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[Refurb] Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones - Black $79.95 Delivered @ Bose


Refurbished- supposed to be $299.95, down to $79.95

Purchased and order processed.

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      Lucky you only takes 23 mins

    • Yeah I’m just hoping a whole bunch of people with 9am starts just drop out of the queue. Probably wishful thinking though.

    • 50 minutes now..

    • I was on hold from 8am till 8:52

    • Over an hour now…..

  • I did my credit card re order yesterday over the phone.. money has gone but no email confirmation….

    • When did they take the money? I did the order yesterday and gave my debit card but nothing has happened still.

      • Did you tell them your username?

      • I did exactly as mujen1 did yesterday and checked charged right away from my credit card.

        • I still have not been charged. And seeing how others are waiting for 1hr++ now, I can't spend my morning listening to their hold music.

    • Same here. I called yesterday afternoon and $79.95 was taken from my CC straight away. No email confirmation so far.

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    After an hour and 15 minuites on hold - ORDER PLACED!

    • After 90 mins, on hold and 5 mins of conversation, order placed. However, she told me it will be black refurbished model, not what I see from some ozbargain er saying they will send you new ones and you can even choose colour, anyone confirm they are getting new or other colour??

      • I was offered to reprocess my order with new one/blue color.

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          Who did you speak with? I wanted to get another color but they said no..

          • @MLGB: I spoke with one of the Bose customer service person… It was her to make the offer not me from the first time… I just told her that I wanted to check my order status…

            • @eauvert: Awesome,did you call them this morning?

        • Yeah, I called yesterday afternoon and was offered color in blue or orange. I chose the blue one but not sure it is new or refurb.

      • i got refurbished too. Would've been nice to get new, but the blue or orange colour don't appeal to me

    • Yeah it took about an hour 25 mins. I originally paid by paypal but they didn’t ask me for CC so not sure if they can still take the money from paypal?

      Also yeah they mentioned it would be refurbished but surely you’d think they of the 900+ orders that were placed, taking out the credit card ones that were automatically processed, surely there can’t be that many refurb models lying around.

      • I asked CSO when I reprocess order but she said she couldn’t proceed with Paypal and asked me for the credit card details…. Seems weird

  • Bose handling of this whole thing is so bad, the worse manangement ever.

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      at least they're honouring unlike some companies

      • You mean JB Hifi? They did at least 3 times this year from what I was aware, xbox F1 game, logitech G920/29 with gearshift etc

        • Officeworks with the DJI drone, TGG with the 75" Tv, iPads from MediaForm etc.

      • Not after we made so many complaint.

  • 50 mins on hold.

  • +3

    Order reprocessed after 1 hour 37 mins. New personal best.

  • 1hr-8min on hold. Not gonna give up.

    • better not, I called 8:00 on the dot and hang up after 30 mins, and call again and wait 90 mins

  • How long did it take between placing the order on the phone, and getting a confirmation email?

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      Placed new order yesterday around 12:30 pm and got confirmation email 1:36 am. Took around 13 hours

  • Just got mine delivered

    It was brand new

    • You got early!! Good to hear that, congrats! Look forward to receiving mine soon!!

    • What colour?

  • Jumped on chat and they said they gonna call me. Still waiting for that call….

  • 40MIN on hold now….

    Online chat also has no one responding

  • Currently on hold 1hr22mins. A battle of the wills…

    • Bose probably get all ths staff to take their Christmas leave earlier this year and only leave 1 person to do all this. Imagine the person takes 3 calls an hour for 10 hours, that's 30 a day, and probably 10 business day left till 31 Dec, then 300 units will be honored at the incorrect price, the rest they don't have to. That's the strategies LOL

  • To anyone who made a repurchase / reprocessing of order, by any chance did you use a debit card? I did and still haven't been charged. I don't want to use a CC as I don't want to get comfortable with debt.

    • Repurchased over the phone using my Debit card, got a notification from Commbank instantly. The statement still shows 'pending'. After 14h of wait, I have received the invoice for both.

