Minimum 20% off Retractable Hose Reels @ Hoselink


Most of the retractable hoses are a minimum 20% off. Unfortunately the Welcome195 cannot be stacked. Free shipping over $30.

15m ($179 at 25% off)

20m ($199 at 23% off)

25m ($219 at 22% off)

30m ($239 at 20% off)

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    I don't know how many times we need to go over this…. This is their regular price. No discount or bargain to be had

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      So report it with proof.

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      I disagree. It's a common special, but it is a special. Last time i went to buy it, there was only a 5% discount, for example.

      I would buy it today, if I didnt have a suspicion that may fanily will get me a retractable hose reel for Xmas —- and, if they dont, the tmfirst time its on special post xmas, I will buy it….. and its most likely that I will find out its on special from OzB


        Feel free to show us someone who has paid more than $239 for a 30m hose reel. Any day, any time you feel like have a look at their site and you'll see these prices.


    These WERE actually on sale (10% off above prices) over the black Friday - cyber Monday weekend.


    These deals are so odd.
    I recently posted this deal for 10% off so sale price on 15m reel came to $179 which is exactly the same as this deal at 25% off…

    I even managed to stack with welcome195


      they make a good hose, I'm not sure why they muck around with their prices like this. I need one for the front yard but will wait for a reel sale(!)

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      If you look at your deal it's actually $179 for 15m before any discount applied. Sale price after 10% is $161.10, plus another $10 bringing the final price down to $151.10 for the 15m reel. So, the normal price in your deal before any of the discounts applied is equivalent to the 25% offered in this deal. Not trying to give the OP a hard time but hoselink is being misleading with this discount and this is actually their regular everyday price so buyer beware.

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    29-Nov-2019 - Hoselink 15m Hose Reel - MSRP $179.00 - SALE - 10% discount+code = $151
    03-Dec-2019 - Hoselink 15m Hose Reel - MSRP $239.70 - SALE - 25% discount = $179

    Unless their MSRP has truly increased by a hefty 33%, this is something for the ACCC is it not?

    03-Dec-2019 this deal

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