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Black Friday Device Deals: Kindle $99, Paperwhite $149, Echo Show (2nd) $269, Echo (3rd) $99, Ring Stick Up $199 Del @ Amazon AU


Amazon's Black Friday device deals are up

Devices on sale include:

Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB) $149 down from $199
Kindle $99 down from $139(4 GB w/ front light)
Echo Show 5 (Mod: Duplicate of this deal)
Echo Show (2nd gen) $269 down from $349
Echo Dot (3rd Gen) (Mod: Duplicate of this deal)
Echo (3rd Gen) $99 down from $149
Fire TV Stick $49 down from $69
Ring Stick Up security camera $199 down from $319

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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    FYI the Kindle Paperwhite can be bought cheaper at TGG.

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    Thanks for the post. Just a tip, have a look at formatting help to see how to do hyperlinks which makes the description a lot cleaner.

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      Fixed! Thanks for the tip, Slo20 - that's much better.

  • Ring stick up cam same price as bunnings

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    Damn no Oasis? That's a shame, I was looking to upgrade my Paperwhite after the screen got scratched.

  • $99 less $10 Amazon credit I have for the 2019 Kindle. $89 time to get one.

  • Echo 3rd Gen worth getting over 2nd Gen?

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    FYI 2nd gen echo is still $49 at Jb Hi-Fi.

    • Whats better 3rs gen dot or 2nd gen echo?

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        100% Echo for sound

  • Echo Show 5 & echo Dot (3rd GEN) posted the other day, been up for a few days.

    • Fixed. Better late than never 😉

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    Officeworks has beat Kindle 2019 for $98
    What's the level of Cashrewards cashback on an Amazon product? not sure how to check the tiers if it's worth still going amazon

  • The 32GB Kindle Paperwhite is also $50 off at $199. https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07741S7XP/ref=s9_acss_bw_cg_AU...

  • Gonna get Fire TV Stick but will wait for tomorrow in case upsized cashback

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      The Fire TV stick is a joke compared to what you can get in other countries.

      • It's not worth buying? I was thinking of getting one…

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          I am waiting for the 4k version to arrive Amazon Australia, so annoying that its available almost everywhere except here…

      • just need netflix and disneyplus. Not worried too much with other features. It's for second tv

  • How long are these deals active for?

  • oasis?

  • Echo show 5 and Echo show - difference is only in screen size, speaker and camera specs, rest the same?

  • Where are the Fire Tablets? No snark intended, just curious…

  • Officeworks had $78 Echo Show 5 when I was in there this morning.
    I think $38 for Echo Dot

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    Is there any real benefit in getting a Kindle Paperwhite over the base model Kindle? It looks like it is just the waterproofing and higher storage which are the main differences?

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      Paperwhite has higher resolution (300/167) an extra led (5/4) waterproof and flush front compared to the new base model kindle.

  • With Ring camera if you don't pay for monthly Ring subscription, what happens? It stops recording video? That is bad.

    A Ring Protect subscription is required to access stored videos. A free 30-day trial of Ring Protect is included - Ring Protect plans start at only $4 a month after trial ends.

    • You’ll still get notifications. Just can’t save and review recordings for later.

  • Pretty much set on getting the Echo Show 5 but then discovered the 20% off additional items, including discounted Ring 2 doorbells and the stick up cameras !! But having trouble deciding whether or not to buy the extra home items. Heard bad things about the delay between ringing doorbell and showing notifications/alerting alexa. Anyone have experience with this? Or is it just people's home wifi network? How about the cameras? Please give your thumbs up/down … as I think the extra 20% off the discounted price makes them quite cheap or am I mistaken?

  • Kindle paperwhite, half price case deal, cashrewards plus amex promo
    Not a bad deal considering good guys have sold out.

    Thanks op