  • So if I recieved a tax invoice from them i take it there is no need to contact them.

    • I hope so! That's what I got. PayPal was charged(see my msg above)

  • I received a tax invoice too, does this mean they will ship? Or do I have to call to get it shipped ??

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      Does it mention anything for Reimbursement? Just wanna see if we can swap colors on BOSE store. Thanks!

      • it says refurb on it the invoice

  • -1

    Which number are you guys calling?
    Could someone please post the link to the bose chat support here ?
    Much appreciated OzB fam!

    • NVM just got the email :)

      • i got the invoice but havent gotten any shipping email confirmation. did you get both?

        • Email saying 'please call us so we can finalise your order as we can't do it with PayPal.

  • Been on a call since 8am on the dot and still can't get through! This is killing me. Really making me work for this cheaper headphone!

    Not sure what to do.

    Annoyingly was told that this was all confirmed. gah!

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      Add your hourly rate in…and it's probably not so cheap anymore.

      • +1

        I work at a Big 4 accounting firm, so the hourly rate isn't that large anyway! 😂

  • Hey all,

    Does anyone know if the honoured price will be for a refurbished or new product?

    Reason I'm asking is I don't see them having hundreds of refurbed ones available to ship out

    • +1

      it seems to vary between callers. you can't tell unless you hop on the phone and ask them.

  • I think it took bose this long to honour is because they wanted to see whether anyone would buy the refurbs at the higher price, but seeing no one biting, they just wanted to get rid of the stock as opposed to holding on it any longer.

    • lol …obviously $80 was too cheap anyway. Maybe $120-$130 would have bee reasonable (though I wouldn't have bitten at that price myself). $180 is just silly.

  • 30 minutes and counting on hold now…..squeaky wheel gets the grease!~

    • Walk away and come back after another hour or so.

      • Yep, this ^^. 1hr 24min and counting here.

        And Microsoft has them for $160 on eBay new. Is an hour and a half on hold worth the $80 and probable refurb unit? Well…I'm invested now, so on we go with the bad music on hold.

        • Yep invested - just got a speaker in one ear listening to the music while I'm working (ozbargaining).

        • +1

          If you're calling while you're at work that offsets the cost……to your employer. It's win/win!

        • If I know earlier $160 brand new on ebay and have to wait 90+ mins to get it sorted for a refurbished item, I may change my mind to get the new ones. Anyway, will see what if received next week…..if any since I still have not received any confirmation email after 3 hours.

  • Delivered..

    Came in a factory renewed box.

  • +1

    I ordered mine via cc but still got the email about the order not going through because of paypal.

    Confirmed with the rep that those who ordered with a cc should get invoice and tracking details today.

    Only those who have paid via paypal need to contact Bose to pay with a cc.

  • It took 10.30am to 12.00pm…placed new order in jst 7min…

  • took 90 mins to get through. was bullshit. they asked for cc details and also wouldnt allow color change just 'reprocessed' order. luck of the draw as to what you get i think.

  • +1

    30 min up and still going…… Stay strong everyone

    • +2

      1:14 and I will be dreaming of this music later tonight.

      • +1


  • +1

    1hr 34 on hold, then about 3 mins to process - I didn't ask for any changes - followed by me mistakenly brushing the touch control on my headset and hanging up. Got the charge confirmed through to my CC though, so hopefully that is enough.

    Man, what a drama. Still, I guess I could have walked away after the initial fail, but then I wouldn't be a very good OzBargainer.

  • +2

    Alright guys, I had to wait 1 hr and 30 mins. The agent said I didn't have to call (!) because my order was paid using a Credit Card. Only people who paid via PayPal need to call them to re-order via Credit card. Wish they had clearly mentioned this in their apology email last night.

    Anyway, I told the agent that pre-authorisation amount charged to my credit card fell away a couple of days ago and there is currently no amount charged to my card but she advised no need to worry, the order paid via credit card will be shipped out by Monday. Oh well, I will wait and see, hopefully they deduct the money from my card and send out the item.

