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[Refurb] Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones - Black $79.95 Delivered @ Bose


Refurbished- supposed to be $299.95, down to $79.95

Purchased and order processed.

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    • Its most probably because they see hundreds of orders in short period of time. By the time a price error item is posted on Ozb, the chance of you getting the item is already low because of mass orders.

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    Product page now says 'low stock' - so they might be honouring all the previous sales?

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    meant to be 179.95.
    someone's gonna get fired on Monday.

    • Nah.. they still got tomorrow for the firing. It's a big a** brand and likely make more than 200% on their products because of the branding. They probably still in the black with this price.

  • +3

    Worse case is they will Cancelled all order and give us $250 GC, like Bunning?

  • -3

    refurbished for headset can mean it's been in ear canals of unknown people and then wiped clean with wet cloth and pretend it's never been in any ears….

    • +6

      You realise the ear tips are replaceable and Bose provide new tips on refurbs?

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    Says in stock now but priced at 179.95..

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    Don't think this is a price error, they look terrible im my opinion.

    • +1

      Maybe I’m too old to care but makes no difference to me what I look like when I’m sweating like a mofo wearing these running

      • According to reviews it might be a bit heavy, so may bog down when running.
        I guess that sound quality would be worth

        • +1

          I’ve got SoundSport Pulse which I assume will be pretty much the same weight, stays in ears well while running for me. Got a pair of these.. because bargain

        • Heavy. Concerned troll?

    • -2

      They're earphones not clothing lmao stfu

      • Nice one man, little bit sensitive there!

        • +2

          They're an item that serve a practical purpose and do it well. Who cares what they look like?

    • +1

      These earbuds for $80, I'll happily look like an idiot.

    • You can't even see them once they are in your ear - and the overwhelming majority of reviews talk about how good they are.

      • That's why I've shaved my head for 20 years, I can't see it so I don't care.

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    Do I seriously need to refresh ozbargain every minute so I won't miss out?
    You blink, you lose.

  • 179 right now and you could have got them brand new in amazon around black friday brand new for similar prices

    • -2

      I don't think that's true.
      Because from what I believe (maybe I'm wrong) Amazon doesn't sell refurb.
      Secondly, the lowest price for new Bose Soundsport has been $175 on camelx3

    • Yep, got mine for about 120 on Amazon Prime day, awesome deal!

  • +20

    Definitely a price error. Now back in stock at $180. Retired multiple ways to pay and all stayed at $180.

    Another lesson in how contacting the company destroys the deal for everyone! How many more do we need before people learn to keep their mouth shut?

    • -13

      You're ridiculously over entitled.

      • +3

        Or is he really, really, really ridiculously good looking?

      • -9

        Lol @ people giving me negative votes.

        "I want to exploit the company too! I'm salty I missed out on the chance to extract value from someone elses mistake."

    • Apparently those people think they are helping the OzBargain community as it requires guts to contact the company and face the reality LMFAO.
      Funniest thing I've heard in recent times haha

  • Strange. I got it in the cart for 79 but when I processed it, it later said $179.

    Do I just call them up and ask for a refund?

    • Yeah, definitely or e-mail them.

    • Yeah…my e-mail said "Your Bose order has been processed. We’d like to take this moment to thank you for your purchase. We hope you had a great time shopping with us and enjoy being part of the Bose family.", and gave a total of $79.95.

      $79.95 doesn't really strike me as a ridiculous price for these - surely the cost per unit is lower than this for Bose?…and being refurbs (and refurb'd in-ears are often distasteful to some people, though I have no issue with it myself).

      Will see…I haven't heard anything further from Bose. When they say "Your Bose order has been processed…", well, I don't think that's quite true as I would interpret it. Payment processed, sure.

      Maybe I've gotten lucky for a change. Last time I picked up a decent unintentional discount on something was when I purchased an Acer laptop years ago, and they subtracted $$ for extra memory options rather than adding it. To their credit, they honoured the order.

