriber for at least 2 years now. Happy to pay for the better audio quality as I'm sure some others are.

      • Ditto. Need proper hardware to enjoy it.

        • -1

          Have you tried an abx test? Can you actually tell the difference between 320 and lossless?

          • @ozbjunkie: I have done abx via my Duntech Senator speaker setup, and boy is there a difference between 320 and lossless. Due to the clinical sound signature of the senators, they very easily reveal the differences between a poorly recorded production (alot of today's pop music) and well recorded and composed production. I'm talking both lossless files here, 320 mp3 is out of the question.

            • @Faulty: Wow, at 20k per speaker, thank goodness you have the ears to appreciate them.

              Maybe one day… I may as well dream.

              Edit- I just realised you wrote 320 is out of the question. Does this mean you have done such a test? The difference between good (old) recordings and bad (new) recordings can be discerned even without gear of your calibre.

              I don't doubt people can tell the difference between good and bad recording or mastering - what I doubt is that more than about 1% of people can tell 320 MP3 from FLAC without specifically training themselves and practicing to hear the difference in the shimmer of cymbals. This latter feat fails to "listen to music - Don't listen to gear" imho.

    • +1

      I wouldn't have thought that mobile users were tidals primary target audience.

    • Strange rationale for the success of a company. There are heaps of streaming music services other than Spotify: Deezer, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Apple Music. None of these are in the top 500 apps on Google play, but I expect them to stick around awhile.

      • That's true actually I stand corrected about app rankings. I do recall though they don't disclose the number of subscribers if I am not mistaken?

        Not knocking the service some of my fav musicians are co-owners

    • I don't think Tidal has a significant market share in the lossy streaming market and lossless / hi-res streaming is quite niche but only has a handful of services, so I think Tidal will be around for a while.

  • I've been looking to drop spotify because the mobile app has been garbage for the past year. But the first band I searched for on Tidal - King Gizzard - showed they had barely any of their catalogue available.

    • +2

      Have you noticed how difficult casting from Spotify is nowadays? It never connects on the first go and it just drops out of nowhere. Other apps connects right away.

      • Yep. It keeps getting worse with my sonos speakers. It used to work absolutely fine, now it's 50/50 whether it works or not plus controlling the volume is buggy and stopping playback is buggy.

        • +1

          Ah thought it was just my connection… I actually started using YT Music just cause its way more stable and the quality is better.

    • But the first band I searched for on Tidal - King Gizzard - showed they had barely any of their catalogue available.

      Most of their catalogue (e.g. 13 studio albums) is showing for me on Tidal. Are you searching with their full name (King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard)? Or using a VPN?

      • Are you using the browser or the app? I just signed up and I'm using the browser but I still only have 2 albums show up. Not using a vpn and I'm 100% on their band page.

        • Very odd. I'm seeing 14 albums on the app, mobile app, and browser. Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/PFWnQuQ

        • That's weird, like Zoetrope, I'm only seeing 2 albums. No vpn here. Using the desktop client, haven't tried the phone app yet.

          • @Crys: whats worse is i can search find the albums on tidal through google and play demos of the songs without logging in. Then when I log in it tells me the album doesn't exist.

  • +1

    I'm getting a deal is no longer available. I guess I'll go back to putting + symbols in front of my gmail account so I can continue to renew the free trial like a true OzBargainer.

    • I'm on the offer page right now. Working just fine.

      • +1

        I think it was probably something to do with my work's internet. I just tried on my phone and it worked. Thanks for the heads up!

  • I read it as "Tee-dahl". What is wrong with me?

    • Tidus

  • +1

    Damn, not eligible for the offer! Must be new customers only, not currently subscribed but used to be.

    • Worked fine for me, I used the same account I had from the 6 month free trial from way back.

      • +1

        Hmmm I’ll try again

        Scratch that, it does work. I had two accounts (for some reason) tried my second one and it worked which was also a previous subscriber from a previous trial.

  • +7

    Just got some high end speakers and found $2 on the floor so I guess I’ll put it towards Tidal to try it out.

    • +2

      It's an audio miracle!

  • +1

    I really like Tidal. I listen to mostly world music mixed with electronic (ie not 'popular' music), and I have very rarely not been able to find an artist or album. The "similar artists" suggestions are mostly great too. I think the HiFi level is a bit too expensive though.

    • I really like Tidal. I listen to mostly world music mixed with electronic (ie not 'popular' music), and I have very rarely not been able

      Who are you listening to atm?

