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[eBay Plus] Apple AirPods 2nd Gen with Charging Case $99 Delivered @ eBay (100 Units at 10am, 1pm & 4pm)


Here we go agian. Ebay plus exclusive. I saw it on ebay front page.
100per 10am-1pm-4pm 30/11

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • $99 is a good price. Someone should broden them and make few bucks.

  • Deal impossible to obtain with human speed.

  • Stop this nonsense. If the server is near you then you get it quickly otherwise sorry as it is only 100 units.

  • Yeah, no chance of getting this at all.

  • 👎Nahhhhhh….Waste of time.

  • I guess I have better things to do Saturday rather than just trying to get an impossible deal.

  • +1

    I will earn $350 from job tomorrow and buy airpods 2 in $189 from office because price match with schoollocker.
    Can waste my time on ebay where is no transparency.

  • No thanks

  • bad deal. limited quantity. paying $49 to get the chance to spend a day failing to get cheap earpods does not sound like value.

    • +3

      if you pay eBay plus just for this deal, than you got scammed.

  • Has anyone successfully grabbed one ? I tried but failed to get one. Feel like scam to me.

  • No deal. Bait.

  • No thanks, waste of time.

  • Targeted to robots.
    No fault of OP though <3

  • +1

    Fake deal

  • Another clickbait by eBay to get people to buy plus, not going to work.

  • +1

    Waste of time….. don't say 100 items…… only few second item gone….. better reasonable discount with real availability.

  • Rubbish deal. I signed up. Tried at 10:15am then tried at 2:00pm on the dot and got nothing. (profanity) eBay.

  • Will the people that purchased one today be able to buy them again tomorrow? Will there be a new code?

    • Of course all their new accounts and bots are ready to fire .
      Should have a system where in 2 mins everyone who clicks can enter some kind of ballot and winners announced in 5 mins .
      But then the bots will expand to 100's if not 1,000's of accounts lol .

  • +1

    Ebay clickbait

  • +3

    Here is the trick for those still interested.

    Verify your delivery address and payment details first.
    Make sure you have ebay plus account. If not, join the trial.

    1. When 10am hits, click buy now when it becomes available

    2. On the checkout page, enter the code, double check its $99

    3. Click buy, but you wont get it. You have wasted too much seconds already. Don't expect you can win at 10am.

    4. Keep this checkout window open until 1pm.
      Open another tab with eBay, click on anything for every 10mins till 1pm.

    5. When 1:00:00 hits, you only need to do one click to buy.

    6. You might see error message return due to high demand, but try to click again. I bought mine yesterday at 2:00:04

    Do this on PC, not mobile app.

    If you were able to get it at 10am, thats good,
    but good luck for everyone else ;)

    • +1

      Glued to a computer for 3 hours for a tiny chance to save $100. Respect!

    • I used mobile app and worked like a charm. (seriously)

    • So your life and time is worth about $100? Respect!

    • Is refreshing the eBay page enough to keep the checkout session active? Or do I need to click on the product? (i.e. every 10 or 15 minutes).

      • The session stayed active for me overnight with my computer turned off. You don't need to be actively browsing the website, just set an alarm 5 minutes before the sale!

    • LOL, wish we have that much time that to buy it (even not for free).
      In 10:00:03 seconds the page opened with "item out of stock" message lol

    • worked for me thanks!

    • This is exactly what I did and I also got one. I don't think I can do it again though, it says 1 per customer, 1 per transaction

  • Don’t bother

  • I managed to get a set yesterday
    Just have to be lucky i guess… was good cause our eBay Plus expires tomorrow and we are not renewing.

  • What was yesterday's code

    • +1

      PSM26 from yesterday but seems like the code might change

  • Same code, those that have ordered yesterday can't order again

  • F*** All gone in two seconds. What gives!

  • Ah bugger off.

  • Same code as yesterday. Therefore for those that wished everyone would be locked out - you're correct.
    Pretty sad how you can't get both the watch and airpods

    Anyway of course no deal because this is competition… and unobtainable (esp if you bought anything yesterday).

  • +1

    Didn't even load and I have 13ms ping ..

  • +1

    Managed to grab one, still had it in my cart from yesterday

  • Seems to be same product link, same code. For those that are lucky enough to still have it in their cart

  • -1

    So many 0 feedback new accounts buying these.

  • okay how do i keep this on my cart lmao

  • +1

    Finally got it 4 attempts, multiple tabs of checkout open going through all of them purchasing

  • boom gone

  • +1

    got some finally using the camp-at-the-checkout-after-failing-three-times-yesteday trick

  • Don't waste your time guys, its pointless.

