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LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie $83.19, Voltron 21311 $185.59, Creator Parisian Restaurant $159.36 Delivered @ Myer via eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Steamboat Willie $83.19 SOLD OUT

Ideas Pop-Up Book $70.3T SOLD OUT

Voltron SOLD OUT

Diner $159 SOLD OUT

Parisian Restaurant $159 SOLD OUT

Porsche 911 $159

VW Beetle $96

VW Kombi $108 SOLD OUT

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  • Steamboat willie OOS :(

    • +2

      He ran out of blue pills & flopped

  • Diner oos

  • One code per account has been a pain .

  • do they ever give 20% off in store?

  • Voltron gone

    • +1

      Doesn't help when 2 people (who are likely to be the same person) buy 10 of them each…

      i***o ( 67 ) AU $231.99 10 09-Dec-19 21:56:25 AEDST

      0***n ( 0 ) AU $231.99 10 10-Dec-19 01:35:39 AEDST

      There was 30 before it went out of stock last night, and seems another 30 was added this morning. Might get lucky and get some more stock, so keep an eye out

      • Think same person took diners first round managed to get some 2nd round . Tron one missing on list that going to be gold at $32 . Being target as well lol .

      • +1

        Wondering how much money they can make when resale this? it's a heavy and big box, shipping gonna kill it.

        Unless they rely on gumtree and cash in hand but it's not easy to reach target audience.

        • very weird. surely be making ~$20 at best per voltron…

          • @autolux: My guess is they'll wait for retirement then sell at retail or higher.

      • How do you find that listing of the buyers for a particular item?

        • Click on the bit that says "xx sold" or "xx sold in the past hour". Should be a hyperlink that takes you to the sales of the item

  • +1

    restaurant gone

  • Must resist…. Voltron

  • Voltron is gone again.

  • Does anyone know if Myers will match the 20% off eBay code in store as I purchased Voltron last night from their actual store website?

    • No they won't as ebay wear some of the discount.

  • Voltron is back.

  • Parisian Restaurant is back!

  • Steamboat willie back in stock. Someone also just bought 8!

  • I'm missing something - why are these sets in such high demand? Are they limited edition or something?

  • lots back

  • DB5 is back too

  • I missed parisian restaurant from Target a few days ago because I registered an account to get $10 off. Now I'm paying more to Myer TooT

    • Yeah bugger it, I'm in too.

  • Roller coaster back in stock

    • +1

      I think that is a metaphor for this deal.

  • Voltron 10 back in stock as at ~15:30

  • Voltron seems to be back in stock

  • Steamboat is back in stock

  • +1

    Willie ,Corner Garage, Voltron + Aston alive again .
    30 of each .

  • Hey Lego experts, is Assembly Square ever likely to come back to Myer or is this set finished?

    • They were putting up 5 at a time during this sale I think they don't have much stock probably finished .

      • Thanks, I'm sorry I missed it. Is it a retired set?

        • No not retiring , Corner Garage @ $191 not going to last :)
          19 remain .

      • I did a random check and they had a couple, hopefully snagged one. Hopefully in that Myer will actually deliver.

    • They just relisted

  • +1

    Ideas pop up book and the VW kombi are back

  • Just got the 75192 UCS Millenium Falcon for $831. They had a few on there but seems all have gone pretty quickly. Death Stars for $512 though is a good deal.

  • They just sold 30 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 31043 @ $416 .

    Watch out for it guys to come back . #~ ing code problems for me : (

  • Keep an eye out LEGO Creator Ford Mustang

  • Falcon alive again and good post for someone .

  • I placed 3 orders over the 9th and 10th, but have no sign of movement from Myer. How's everybody else tracking with their orders?
    Any advice on following up? I don;t want them to cancel and give a refund and would rather wait until they are back in stock if indeed that is what the problem with my orders.

    • One order sent today

      • Thanks - also got a notification that two orders are being sent today.

        • Has your Assembly Sq been shipped? I have no movement but I am prepared to wait. Don’t want them to cancel

          • +1

            @thriftee: Yep it arrived today! Looks like a great set too :-) I have now received 4 out of 5 orders. The order for some train tracks hasn't been sent and I won't care too much if I miss out on that one. Some people on the Ideas Tree House thread have mentioned their orders were cancelled yesterday, so who knows what will happen?

            • @Punkboy: Thanks. I had two orders. The Ford Mustang which I’ve received. I can tell it was sent by the local Myer Distribution Centre. Hopefully the other one will come in due time.

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