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Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers 42w (Wood Grain) $80.73 Delivered @ Edifier via Catch


Hi People,

This is a great deal for $80.73 for a nice pair of computer, bookshelf or TV speaker.

TWEETER UNIT: Φ13mm silk dome tweeter
BASS UNIT: 4 inch (116mm)
Frequency Response: 55Hz - 20KHz
Input: Bluetooth, 3.5mm to RCA, 3.5mm AUX & Optical
Sensitivity: Line in1: 450±50mV | Line in2: 550±50mV | OPT/COA: 500±50mFFS | Bluetooth: 700±50mFFS
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: ≥85dB
Dimensions: 144.7 x 241.3 x 177.8mm
Power Total: L/R: 21W+21W RMS

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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        • Also reports of cancellations on the other deal for the R1850DB.

          I missed out on this deal so ordered via Amazon, hope they don't cancel but most likely as they priced matched Catch. So if Edifier are saying it's a price error I'm guessing same would apply.

          • @adr8: I just talked to amazon and they said they would honour the price of the order as it stated order confirmed. Hopefully they stick to their word!

            • @zintill: Edifier said in my email that they would honour Amazon sales though their Edifier Online store

              • @koston54: Through their Edifier Online store? Sorry I don't quite understand

  • This is the email I got:

    Dear Koston54,

    We are really sorry to let you know that the lower-priced orders on catch.com.au will not be accepted due to an Internal mistake on Catch’s behalf. As the authorized distributor of Edifier in Australia, we have been striving to provide the best quality products and services. However, we are not able to accept a deal that was not intended by us, with which both the brand and we will be hurt. For that reason, all orders on Catch of the Day’s platform will be cancelled and refunded.

    We are gladly continuing offering great Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The only valid offers for will be held on Amazon and on our official website edifier.com.

    We really apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused.

    • Oh thanks, cool interesting that they will honour Amazon's 80.00 and not catch's.

    • hey koston when did you order ?i ordered as soon as this deal came on here, i still didnt get a cancellation email yet , i jst check my order and its the processing stage , did anyone else got that cancellation email?

      • I still have no cancellation emails. I ordered immediately from Catch too… then when that sold out after less than an hour, I ordered from Amazon for the $80 price. The email above doesn't sound like they will necessarily honour the Amazon price, just that in future Amazon "will be" an official place to buy. Somebody here has contacted Amazon… but the Amazon person might just be a person saying "ordered" means ordered because they don't know what else to say. I just wish they'd hurry up and cancel if they are going to so I can at least buy elsewhere.

        • +1

          I just added the speaker to my cart (with a now higher price of course) in Amazon and the delivery date was for 9 December. So the stock is there.

          • @mememe123: I dunno why you are having so much trouble with an Amazon order….catch I can understand, but Amazon is usually more reliable as it should be coming out of their fulfilment centre…. "Fulfilled by Amazon."

        • +1

          i called catch and they said that my order wasnt even sent to edifier ,and that they out of stock, i told her it was bullshit they got heaps of stock,all she can do is refund so i did, u might want to call as your order is jst gonna stay pending for a long time unless you call

          • +1

            @hitman48: Really lazy and unprofessional from catch. It was only $20 less than the EDIFIER special price, they could have honoured it. If they are going to refund, it should be done quickly, with an apology. They shouldn't wait until customers call to complain.

            • +1

              @FreddyMerc: yeah man i know ,i was really pissed off on the phone to them ,what a joke

            • @FreddyMerc: Unbelievable. If I hadn't checked here for comments….

  • Damn I thought 108 was a good deal last week.

  • Got cancelled. Mad

    • when did urs get cancelled? witch one did u order? im still waiting on that cancellation email nothing yet , i got the black version of those speakers

      • Got the r1850db. This morning. Apparently they are canceling every order on Catch. Says is a price error, they won't honor it. Well good luck to you if it comes thru for you.

        • that sucks ,i guess i will get that email soon enough

  • that suck if its cancelled since i cancelled Amazon's order

  • +1

    If they are going to cancel these orders, they're taking their sweet time to do so!

    • +1

      Yeah, you guys are missing out on potential deals :(

    • yeah no kidding. im still waiting

      • +3

        My Edifier R1280DB is here from them direct, I'm enjoying having it as an option on the TV…. I hope when you guys finally get it that you enjoy it!

        • fingers crossed

  • just emailed catch and they confirm order has been cancelled.

    • You never email! Number one rule! We would rather live in denial.

  • +3

    Still waiting for mine to be cancelled, wish they'd hurry up and refund.

  • So has anyone had their order status progress past ORDERED ?

    Communication from catch or edifier (I don't care who) has been utterly embarrassing here. Why have someone people got emails indication they have no intention of shipping this product ?

    • I'm surprised more people aren't on here complaining - I take it no orders have been fulfilled and no money has been returned.

  • Emailed for update and my order got cancelled & refunded, but I did get a free $20 credit for catch, so not a total loss

    • +1

      I've just emailed them. Let's see what happens. If they just used the $20 credit to honour the price it would be what Edifier were selling it for anyhow. Ridiculous on both their parts.

    • also emailed and got the refund and $20 credit. looks like they don't bother refunding until you actually contact them, im sure some people will forget and end up losing $80.

      • I emailed them 3 days ago and haven't had a reply. Which email did you use?

        • Same here, no reply.

        • I went to the help center section on their website and "submitted a request", filled in my order details and asked where the order was.

          • @ben oost: Yea, that's what I did, no response. How long ago did you ask them?

            • @FreddyMerc: I sent the request thursday eve and got a response friday midday. Maybe ask again?