  • Not enough quantity.

  • Didn’t realise if I used the PSM26 coupon yesterday on something else (RM Williams boots) I couldn’t use it today on the AirPods :(

    Was able to purchase it, but code denied.


  • i added to cart 10.00am and 1 second and sold out haha

  • It seems the majority of buyers managing to get a pair of the AirPods are new eBay members with all being old within 27 seconds.

    • Well it is a marketing opportunity after all.

  • So I had my checkout window open still from the 1am session yesterday and have been refreshing since, click to purchase right on 10 and just like the last session yesterday i get a "the seller has made some changes to this listing" error message and it doesn't let me through. What gives?

    Now the checkout page is completely gone and I'm left only with a "this item isn't available in the requested quantity…" screen. Did I mess the process up somewhere or am I just plagued with bad luck?

  • +1

    Funny that I received a message saying that 8 sold last hour in iPhone app.

  • +3

    Lame, this is straight up impossible with bot accounts buying 100 in two microseconds. Once again I had it in my cart ready to go and for the 3rd time (2 times yesterday) I didn't get anything while spamming purchase. If I can't get in fast enough when I only have to click one button how is anyone else supposed to do it?

    Cancelling my eBay plus trial right now, so glad we have Amazon now instead.

  • So when people say to keep it in your cart, when the next deal comes at 1pm do you just hit the "confirm and pay" button?

    • I tried that at the 6pm one yesterday and still missed out.

    • Yep i did that, also helps if you got multiple tabs of the same payment window open

    • +1

      Yes, and you can get the URL and open it on as many separate devices/screens as you can (after logging into eBay) and give yourself more chance. I had 3 separate devices going and still ended up halfway through the list of successful buyers. Gotta be on the ball.

    • Didn't help. Still missed out. I give up.

    • Just tried it again today at 1pm and it didn't work again. Stupid eBay and stupid me for trying.

  • Cheating
    Just 8 sold in last 1 hr and it says sold out

  • I couldn't have gone through the purchase process any quicker and i still missed out again. Sold out within seconds. Why does eBay do this and why do I continue to waste my time?!

  • +1

    I was at the checkout screen refreshing, never had the chance to hit the checkout button lol

  • +1

    Works! I got a pair after failing yesterday

  • +3

    only 100 for whole country? since when this considered a deal?

  • -2

    I didn't believe a company like eBay would do that.

    I think fair trading should look into this practice. It is luring customers (or gaining financial gains) by showing the non-existent product or presenting it. I really doubt that they are actually giving it. If seller is doing it, eBay is also benefiting from it. So, both should be liable.

    I was hitting refresh from 9:59:30 am, the page was off.
    The page opened at 10:00: 00 am, but there was the "item was out of stock" message directly.
    People need at least some 10 secs to click some buttons (if bots are not working).

    So, I really doubt it is a real deal but a scam. (almost like a 49$ lottery)
    Even eBay should have been logical that 100units is not a deal.It is running a banner Ad from yesterday and more people are falling for it. I hope amazon comes with something better than this (amazon au is so lame compared to amazon us).

    Maybe the next idea may be, mac for 1000$ (5 units), note for 200$ (2 units) and increase ebayplus signup to 99$. lol.

    Plus i see most of the so-called big companies have done price jacking in the name of sales. The item which was marked 10 dollar regular has been marked 15 dollars with a 20% discount.lol.

    Why are the customer watchdogs just watching? . Not doing anything.

    • Mate it is essentially a pseudo competition but it is legit. there’s plenty of tips above on how to score one

      • My question is it ethical for a company like eBay to do that. It may have a customer base of more than 1 million and 100, and you run a banner Ad for the whole day and entice people to signup for something.
        Yes, even running lottery is allowed, but they also need to abide by many rules and are scrutinized.
        Is it legal? I think it is grey area
        Is is ethical (what if somebody just pays 49$ hoping to get this deal)? hell, NO.

        • You claimed that eBay and the seller were selling non-existent products when it’s pretty clear that they’re legit. At least they’re honest about the quantity available and setting people’s expectations low. At the end of the day they don’t give a crap. It costs them max 10k per AirPods drop and look at all the mileage they get out of it. Pages of ozbargain and tabloid coverage.

          I was pretty butt-hurt about it all too (having tried to get them multiple times when they’ve run these things during the year and yesterday) until I read some comments with the winning method (see above). Worked first go for me too. If you want them, try that.