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      The agent said I didn't have to call (!) because my order was paid using a Credit Card. Only people who paid via PayPal need to call them to re-order via Credit card. Wish they had clearly mentioned this in their apology email last night.

      Was told the same thing, but took over an hour to get that information…the agent on the phone had to hand it over to the Senior Product rep to tell me that my order wasn't cancelled, and it will be shipped out Monday…

  • +2

    Called up Bose this morning, took 90 minutes for someone to answer. Still on the call with the Clueless Customer Service rep (1hr+), that has no idea of the situation, putting me on hold multiple times and repeating the same thing over an over again, and can't give me a straight answer…currently still on hold…

    UPDATE: So wasted 2 hours+ for nothing, as my order wasn't cancelled and it still behind processes….we'll find out on Monday (Delivery ETA) if I receive my order. Very poor communication from Bose, especially since their oversea call centre are clueless…

    UPDATE 2: After being handed off to the Senior Product Customer Service rep, was informed that orders will be SHIPPED out Monday instead… (Total Call Time: 2hrs 39min)

    UPDATE 3: Received my order today (Monday).

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    Finally got through after 102minutes. Spoke to Marvin, couldn't get a new product and was advised that only early orders were shipped with new products but head office has since stopped it. Marvin was happy to check for stock in other colours, but there seems to be only black refurb left. Aside from the long wait, it was a simple and easy call. Payment pending showed up immediately in Commbank acct.

  • +1

    1 hour and 41 mins on hold for me. Reprocess done. Keep up guys.

    Updated : calling them again as I have been charged $229.95 on my account. :(

    • +1

      Feel sorry for you, another 1hr+ wait.

  • over 90mins waiting time.
    No luck with brand new one. Only offer the refurb and black.
    anyway, at least they honor the price.

  • 1:43 and finally got my order processed. Thank you OP! It has been one heck of an OzBargain ride. Can't wait for the next one. XD

  • 1.22 still on hold…….

  • After 1. 36 finally got through however the bank charge shows 229.95 pending when I asked the rep she said it's just pre authorisation. Can someone please verify this.

    • +1

      'Pending' is a preauth, yes. Pending transactions should usually clear when the actual charge comes through, though they should tally. From time to time, you may end up with a pending transaction that hasn't cleared when the actual charge hit…it can be alarming.

      Nothing you can really do about pending transactions. It's a hold on funds (you are not getting charged interest on these) and they will drop off after a number of days.

      • Thanks for your info. Has not really experienced this before so was a bit worried. Rep said that it's pre authorisation but my account was actually deducted for hold I guess. Thank you once again.

  • 1.50 and I got through! Rep offered the full range of colours, didn't risk asking if they were refurb but looks promising!!

    EDIT: Ask for Steph! Say you were speaking with her earlier before dropping out. She got the hook ups

  • 1:30 and still waiting

  • 35mins this morning.

    1hr 39mins. They asked for CC details and charged it straight away.

    I did mention that PayPal has charged my saving accounts but they said it is only Pre-Auth and I will get my money back.

  • Finally got through, asked about colour but advised I can’t choose and rep couldn’t confirm if it will be refurbished or the new one.

  • Some random information, that people maybe interested in.

    I tried ringing up stores (JBHIFI, HARVEY NORMAN etc..) that have the item in stock and asked if they would be able to price match.

    They said they dont price match receipts, only if the sale is still active.

  • Rang yesterday and did the Credit Card Thing..
    Was given a reference number.. but still no email or receipt.

    can anyone else who called up yesterday confirm they have received the confirmation email?

    • Have we all been scammed?

      • Defs no scam. They seem to have kept to their word up until this point. Just not in the way of "best business practice". Work at their own pace!

    • I called today as I got the overnight email. Called and he gave a tracking number (Star Track) but have received no confirmation email. He said they will send out emails later and that the tracking number given should work after 2 hours. Been 3 and still not working.

      Now lining up on the phone to call again. Majorly confused!

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