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50% off Total War games at Greenmangaming.com = Shogun 2 = $25US, Empire & Napoleon combo $15US


Hi guys,

Came across this email from GMG. Seems like some good prices especially for the combo pack and for Shogun. Anyway + if u like it or - if you don't I don't mind, I just thought it was a deal myself


EMPIRE - $9.97
NAPOLEON - $14.97 - crap deal
ROME GOLD - $4.97
SHOGUN 2 - $24.97 - compare to STEAM http://store.steampowered.com/app/34330/?snr=1_4_4__13

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  • Some good deals from these guys lately.

  • Agreed - I bought DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION off them for about $28 AUD. The game registers on STEAM, so all I need do is type in the code Green Man Gaming will send me into my STEAM account and then it'll unlock and download through STEAM. Much better than the what, $80 AUD I think STEAM are charging?

    Anyways, I highly recommend Green Man Gaming and if you feel inclined to give them a try, please feel free to use my referral code - if you spend over $5 we BOTH get $5 credited to our Green Man Gaming account. So essentially you could get your first game for only a few cents.


  • The Empire pack and Shogun 2 are bargains, and they have finally worked out most of the bugs so both games run smoothly. I have both already - kicking myself over paying $100 for Shogun 2 four months ago.

  • Rome Total War is one of my top 3 all time favorite games. I still prefer it to all the rest. I don't think you can have more fun with $5.

  • Rather pay the extra 10$ to get the dvd copy of empire+napoleon

  • Do you get sent the activation key immediately? Prices are converted a little cheaper in the UK pound than the US dollar for those looking at buying.

    Also it seems that some people have had issues with getting the product to work on steam: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1595317&p...

    Any news in regards to that?

    • I got Civ 5 off them the other day. A code was on screen after paying, which I just plugged into Steam, and I started downloading. I'm guessing anything that says you require Steam should work the same way. I also bought Defcon off of them, but I had to use their download capsule and it wouldn't activate on Steam (although it never said you required Steam).

    • You will be sent an email from greegaming with the activitation key, which you have to paste into the code menu when prompted by Steam. The email sent will provide instructions on how to open a downoad in steam etc.

  • I can confirm that upon purchase the stam code immediately shows and the download begins immediately.

  • Got my Empire + Napoleon GOTY Pack from Gamesgate for $7.49 previously. I've been playing Napoleon TW and it's worth every cent, You get all the DLCs and an extra campaign in the GOTY pack. It still has some bugs in it but it was a lot better than the pirated version I use to play…

    Just a warning thou, allow about 4-6hrs to download all of the contents, steam server can be slow at times. Don't expect to be able to play straight away. That's another reason why buying from gamesgate is slightly better, their download speeds is much faster and you can save the install file for reinstalls etc.

    • The empire pack is a great deal - Napoleon is crap though.
    • The medievil and rome releases are the jewell in the Total War series.
    • Shogun 2 is cheap - it will be a disappointment for long time fans - doesnt rate to the first shogun.
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