  • My order on Catch has not been processed yet and it's been 1 week. My Amazon's order was scheduled to be shipped between January and March, but I just received an e-mail saying that it will be delivered next Tuesday.

  • I haven't heard anything. This is really poor form.

  • I used the 'submit a request' form and they got back to me in 2 days with this message below. Really crap that I had to write to them to get this. They should have reached out to ASAP.

    We're writing to let you know that your recent Catch Marketplace order was cancelled by the seller, Edifiers Online Store, due to a technical error.

    We're sincerely sorry this happened. We have temporarily removed all products on Catch.com.au that were affected by this error.

    Of course, we've issued a full refund to your original payment method. Please allow 3 business days for the amount to appear on your statement.

    Also, a $20 store credit has been credited to your account. It will automatically be applied toward your next order.

    We sincerely apologise and hope you enjoy your next Catch with us.
    Kind regards,
    Customer Service Team Manager

    From the team at Catch, we wish you a safe and happy holiday

  • Haven’t received my speakers so thought I’d come here to see if others are having issues, and read they’re canceling orders. Ridiculous for them to not reach out ASAP about this. Claim filed with PayPal I can’t be arsed stuffing around with emails not being replied to one some of you have had. Very very poor form.

  • Good thing I looked through the comments. Submitted a request message on Catch and received a reply on the same day. Same as others, I received a refund and a $20 credit expiring in a year.

  • Catch has failed to inform its customers that their order has been cancelled due to a "technical error", 5+ business days after the order was placed.
    Affected customers are having to submit enquires/requests individually to obtain a refund.

  • I didn't contact them but just got a refund through paypal and $20 credit. No communication as to what was happening though

    • My communication email just came in explaining that it was all Edifier's fault and giving me a $20 credit

  • Got a refund - No communication of cancellation!

    • Same here, sent an angry message to catch. Don't expect anything from it, but service could have been much better.

  • We're sincerely sorry this happened. We have temporarily removed all products on Catch.com.au that were affected by this error.

    Of course, we've issued a full refund to your original payment method. Please allow 3 business days for the amount to appear on your statement.

    Also, a $20 store credit has been credited to your account. It will automatically be applied toward your next order.

    We sincerely apologise and hope you enjoy your next Catch with us.
    Kind regards,
    Customer Service Team Manager

  • My Catch order got cancelled but my Amazon order of the same price has been shipped just today.

  • Order cancelled.

    Totally a waste of time, and missed the deals from Amazon.

  • I reached out to edifier via https://www.facebook.com/edifierglobal/

    wonder if they will bother to reply to us :) or provide some good will and let us buy from the main site @ the price advertised or at a discount?

    • Edifier:

      Thanks for letting us know about this. We will further investigate and do necessary actions. Again, we appreciate your support.

      • +1

        "do necessary actions" I hope they realise that this sounds like they will try and rectify the current situation not some faroff non-pertinent future…..

        • Looks like the necessary actions was do nothing

          • @blehgg: It was necessary after all….lol Just as a headsup, if you have a harmony controller there is a profile to control the speakers available :)

  • +1

    also missed the other deals by trusting 'Catch' on this - very unimpressed, including with their $20 credit, and the 11 day delay in letting us know.

    • I feel for you buddy….I was a little annoyed I jumped on $99 with free delivery from edifier direct when this deal came around…… Now I'm just glad I have speakers…. feels like the target's $379 Switch deal all over again!

  • Just got charged for my Amazon order. So I expect it will be shipped soon. Especially when seeing recent posts with others who have had their orders shipped already.

    Thank god I hadnt blown through the money on other stuff for Christmas. I actually forgot about it. Very happy they should be here by christmas. Ordered a set for both of my kids.

    • +1

      I was spewing when this deal was posted as i had to go into a meeting and by the time i got out, it was all sold out. Ended up placing an order with Amazon which had dispatch date from 30/12 to 31/01. To my surprise they dispatched it yesterday and it ended up cheaper than this deal with the shopback cash back and zip pay discount (total $71.10). I expect yours will be sent out soon also. Feel bad for those who purchased through Catch, handled very poorly.

      • Yeah mine has a delivery date of tomorrow. Cant recall if I did shopback or not. But very happy to have gotten them at this price when $99 is normally a good deal.

        My kids are getting spoiled this christmas. Largely thanks to insane deals on ozbargain.

      • Hey I paid with zip pay too expecting a discount. How was yours applied mine currently says nothing of a discount being applied. First time I used zip so not sure how it is meant to work with discounts

        • I had to email their support, advising that order was placed during promotional period. They took 3 days to reply. They request screen shots of the order with date and time stamp, sent that through to them yesterday and the last email i got from them said they have raised it with the tech team and they will look to credit my account asap.

          • @KH41: Ah great knew this would be a hassle!

            • @zintill: Just a FYI, got my refund back today. So from initial email sent 9/12.

  • Edifier R1280DB just delivered from Amazon $80.73 deal (was originally meant to arrive jan/feb).

    Just plugged it in and first impressions - very happy with my purchase!

    I know they're not in the same category and shouldn't be compared directly, but Bose soundlink mini II special edition that arrived the other day sounds so anaemic in comparison, I decided instantly to return the Bose. My intended use for the Bose was to hook em up to the TV to replace the TV built-in speakers, which they would be an improvement on. But these edifiers, at almost half the price, do a much better job at the expense of portability.

    And yes I know portability is what the Bose is designed for, but even then - the Bose may have slightly better audio quality than my other portable speakers, but there's a lot better options out there these days for my use case. Heck I'm still super pleased with my $50 Moki Aqua Bass, all things considered including durability for actual portable use.

  • lol im still waiting for mine to be cancelled. i might email them because this is a joke.

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