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[PS4] Persona 5 $16.41 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Bought my copy for double a month ago, but forgot to turn my 3camels off. Persona 5 for PS4 at a great price which I don't think will last. This is the USA version.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Good game, great price

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    Very good game, liked p4 golden on vita way more.

    Got burnt out around the vault mission.

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      Persona 5 The Royal (p5's equivilent of p4 golden) just came out in Japan and its launching early next year here just incase you didnt know.

      • +5

        yup.. was just going to post this.. P5 is on sale physical and digital copies everywhere at the moment to clear out stock.. I'm semi-expecting P5 The Royal ''remaster'' to also be released on PC as well as PS4.

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          The normal version of Persona 5 is still amazing, but for people who havent played persona 5 its probably best to just wait.

          • @Vinodra: I was actually going to jump on this because I thought the opposite — that having never played it (or any of the series!) I wouldn’t know enough to appreciate what I’d be gaining with the new version. Would it really be worth waiting?

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              @Mintchip: You dont need to play the original P5 for P5R, infact it would be better if you havent.

              From what I know it adds/changes

              -A new semester of endgame content
              -A new party member
              -Reduces load time and time between battles
              -New story elements throughout the original game & a few new characters
              -A customisable player home
              -A card minigame
              -New endgame challenge battles

              Keep in mind even the base P5 is about 100 hours if you do everything (Think my save ended up being 123), so its a big undertaking to replay just for the new content since I dont think saves can transfer.

              • @Vinodra: So just to be sure, for first-time players, don't buy this deal even though it's apparently cheap, and wait for this royal ver?
                Do you think it'll be full priced or anything?
                I have a ps4pro if it makes any difference

                • @Blitzfx: If you want it cheap get this, otherwise wait for P5R to go on sale.

        • While JP Devs are moving towards releasing stuff on PC for the west im not convinced the persona team will do it as they have a history of making games exclusive as part of their marketing strat. would be amazing to see it tho

      • No idea when PS5R will come to AU. It depends when they release for US

    • Hope you get back into it at some point. Personally, the game keeps getting better and I absolutely enjoyed it. Don't read the spoilers!

  • Woah just bought the game this morning wen it dropped to $20 lucky i was able to cancel and reorder thanks op

  • +1

    Already got it. Damn!

  • Great game, worths every cent.

  • +5

    Persona 5 Royals comes out soon, it’ll have 4K graphics for the Pro. Plus extra missions or something.

    • -3

      That only matters if you got a 4k TV else makes no diff

      • +2

        PS4 Pro might load the game a bit faster, and it could downscale from 4K to provide a better 1080p image, PS4 Pro gained supersampling last year.

        • Well I already got the pro. I don't have a 4k TV I do not see much loading time difference

          • @neonlight: Google the comparison of loading times on Spider-Man or Assassins Creed Odyssey (especially when recalling Ikaros from a distance).

      • +1

        https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/499081#comment-8015124 The 4k supoort wasnt even worth me putting in the bullet points, it adds so much more than that.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I was planning on waiting for Royal to come out, but assuming it releases at normal price for new releases ($69), I can't see the new content being worth the extra $53.00.

  • I bought this game on Christmas 2017 for $50, the only regret I have is not playing enough because of school. I've probably spent 300 hours minimum on this game.

    • +7

      I think you did fine dude

      • tbf most of those hours were deleted by my brother, I was so close to platting the game.

  • is there a PlayStation hits version comming out soon?

    • in the us there is.

  • what kind of game is this?
    I guess the premise is that you are a person?

    • +3

      No. You’re a persona

    • +1

      Japanese RPG, but it's very accessible. Set in and around a high school and it's basically about how grownups are sometimes psychopaths behind their polite and humble appearance. Their minds are infected by something basically, and you help them by sneaking into their mind where there is a whole land built around their fantasies, and kill the monsters, level up, and defeat the boss, ridding them of their psychopathy and then they willingly turn themselves over to the police and confess their crimes. The soundtrack has a cool bass line and the game somehow has a humorous atmosphere to it, doesn't ever take itself too seriously.

  • Omg nice price. Paid $79 at launch

    • +4

      2 and a half years ago…

      • Yeah and it was worth it

        • Yep. One of very very few games I paid full price for and was worth it. Can't wait for P5R.

  • +3


  • +2

    Good to see heaps of persona fans here.

    Great game and highly recommend it

    There's also the "royal" edition coming out some time early next year which add an extra character and story line.

    The big reveal is most likely December 3rd

  • Grabbed one. Thanks, OP!

  • +1

    My favourite game of this generation.

    Even with P5R coming out, it's still well worth it at this price.

  • Argh I've still got a PS3 copy that I haven't unsealed…
    This is probably as cheap as it will get even 2nd hand in the future, these games hold their resale value.

  • +3

    Looking cool Joker!

  • Eeehhhhh, considering P5R is coming and I never at either, I might not bother…

  • super stylish game but it really was just a "find enemy weakness simulator" in the end unfortunately

  • Great game, but good lord does it go on a bit.

    If you're on the fence between getting this cheap or waiting for P5R, I'd say get this. The game is already too long as it is - P5R won't improve it by being even longer.

  • I could never get into P4Golden, but this really interests me, I dunno why… if I couldn't get into P4G, and I've heard it to be one of the best in the series, will I like this?

    • I liked this a lot more than P4G.

      Set in Tokyo so it's more lively.
      The companions are still interesting (very much a preference thing between both games)
      But the companions who aren't in your squad offer better gameplay rewards.
      The story is still very cool (personal preference)
      The style is way better
      The dungeons are better designed and not auto-genetated
      The music is still awesome
      There's more to do in your time off

    • I really enjoyed P4G, which is why I bought P5, and I also really enjoyed it.

      My gut feel is that if you couldn't get into P4G then you probably won't get into this, either. Might be better off giving P4G another try if you've already got that - if you like it better this time, then maybe consider P5.

      Having said that, this is pretty damn cheap, so you're not gambling a huge amount of money if you don't like it - you'll probably get a fair chunk of what you paid back if you trade it.

  • Good game but wasn't for me. Story is fantastic but the combat repetitiveness and grinding just wore me down.

  • Will this work in PS4 AU?

    • PS4 is region free (for games, at least - I think the BluRay movie player is still region-locked), so unless the publisher has put some kind of region lock of their own in the game, it should be fine.

  • +1

    Received the game today, it is the "PLAYSTATION HITS" version of the game and has a red case vs the usual blue case.
    Not really impressed seeing as it's not what they showed in the photos and they usually specifiy in the item title if its the playstation hits version of a game.

    • Same, I am a bit disappointed with that.

  • $38.85 + Delivery now

  • Got the game today but it’s not loading have to return it :-)

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