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$15 off @ Uber Eats AU (New Users Only)


Not sure if this is targeted, I just received this in my email. For new users only.

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Referral: random (2231)

$10-$15 credit for both referrer and referee. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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    No luck here

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    targeted, doesnt work for me :(

  • not working for me

  • Seems as if it is for new users only, sorry.

  • Targeted.

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    Works, says new users only.

    Edit: Expires Jan 1 2020 @ 12am

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    Also handing out some vouchers at Melbourne Central Station for $15 off first order with generic promo code: aus2019q4f6jd4a. Only for new users and expires 31/01/2020.

  • They emailed me the this code, tried using it and it says my order is not eligible. Is there a minimum amount to spend? Can't find the terms for the code.

    • Doesn't work on Maccas for me

  • What triggers the dreaded "this account is ineligible for promotions"? You used to be able to use the same credit card 3 times and same phone 5 times. I used new everything except for the phone (second use) and got it. Surely it couldn't be ip address? That would cause a second person in a family to be ineligible if they were a legit new customer.

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      I use a new number, new card and "new" device everytime and it always works on the same IP address, so it can't be an IP address issue.
      Are you using an iPhone or Android?
      iPhone is notorious for revealing information to the app if it has been used before.

      • Android. How do you make your "new" device look new?

        • Change the device's IMEI and clear cache+data for Uber Eats.
          You might need to root your device to be able to change it.

          • @Blue Cat: where do you get new cards everytime?

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              @chickens: Revolut for Business Free Plan allows you to make 20 virtual Debit Mastercards per month (need European location VPN to access the business website).
              It is a pain in the ass to register and you (or someone else, in my case a relative) has to be an European citizen and have a business.

              • @Blue Cat: i see, that seems pretty convenient but unfortunately i don't have any european relatives :(

                • @chickens: Don't be too sad, it seems now that UberEats is somehow blocking every new card I make, so I have to make new PayPal accounts to get around the card bans.
                  Maybe they made a deal with Revolut or something after my recent rorts…

    • I don't know how Uber does it, but it seems they always know it's me creating the new accounts now!
      I use new number, new card and new device everytime, but everytime I get flagged "ineligible for promotions"!.
      Have you solved your new account problems?

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