  • +1

    These look so weird when worn.

  • +9

    I hope people who ordered get lucky! 👍

  • +1

    Yes! I saved $79.95 for missing out! I would've impulsed on this >_<

    • I impulse bought these, and I don't even like them. I've owned and sold a pair before!

      • Hahaha, the true ozb way

  • +2

    Looks like mine will ship today according to the chat

    • according to what chat?
      got a screenie?

  • My PayPal transaction has disappeared so I'm assuming cancelled

    • my payment still says pending in my cc details.

    • My PayPal transaction disappeared as well, disappointed :-(

    • My dissappeared as well.
      Ordered as 2 separate orders and cant see it now

  • PayPal now showing status as cancelled. Was worth a try!

    Authorisation to Bose Pty Ltd


    • In regard to your order, did you placed the order while the item is in stock?

      • Yep, was still in stock last night when I placed the order around 6:45pm.

  • My paypal transaction is completely gone.

    • me too. Game over.

  • My PayPal says:

    Bose Pty Ltd
    Order placed

    Your payment method will be charged when Bose Pty Ltd completes your order.

    They took my money as soon as the order was placed, so will see what happens!

    Oddly, this transaction does not show up in 'My Activity', but it does show up when I click on the transaction ID that was sent to me via email when the order was placed.

    • +3

      Ahhh…same here. I have no other advices. So the mail from Bose saying that my order "has been processed' is a furphy.

      Dunno, will see. I actually didn't think that this was a crazy obvious price error tbh. $180 would suck for refurbs considering these seem to have sold for less brand new.

  • By the look of things, all order will be cancel. Bose probably busy cancelling each order atm. Oh well worth a try.

  • +2

    Just cancelling without comms is a bit rubbish

  • +1

    My order disappeared off Paypal, so I contacted chat. They said my order was 'fully rejected' by their system (not sure why). They offered me a brand new pair at the same price, they phoned to process the order which ended up being $80.99 for some reason? No complaints on my end for getting the new pair for an extra dollar though.

    • So has your original credit card transaction been refunded?

      Otherwise you've just given them $159.90..

      • Original charge has disappeared from PayPal and my bank, the order was cancelled over chat. I created a new order over the phone with the same agent.

    • Same thing for me,
      Who did you contact? PayPal?

      • The transaction may not show up in 'My Activity' in PayPal, but it should still show up when you click on the transaction ID that was sent to you via email when the order was placed.

      • I contacted Bose

        • What did y tell them?

          • @Oxygenzero: Just contacted them in regards to tracking my order. They were originally going to contact back office to process my original order again but offered a brand new pair when I asked to pay with cc instead of PayPal.

            • @Sunproof: just rang, they told my order its still on progress, will be process today or monday

              • @Oxygenzero: I was told my order was rejected and they are waiting for a response from management about it (Also mentioned they got a lot of calls about it).
                They said there should be a response in 24-48 hours (During weekdays).They will either call or email customers about it.

                • @BarginGrabber: Yeah, good luck to those who got something organised, but for the rest of us it seems it's a management decision which they will weigh up. Pros and cons either way.

                  • @bxpressiv: I own Bose products and even bought them for family members so will suck if they decide to reject the rest of the orders.It would honestly turn me off buying their products in future

  • Same, my paypal transaction disappeared.

    Not sure how bose could get paypal to mass cancel/make transactions disappear.

    Usually seller needs to refund each paypal transaction.

    Maybe bose complained it was smashed by paypal in a coordinated ozbargain attack so paypal reacted! :)

    • The transaction may not show up in 'My Activity' in PayPal, but it should still show up when you click on the transaction ID that was sent to you via email when the order was placed.

    • Hmmm, looks like my luck is still in. I did order moments after it was posted though. There was only 1 vote at the time.

  • +2

    I would be very surprised if Bose would want to tarnish their reputation over something like this. They are still making money on $80 refurbs I guarantee it.

