Add a Basic Grammar Check to The Title Autoformatter

Laughable and minor but pet nit of mine: the current epidemic where an apostrophe is used for plurals. Please consider adding a basic grammar check when autoformatting the title of a post.

Right now a deal in the front page says TV's for TVs.


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    Thank's for the suggestion


    Do apostrophes still matter?

    And both experts agree that the use of the apostrophe - like all punctuation - can be tricky.

    "Language is not black and white," Petelin says. "Punctuation is about two-thirds rules, one-third taste."



    A leading chronicler of egregious apostrophe use from around the world has given up his role because “ignorance and laziness” has won.

    Retired journalist John Richards, 96, started his Apostrophe Protection Society in 2001 to protect the “much abused” punctuation mark.

    But 18 years later he regretfully announced he would close the organisation…


    I must admit the incorrect use annoys the hell out of me.
    Not so much the absence when it should have be used, but when it is inserted for no logical reason. I have been known to grumble at that.

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      Not so much the absence when it should have be used

      How about typos? Do they annoy you?


      Barbarian's at the Gates.
      For me, the first impression of a misused apostrophe is that the writer is not well-educated.
      My charitable side then kicks in with the thought that they may be dyslexic, or don't have English as a first language. But the lasting impression is one of ignorance.
      Fortunately, these days, because of the Marxist fifth column that has been running our education departments for years, our kids are being educated with stuff that really matters: safe schools, gender studies, LGBTI issues, virtue-signalling, wokeness, multiculturalism, and climate change.


        Or they're using an android phone, where autocorrect loves to insert apostrophes before any ending s regardless of context.

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        I saw an ad today for a real estate firm. The slogan was Saturday's are for living, not inspections. The first word of their single line ad was incorrect. Poor impression indeed.


    TV's instead of TVs and CD's instead of CDs are perfectly fine. Clarity is important.

    I have never heard of the expression pet nit.

    I definitely dislike when people say "loose" but mean "lose", and to some extent use "to" instead of "too".

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    You can kill yourself now: The misused apostrophe is part of this store's name. No grammar checker will save us.

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      Your right. Its not a big deal. For all intensive purposes, using an apostrophe for plural's is a minor issue. But he could of run a grammer check, its in most software these days


    I like this idea

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