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Oricom UHF Radio 1W - 2 Pack $77.77 (Was $129.99) Delivered @ Supercheap Auto


Charge on the go with 2x USB chargers & 2 x 12v adaptors (Batteries Included)
Choose from 80 transmission frequencies (75 voice channels)
Up to 7km coverage in ideal conditions
Duplex range extender capability
Charge both units simultaneously with the 240v twin charging cable
Automatic squelch control
Built-in FM radio, backlit screen & keypad locking
Monitor feature
Call tone alert
Channel scan & busy indicator

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    I doubt one watt will anywhere near 7km. Ideal conditions = space maybe.

    • Yep, i think max range is around 3 to 4km with obstacles like buildings.

    • 1 Watt Might be OK for home-to-home comms

      (I see Mitre 10 staff keeping in-touch
      via similarly small radios)

      Better to import a pair of 4-5 Watt units
      (TYT used to have a cheap, small F8, but,
      recently, their price has gone up. a bit)

      PS Boaters may like Uniden's Marine (5 W)
      + UHF CBRS (2.5 Watts 80 chan. 2.5 W)

      I think they float; worth a look

  • Should I bring this when travelling? Could be useful instead of using the mobile phone…

    • If you intend to ONLY communicate with your travel mates with another UHF or truck drivers, then yes.

      • Yes, just my wife and I, between the two of us, especially when we'll be hiking national parks and stuff like that.

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          You can get more powerful ones, baofeng or something on aliexpress. You can program them to use only the legal frequencies here. You can get 5w versions.

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            @ShipShapeRC: .
            Want some privacy? DMR is your friend!

            (Unfortunately, on UHF CB digital's as
            unlawful as prog'g ur own non-Approved
            radio; but while you're @ it consider:

            • Baofeng's DM-X (also goes by a #..?)

            • Built-in GPS

            • Both Analog & DMR (digital) built-in
            • Records comms (to its 1 GB storage)
            • Dual-Band (Ham: 2m + 70 cm)
            • Hears FM b'cast band [w/earphone in]
            • etc.

            [Dur'g Black-Fri.Sale ~AU$ 100]

            And… to get & stay Legal:

            Get a Ham License
            "U No U Want 1" ;~)

            A Foundation Class Ham License
            is easy to get (albeit w/test)

            Ham License is COST-FREE in
            more civilized lands (CA NZ
            SE UK), as well as USA

            Of course, Aussies have to Pay
            $100 / year for the privilege.

            (If more get a Ham License, we
            might build the political clout
            to push ACMA to adopt a similar
            pricing for Non-Commercial Ham
            Licenses: make them Free 4 All
            if only to Encourage:

            Technical self-education
            in Electronics, Radio Comms,
            Emergency Comms, Radio Science
            (Physics), etc.)

            • @IVI: I have a ham friend who is always wanting me to do it. You don't need to learn morse anymore? Well we do live in Taxtralia. This is a great country but our tax and regulator processes are very bloated. Like having our own C-Tick system that only NZ shares. Meaning if you want to import equipment (even big named brands) you have to destroy units for testing at a c-tick approved tester. Interesting too, NZ and USA (the civilised ones you mentioned above) have no stamp duty on homes and NZ has no capital gains tax on real estate investments that were not intended to be a quick flick. USA has a tax deferral system where if you sell at a profit but re-invest into another property within the time frame, no tax is payable. </end rant>

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    Ordered.. Good find OP, been looking for looking for decent UHF radio's for the property

  • Was contemplating this one, claims to be 5W for $46 @ Amazon any suggestions thoughts

    ESYNiC Walkie Talkies 2 pcs Long Range Two-Way Radio USB Cable Charging Walky Talky With Earpieces Flashlight 16CH Single Band FM Handheld Transceiver

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      It's 0.5W not 5W

      • In the technical details it says Wattage 5 watts, then further down in the specs it says Output power: 0.5W Besides it looks like from the comments it's not certified for use in Australia as discussed above.

  • Can you get an earpiece for these radios?

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    Or you can get the 2 watt versions for $20 odd dollars more

    • Looks better value for money

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