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20GB SIM for $18 Per Month (First 12 Months, No Lock In Contract) @ Circles.Life (New Customer Only)


Great deal for 20GB PM with no contract needed, this deal comes from a is a redirect from https://www.whistleout.com.au, search for a plan with 20GB, add the code 10FOR20 at Circle checkout. Don't pay til SIM activation, offer ends Jan 10 2020

After 12 months of the $10 discount on your Circles.Life bills, your plan will increase to 20GB for $28/mth.
For new customers only. Offer may only be redeemed once per account.

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$10 Bill credit for referrer, referee (new signup) receives $10 monthly credit applied for 12 months.

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    same as earlier deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/491291 that Circles removed for 1 day then re-introduced

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        You know there's a button for that right?

        • More than 3 hrs. later and still No Vote lol.

          Maybe forgot his password and could not sign in to vote?

        • Yes, I do, and have used it, but I was just stating that I agreed with battler

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    Shocked at how good the service is. Telstra customer for last 10 years, Circles/Optus performs so much better for me in Bendigo. Initially ported to take advantage of the JB/Good Guys Telstra port-in deals, but not sure I’ll go back.

    Only issue is live chat can take a long time to get through if you have problems with the service activating. Quick resolution when you get through though.

    • Agree, I only used Telstra-backed MVNOs, but equally shocked at how decent this has been. I can't tell any difference, although I do live in Sydney, and don't leave much.

      Porting took less than an hour for me (from Belong).

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    Avoid like the plague. Ported my number from optus when I received my Sim card. They sent me the wrong Sim and my number was ported to another girls Sim card.

    Next to impossible to deal with their customer service.

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      I've had the opposite expirence, Optus network/Optus NVMO's has been fast and solid for me (especially at my home where Telstra is poor)

      • The actual optus network is fine. It's the actual competence. I now have no access to my number. All my texts going to a random girl I've never met. Trying to get it sorted next to impossible, they keep bouncing me around, never giving straight answers. Optus can't get a hold of them to get my cid (whatever that is)

        • Similar experience here…. Port went thru on Monday night, except that the SIM I received didn't work. I found out on Wednesday that they'd ported my number to someone else. Now waiting for a replacement SIM.

          • @psmedley: You think they would d have learned when I kicked up a huge stink. So pathetic of them. Good luck

      • +1

        Sorry re-read the comment, you are talking about Circles support desk here, no experience yet. can't comment. Will do so after i set up the SIM

        • My experience with the activation:

          Activation was not done for the first 24 hours (should have been less than 3) however a chat session this morn with help desk (there is no phone number) was great and fixed the problem activating while on the chat

          • @taimou: Further update, while activation was done a few hours ago the SIM is still not working

    • Had porting in issue myself too. Eventually they did it but it took 5 days 🙄

      • Seems like standard problems you can get with All/Any Telco. Luck of the draw lol.

  • One question, if I choose to port in my own number, can I still use my current carrier untill I activate the new sim card?

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      The correct way to change carriers, is to keep using your current sim, until your phone claims "no service" or "emergency only" .

      That should be the time you first try the new sim.

      Trying it before can (although the risk is low) delay the porting process.

      • +1

        Thanks for exlaining, my current sim plan ends in next Feb, but this offer ends Jan 10th, which means do I need to activte before Jan 10th?

        • Likely.

          You'd probably pay for 2 months, that 1 month.

  • +1

    There's issues with porting out. Beware.

    • What do you mean?

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        They use alphanumerical codes in whatever they use them for, whereas all other telcos in Oz only use numerical. Causes massive issues with porting out apparently.

        I don't know what the bloody codes are used for or why alphanumeric vs numeric is so bad, but that's just what I've read in researching the company and this deal.

  • +2

    Having no issue at all while porting from Telstra. It took 20 minutes to active. Service is good or bad depend on location. So far i am happy with them. Very good value for the money

  • +1

    Don’t forget the cashback from ShopBack

  • +1

    2 days into their service now. No complaints. Easy to use app, great coverage, good customer service on app live chat and great value (don’t forget $28 cashback)

    • $28 cashback? How?

      • +1

        Not sure if it’s still running but shopback was offering $28 cashback if you joined any of their plans (and stayed for 60 days)

    • Why would you be talking to the customer service if you've had no problems though?

  • Only $5 cashback now.

  • +1

    not as good as the Click Frenzy $28 for 100GB/month Circles had a few weeks back.. I jumped all over that.
    I haven't been on Optus for 20yrs.. Coverage has certainly improved since then and most of the time the Circles signal is better than Telstra (I have a dual sim 4G/4G phone)

    • $28 for 100gb is amazing but most people won’t come anywhere close to using that amount for data. I consider myself a high data user (a lot of Netflix, YouTube and gaming) and 20GB is plenty

    • Can attest to the fact that the 100GB for $28 is awesome! No need for NBN and this thing is humming along well. Never had decent internet for so cheap!

  • +3

    Wake me up when they bring back the 100GB/$28/mth

  • What is the cost of this plan for existing customers?

  • Got the 100GB/$28 and I'm pretty happy so far. Support was actually pretty good had some issues (from my end) with regards to porting but they actually kept trying til I got it activated.

  • It is cheap but calling sounds like shit, I’m on the free plan I won’t be staying

  • +1

    No calling quality issues for me.

  • Currently using the 4 months free deal they had.

    If my phone is off, I don't receive texts 8 times out of 10. This has never happened with another network on the phone, and my internet drops like crazy, to the point I just threw the thing in my bag half the ride home before after it wouldn't load OzB for a good few minutes, which sucked ass.

    Calls have been fine so far, but apparently a couple people had been trying to reach me for a couple days too. For free, I can deal with this (literally only until another Amaysim multi monther comes along, and I jump on that), but I wouldn't be paying for this new kid on the block, at least not yet.

    PS, I'm in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.
    PPS, they took like 5 days to finally activate my plan as well, long enough I forgot about it and was still sitting on my old one the other day until all of a sudden I've got no signal during my lunch break, glad I had my Game Boy on me or else I'd have had to gasps talk to my coworkers.

    • Why dont others have the same problems as you. I'm using circles 4 mth free offer and all is fine.
      What phone are you using? What bands is it capable of using??

      • If you'd simply look up, you'd see plenty of people with plenty of problems, however, if that's not good enough, I'd also say "because they're a new network and piss all is known at this point, thus, a lot of their problems are yet to become well known anyways"

  • Can an Optus customer sign up for this or do you have to switch from another network?

  • My understanding was I would still be able to use my old SIM until the new SIM had completed activation.

    From my Circles.Life order status:
    "Preparing for port-in from Optus — We have received your transfer number request. It may take up to 2 business days to complete the transfer. You may still use this number on your current SIM card until then."

    Both my Circles.Life and Optus SIMs are not working. Is this normal?

    • Never mind… the Circles.Life SIM is working now.

  • +1

    Did anyone receive free stuff from Circles? A Hamper by any chance?

  • Does anyone know if they support the eSim for the Apple Watch? Can’t find anything on their site

    • Did you find out the answer to this?

  • Have had mine for a few days now. Would not recommend. I'm getting 3G and I am within 5km of Adelaide CBD. Previously on Telstra, I was getting 160mbps on telstra 4g in same location..

  • +1

    Shopback has increased cashback to $28 again.

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