      Check out the album St Germain (by St Germain) if you haven't already:)

      • +1

        Thanks I'll have a listen. These have been on heavy rotation lately :)

        Dengue Dengue Dengue (Zenit & Nadir)
        Chancha Via Circuito (Bienaventuranza Remixes EP)
        Nicola Cruz (Invocacion [not on Tidal for some reason])
        Rodrigo Gallardo (El Origen)
        El Buho (Camino de Flores)
        Afrosideral (El Olimpo de los Orishas)

        • +1

          Thanks, some great sounding stuff there!

  • +3

    i signed up. can i cancel straight away or do i have to wait ? ive set a remainder either way.

    • +1

      Also wondering this…

    • Would cancelling the automatic payment in paypal accomplish the same thing?

    • +3

      Yes you can cancel straight away.

      "Subscription successfully cancelled. Thanks for streaming with TIDAL. Your subscription will come to a full stop on 25.03.20"

  • +4

    Word of warning, even after I cancelled with Tidal they charged me and then refused to refund. Had to open a PayPal dispute, they do this a fair amount.

    • +2

      next time just remove PayPal auto debit subscription and Tidal wouldn't be able to auto charge

    • I've cancelled Tidal trials as couple of times in the past - never had an issue.

  • +1

    Cool thanks. I want to see how my Spotify playlists go in Tidal in terms of the amount of song cross-over

    • +1

      for me its about 80%

  • +1

    Thanks. i just signed up.
    i really enjoy Tidal quality previously. I just do not want to pay rrp $24 a month. I was trying to find people to share tidal family account but most of my friends use Spotify so i gave up.

  • +1

    Good if you have a $4,000 setup at home (1% of the population)

    Not good if you're listening on your 'Airpod' (99% of the population)

    • +1

      99% of the population (that buy aidpods) ?

      • +4

        I put Airpod as an example of an average joe like me that listens on their earphones/headsets

    • Nah man I got Beats - can totally hear the difference its sublime!

      • Bahaha!

  • +4

    Thanks OP. I signed up and to make sure I didn't get billed full price, I immediately cancelled my subscription. They allow you to have the full trial period even if you cancel straight away.

  • +1

    I'm getting a message that I'm not eligible for this offer. Is it only for those that haven't had a trial before?

    • I had a trial before, I managed to get the offer. It's great, because I managed to snag some Tin HiFI P1's and a FiiO M9 from Singles Day sales.

    • I'm getting the same.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Time to loose all my favorites and start again:( Worth is to save $94 I guess…

    • Tidal has kept my favourite tracks from the previous trial.

      • They run this deal every year, I subscribe for the other 8 months. So, I need a new account to get the deal, but means loosing favourites and downloads.

  • Awesome deal! Keen to try it out finally for this price.

    Just found the whole Deicide discography on there, so they have metal which is a bonus!

    • +1

      They have a lot of metal.

  • Anyone tried Amazon HD Music?
    Apparently it also offers lossless music streaming.

    • When I tried to sign up, it didn't let me because Music HD is not available in Australia yet.

    • I was just trying out Amazon Music, but the apps (for Windows and Android) feel like they were designed by amateurs. Lots of random glitches, songs & albums are listed in a random order with no way to sort them. I'm a week into trying Deezer now and it seems much better than Amazon.

      • Edit: I meant to say Tidal, not Deezer. Though I have tried both recently and both are better than Amazon.

  • Yay wanted tidal again but too pricey normally for me and too data intensive for mobile, but happy to have it for home

  • +2

    "This offer is no longer valid"

  • Just set it up on my Sony WH1000XM3. It sounds OK but nothing special. Sounds a lot better on my Sennheiser HD599. For $1.99 no complaints though, but definitely not paying the full price.

    • +1

      Gonna be hard hearing difference over any Bluetooth connection

      • Certainly not "any" - I can consistently hear a difference in blind tests on some hi-res material over LDAC (set to Sound Quality mode).

        Lossless AAC / MP3 won't make much difference, I agree.

    • Check your sound quality in the app's settings.

      • I guess it's not fair to compare bluetooth headphones, even the premium WH1000XM3, with wired headphones. The MQA tracks sound a lot better even on my cheapo Samson SR850.

  • Why do i keep signing up to these tidal trials? Just wasted another $2 and still crap. I keep thinking it would change, but alas no. For example, doesn’t even have any Courtney Barnett albums. Perhaps a bit too US/hip hop centric.

    Oh well, I suppose that’s what trials are for.

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