          • @skooter: i)I kept on refreshing. At 10:00:03 seconds, the page opened as "item out of stock," that means it is nonexistent for most of the regular users.
            ii) It is supposed to be black Friday promotion, and they are not giving it for free. Forget 10k, think how much they may be made from membership in the last two days.
            iii)Why should I learn to hack? I am not doing anything wrong or trying to get it for free. The system should never put regular customers against bots etc. If it does, they should correct the system. If you hold a competition, it is organiser's duty to make sure that nobody gets unfair advantages. If anybody does, they should be banned.

          • @skooter: This time it was different, lol
            6 seconds.
            I was able to get to second screen…
            check the time at top, lol

            not trying anymore. Maybe only for hackers and bots maybe.

            • @frank1: That’s the screen you want to stay at. Get back to it using your history if you need to if you haven’t already cleared your cart…

              Log into Ebay on as many phones/tablets/computers as you’ve got, then manually go to the URL of that checkout page on all the devices (https://pay.ebay.com.au/rxo?action=view&sessionid=1111111111). Then when 3.59pm rolls around start mashing that confirm & pay button on all the devices at once. Repeat repeat repeat. Don’t worry about accidentally double ordering or something like that - if you’re successful all your devices will start showing a successful order screen.

  • +1

    just wasted my time

  • Does anyone have the link to the product for us to try at 1?

  • Not worth the time.

  • +1

    This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been purchased already, or the listing has expired.

    Can't even add to cart.

  • can't even add to cart

  • Refreshed at exactly 1:00:00 but couldn't even add to cart. Maybe I'll pick some up during CM.

  • Absolute scam. Had in my cart from the morning, clicked purchase at 1:00:02 and didn't work…

  • Yeah nah. I literally did it within 5 seconds, was at checkout to pay and I still couldn't get it. Then I check the Sold list and the last person to checkout was at 1:00:38PM which took 38 seconds for him to process. Bullshit.

  • Impossible to place order

  • -1

    So, if you couldn't add to cart sorry to tell you but no chance you are gonna get it at this point.

    If you do have it in the cart but still can't get it then I'll tell you the method I've used 100% it will work

    • That was in my cart, code applied, pushed the pay and got the following at 1:00:05 This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been purchased already, or the listing has expired.

      • Same.

      • +1

        Okay, so this is the method

        (This is assuming you've already added it to the cart)

        1. Apply the discount code

        2. Use credit card/debit card method NOT Paypal (its gonna process through Paypal so you will have wasted some time). Put your card info in it and save

        3. Click confirm payment, just so it refreshes and you can make sure there are no issues with things like card info etc..

        4. Not needed, but I recommend getting an autoclicker and making sure everything is working (i.e the hotkeys to start and stop it work).

        5. Wait until 3:59:58 or so (People will say you have to refresh 10 minutes every time or it times out your session but this is simply not true, just make sure your cart tab is still open the whole time and you can leave and do something else). I also recommend setting a timer for like 3:55 so you don't forget.

        6. Once it is 3:59:58, start the autoclicker on the spot (or you start spam clicking yourself) and let it spam click confirm order. This is where people go wrong, because they get an error or "cart is updating", this is fine just keep clicking it and thats when you'll get to the confirm page and get your item.

        Good luck and tell me if it works

        • did that and got the error message that posted above (others got the same :( )

          • @Csonty: Go to speedtest then and see what your ping and internet speed is.

            Chances are it was either your ping or the speed of your internet that screwed you over.

            • @BarginGrabber: ping 3ms, download 47.22Mbps upload 18.56Mbps

              • @Csonty: Oh sorry, I didn't read the message properly.

                Okay, so read what I said on part 6

                "This is where people go wrong, because they get an error or "cart is updating", this is fine just keep clicking it and thats when you'll get to the confirm page and get your item".

                I went through like 3 error/update cart messages before it finally confirmed it.

        • I literally just did this for the 1Pm and can confirm it works, came up with the strategy of using card and ignoring the error based on bits of other information I read from users here, works a treat! order confirmation and money gone.

          • @Nicholas688: Yeah, I saw a lot of people mess up here.

            They see the error 2-3 times and just give up.

        • worked for me thanks! I did not use auto clicker. spammed myself

  • +2

    I managed to get to the order confirmed page, so I click on the order number and get greeted with:

    This order was not successful. Order cost has not been included in the total amount.

    Fun stuff.

    • +2

      Same here, except it also emptied my cart so I can't even try again at 4pm

      • Yep.

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