    • Yeah it's interesting, I thought it could have been a legit price with the new firmware update trying to turn around some of that negative review across social media of the product.

    • 80 dollars is a really good price but not insane. Realistically refrub should go for like 130. 180 is just a stupid price

  • Where do these come from to then be refurbed?

    How many sets could there be?

  • +1

    Called to confirm as there seems to be varying degrees of success with the orders. I was offered a 15% voucher.

    • 15% will bring down the price to $153.

      Still not worth it tbh

  • I jst called them, CSO was saying there are 961 such orders. Seems they haven't taken any decision abt wat has to be done. Might know by COB Monday mostly

    • So maximum lose to BOSE is $96,100 if all orders are fulfilled ($80 vs $180). Let's see if BOSE think a good reputation worth $96k :)

      • You're assuming they have 961 refurb models in stock. If they only have 20 refurb models then it's higher. Their reputation will not be tarnished by this at all. Firstly, Australia is one of their smallest markets. Most of the world's largest global brands have faced price mistakes etc and look at them…

        • The realist in me tends to agree, so have a + to wipe out the -.

          However, the optimist in me hopes that they may care what I think. I've never had Bose gear before aside from some old speakers, but I have quite a bit of Sennheiser, and a smattering of other makes. I'd like to think that they'd be inclined to honour the order if possible. Simple error I'm sure, but it will make me think twice about trying Bose if they don't offer some sort of satisfactory communication on this.

          They could easily sub in new stock instead and probably not really lose anything, however that might be a tough pill to swallow if they only had a couple of dozen refurbs to begin with, and are left with 961 such orders to fill. But who knows.

          If that's the case though, just…fix your website guys! It shouldn't be possible to screw up stock availability that badly. I can imagine a few orders going through if there's concurrency, but really, when the available unit threshold is hit, your software should cut orders off, not let hundreds more through. This wasn't brand new Apple AirPods for $99 on eBay after all - it's refurb'd buds at nearly the same price!

  • +5

    Kinda disappointing that all the 'professionals' here at OZB couldn't muster 1000 orders before they realised their mistake. Are we slipping?

    • Mr Harvey doesnt own or work for bose?

  • -1

    Just received a missed call with a voice message. Order will be cancelled.

    • Received a call from Sophie Monk that my order will be honoured

      • What did you order from her? Didn't realise she was a SW…

  • My transaction is still there showing pending. See how it goes on Monday.

    Fingers crossed lol

  • It would be extremely disappointing for them to make us wait until Monday, just to tell us that your order will be cancelled and we will not honoured it.

    • Yes, it shows normally dispatch next business day. We placed order yesterday and one business day past, nothing updated. If they dare to honor it, they'd better to say no straight forward.

  • -1

    The product page is showing as "in stock".. yet someone said they were told over the phone there were 961 orders with no decisions made. I sure won't be pleased if it's not honored or resolved well.

    • yeh they are either cancelling ours and the website is showing as in stock for $179 or they are honouring and the website should say out of stock - i cant see them selling 961 units in australia let alone having 961 returns

      • -1

        Time will tell, someone claimed Bose offered a new pair if I remember correctly somewhere in the comments. I don't see the PayPal transaction yet the money was taken out of my bank very early today I've had no contact from Bose.

        • +1

          The transaction may not show up in 'My Activity' in PayPal, but it should still show up when you click on the transaction ID that was sent to you via email when the order was placed.

  • 12520 clicks… Lol mangement must be overjoyed or overcry.

    • doesnt necessarily mean that everyone bought it

  • Order has been cancelled, this is what I received - We are sad to inform you that the reason as to why you're order was cancelled fully because as of the moment we are having a technical issues with regards to the pricing of our product.

    • Mine still shows up in PayPal as 'Order Placed'.

    • That's annoying. My one isn't even showing on my activities.

      • The transaction may not show up in 'My Activity' in PayPal, but it should still show up when you click on the transaction ID that was sent to you via email when the order was placed.

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